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Mini Golden Retriever Elk River Mn

Mini golden retriever elk river mn - The first domesticated dogs, according to scientists, were not only guards, but also escort and human workers on a hunt . Only later did a particular division of all dog breeds form in separate groups, due to its primary purpose. They were first bred guard dogs and hunting breeds, and soon afterwards - small decorative dogs or "sofas", which were not required at all to ensure formal, operating or security activities.

This classification of dog breeds is somewhat arbitrary and not very helpful. As humanity evolved, a fundamental change occurred in the area of ​​application of some strains, mini golden retriever Elk River mn. To a large extent, these changes relate to hunting breeds, which today move increasingly in the pet category.

Basically, all breeds are grouped according to the main typological characteristics or according to the nature of the application, for example, wise dogs and a decorative room, mini golden retriever Elk River mn. Currently, dog organizations recognize a number of different groups and breeds of dogs.

When choosing a dog breed to save in apartment conditions, it is necessary to take into account a large number of factors and criteria:

Personalized pets. It is important to remember that dog kennel breeds are unlikely to please their neighbors in an apartment building with their attendance,

Dog's ability is relatively easy to tolerate loneliness. Many breeds are very reluctant to stay home alone, annoyed by the surrounding or wailing bark, and can also spoil the interior elements or shoes,
The need to provide constant and accurate care for your pet. Breeds with long or massive hair require more efficient and somewhat frequent care, mini golden retriever elk river mn.

An allergy to the severity of the dog's hair from a person from the family. Currently, a large enough number of different representatives of dog breeds, characterized by what is called "hypoallergenic",
Having young children at home, mini golden retriever elk river mn. Four-legged pets of any breed not only become a member of the family, but also a participant in common entertainment and games, so it must have a good mood and a completely calm character.

Very large or very active breeds of dogs have absolutely nothing to do with small apartments in urban areas, small in size.

It is important! Personal preferences are important as well, so sometimes even the most moderate and completely unnoticeable hybrid can become an indispensable companion and very loyal friend, mini golden retriever elk river mn.

The best dog breeds to save in an apartment
Once you decide to start a dog, it is imperative to understand that your pet needs attention and care, as well as proper care. . For every animal, individuality, mood and habits, as well as its temperament are very distinctive. When choosing, it is not recommended to focus exclusively on fashion trends or the appearance of a dog.

It is advisable to spend some time getting to know the special literature and visiting exhibitions and consulting with experienced and qualified educators. Each breed is characterized by a level of dog training and training abilities, as well as details of care or maintenance of housing, mini golden retriever elk river mn. That is why it is desirable to choose a breed that can be provided with comfortable content and perfect care.

The most prominent in care, or so-called "non-extinct" or hypoallergenic dogs, have recently become particularly popular:

Maltese Dog - Breed of Small Size with Lovely, Silky Coat and White Snow. A very fun, positive and dedicated salivary dog ​​is a great choice for your stay.

Tibetan terrier - a rare breed of dogs in Russia, and its representatives have a bright and funny appearance,

York Terrier - a popular breed in various countries, which practically does not leak, generates very little space and can also be easily trained to defend the need for a regular toilet tray,

Shih Tzu - compatible and loving strain, which contains self-captive wool, so it is necessary to regularly mix the growing hair or simply cut it off,

Portuguese Water Hound - very rare, rare in the breeding of medium-sized domestic breeders, belonging to the category of active hounds, mini golden retriever elk river mn.

Brussels Griffin or Little Belgian Dog - a well-treated pet with a funny little face that makes the breed looks like a little monkey,

Boodle - hypoallergenic strain, represented by the type "TOE", "MINI" and "STANDARD", which is characterized by intelligence, creativity, and loyalty, as well as a modest and calm attitude towards children and other animals,

Piton Frieze - a cheerful, playful, and highly consistent breed of accompanying dogs with an unusual original outward appearance

Crested Chinese - very active, energetic, funny, uncomfortable, a true companion and a great family dog,

Schnauzer - Metal and saddle varieties are very active, so they require long and active marches, but they are ideal for apartment maintenance.

It is important! Jack Russell Terrier, Pit Bull Terrier, Greyhound, Cairn terrier, Weimar Pointer, Rottweiler, Welsh terrier and German Pinscher, as well as Border collie should be kept separately from the cat family representatives.

If the apartment already contains pets such as rodents, small wild animals and feather, then the dog acquired must not have the pursuit instinct, so you should refrain from buying a hunting breed, mini golden retriever elk river mn. The Spanish Cocker, Samoyeds, Bobtails and Labradors are distinguished by a very friendly attitude towards cats.

Small breed
A group of small dogs or "sofas" for home maintenance are represented by three classes of traditional breeds:

Toy - Pets with a height of 28 cm, with an average weight of no more than 2.0 kg,
Dwarf - maximum height for adults is about 35 cm, with an average weight of 2.0-5.0 kg,
Small dogs - pets high withered to 45 cm, with a weight of no more than 10.0 kg.

Smallest breeds of dogs, intended for home maintenance:

Papillion - Breed has a strange and applicable character, easy to train and soon dogs can become a loyal companion to their master, mini golden retriever elk river mn. You need to comb the animal a few times a week, and you should not bathe three or four times a year with special shampoo,

Prague Rater - breed, characterized by mobility, enthusiasm, courage and curiosity, as well as ingenuity. The dog is not shy and not subject to hysteria, able to tolerate loneliness easily and use the toilet tray, but has excessive self-aphasia, mini golden retriever elk river mn.

Miniature Pinscher or Miniature Pinscher - breed, characterized by strong constitution, short coat, ease of care, vitality and high IQ, mini golden retriever elk river mn. Among the advantages is the need to ensure rigorous training and adequate physical activity. Unacceptable breed to keep homebody,

Pug - very affectionate and friendly, with a unique appearance breed, able to become an excellent friend for children. Dogs of this breed are ideal for maintaining loneliness and inactive people, but they need good care, mini golden retriever elk river mn.

Dachshund is a small dog - a breed that has a small size, an active lifestyle and a relentless act. Dogs of this breed are great hunters, as well as a water lover, but they have a tendency to spine diseases and a high sensitivity to cold, mini golden retriever elk river mn. It must be remembered that German dogs are extremely difficult with other breeds of dogs and cats.

Also English toy terrier lapdog Boston terrier Yorkshire terrier cavalier King Charles spaniel lion dog small manic terrier bikini Pomeranian spits Russian toy trier terrier Small, she Tzu and Japanese chin.

Medium strain
To date, representatives of medium-sized dog breeds are very diverse, so there are no problems choosing a pet, in line with personal preferences and conditions of detention, mini golden retriever elk river mn. Dog experts advise a modest and more favorable preference for the urban content of the breeds:

German Boxer - Breed belongs to a large group of dogs with a naive type. Quite trained, it also applies to a truly global nature, which learns almost everything. The active and somewhat active dog is loyal and loyal, and also feels human psychology, mini golden retriever elk river mn.

Jack Russell Greer - a very humble, docile and compatible breed, the wool of which has the ability to self-clean, which greatly facilitates the care of such a pet, mini golden retriever elk river mn. Features include playful and family breeds, as well as the complete absence of unpaid aggression towards a person,

Alaska Kiki or the Mighty Simple - a popular breed in our country, represented by the categories "Game", "Mini" and "Standard" mini golden retriever elk river mn. A very smart, curious, and energetic dog is distinguished by dedication and curiosity, and also well in a family with young children,

Australian or Australian Shepherd - Breed as a result of crossing the French dog, Basque dogs and dogs, as well as different types of E. coli. A smart and active dog that has very strong guarding instincts, mini golden retriever elk river mn. The characteristics of the breed are displayed through easy temper, obedience, and easy training in dogs,

Australian kelpie - not very popular in a shepherd's dog, which has genetically defined properties that differ from other breeds. Because of their special "specialty", from an early age, kelpie prefers to feed other animals, as well as young children; therefore, it is often used as a "dog groomer" mini golden retriever elk river mn.

The group of medium sized dogs is considered to be the most numerous and popular among breeders. This group includes about two hundred strains very different in appearance, mood and purpose, mini golden retriever elk river mn.

This category includes dogs that are between 40-57 cm long and weigh no more than 24-25 kg, mini golden retriever elk river mn, but some are only suitable for keeping in apartment conditions, including adhesive tapes, Latvian dogs, Korean kendo, large Germany Spitz, kromforleander, Bashkir husky, bull terrier, As well as the White Swiss Shepherd.

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