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Mini Golden Retriever English Cream

Mini golden retriever english cream - Which dog is best to be in the apartment, the dog no longer lived a thousand years beside the man, followed him everywhere. With the advent of cities, these animals have adapted to live in urban environments. However, some strains did not work. We will tell you the best dogs in the apartment.

Dogs are perfect for children
Often when choosing a pet, people pay attention not to the size and length of the coat, but to its communicative capabilities and its ability to communicate with children, mini golden retriever english cream. After all, dogs are often bought for younger family members.

In this case, you should evaluate various factors - the size of the housing, the presence or absence of allergies in the child, age. Of course, it is necessary to decide - who needs - a guard or a toy dog, mini golden retriever english cream. But whatever the case, there are strains that are compatible with children and should be considered a four-legged friend of a child:

Golden Retriever is the perfect dog; it's a cheerful and gentle dog, easily docile and easily trained.
The Basset Hound is a fairly picturesque breed, whose actors are optimistic, barking loudly. One of Basset's quality - obstinacy, but she is very kind and loyal.

Scottish Shepherd Dogs (Collie and sheltie) - Looking at the origins of their grazing, it is easy to assume that they will protect their all-new "herd", with special attention given to younger members, mini golden retriever english cream. They are excellent, nannies caring, but it is worth noting that these dogs are "loud".

Welsh corgi - Shepherd also, but small in size; They are energetic, portable and always ready for games, in addition, they are very brave and able to protect their master.

Children grow large pets related to hunting breeds. Spaniels, Fox Terriers and Begley enjoy active and cheerful behavior, and are excellent accompaniments to shared pleasure, mini golden retriever english cream. Teenagers perfectly fit dogs of service breeds - German shepherd, Rottweiler, Giant Schnauzer, and Doberman. These dogs need education and training, and their thought allows them to learn new skills without professionals. That is, even a child can teach your pet.

It is not necessary to take in the beds with children puppies decorative breeds. First, inaccurate treatment of small animals can shock the latter, and furthermore, its nervous system requires a calm atmosphere, which is almost impossible in the presence of young children, mini golden retriever english cream. And most importantly - caring for a dog purchased for a child, but it is the responsibility of parents, it is desirable that they be prepared for it.

Pets with a great personality
If in most cases it is necessary to acquire a private house, then they get dogs with protective qualities and some attacks, then for the apartment, as a rule, a companion dog - friend and sociable is needed. However, it is necessary to take into account other features, both dogs and owner, mini golden retriever english cream.

Pets for sports and active hobby

In this case, in addition to good manners, the animal must have genetic health, mobility and tolerance. Representatives of the following breeds meet these requirements:

Schnauzers (Resin, Tsvzrg and Melt)
Collie and Border collie.
All kinds of cups (large, small dogs are very active);
I lay down.
Dogs (without adding blood to dogs for trapping);
Fox dogs.
Features of these breeds are the need for active, regular walking - with games and training. Otherwise, the dog can turn the house into ruins and will not do so out of evil, but rather from boredom, mini golden retriever english cream.

If you need a quiet, quiet dog

Sometimes you need a dog to accompany hiking, not to respond to possible hunting and not to show aggression towards strangers and animals, mini golden retriever english cream. In this case, it is best to have a dog of the following breeds:

Bulldog (French or English);
Misting Napolitano
Welch Coreg (Pembroke and Cardigan);
Chinese Crested Dog.
These dogs differ in emotional stability and a strong mindset, mini golden retriever english cream. Moreover, some representatives of the aforementioned breeds are more suitable for small-sized housing compared to smaller dogs, but they are very active.

Active dogs for hiking and games

At home with children, you can have dogs that can play, run and participate in much fun. If parents do not mind a little pie and can spend 2-3 hours a day walking on pets, then you should pay attention to the small hunting breeds, mini golden retriever english cream:

Fox dogs.
Jack Russell dogs;
Air T-shirts
German dogs.
If there is a garden or playground near the house where the dog can get rid of the extra energy, you can get a Labrador puppy or a dog. Representatives of these breeds are playful and not dirty.

Sofa dogs Beijing is in the apartment

People often need a companion who is happy to lie next to the TV, while no interference appears and does not require active games. "Lazy" rocks include:

Shih Tzu
Mastiff of Naples
Lhasa Paso
Chinese Crested
Basset Hound.
But despite laziness, it is still worth noting that any dog ​​needs care and care. In addition, the pet should learn, even the most solid.

Pet Boy: the pros and cons
After deciding to buy a four-legged friend and deciding to deliver, another equally important question arises in front of the future owners - will it be female or male? The advantages and disadvantages of pets of both sexes, mini golden retriever english cream, only need to be evaluated and prioritized. If we talk about the positive aspects of dogs, this includes the following:

There are no strips and their consequences in the form of undesirable offspring. The owner will not have to walk in pets at "critical periods" in "rush", ignoring the annoying gentlemen, mini golden retriever english cream. In addition, it will not be necessary to wear special trousers and other devices.

If there are effective exhibition activities in the plans, it is also better for the males to refuse - you will not have to refuse to participate due to the plant, pregnancy, birth control or recovery period, mini golden retriever english cream. The same can be said about fishing and sporting events.
Male - more large and colorful representatives of a breed.

For those who do better security jobs, expert opinions are ambiguous. But males have their flaws, which must be taken into account when choosing:

The male, in most cases, is loved and can leave the owner, seeing the current female. Here are two solutions to the problem - call specialists and train your pet well or walk exclusively on it (see how to get used to a leash) mini golden retriever english cream.

Males have a more obstinate mood and desire to dominate. This complicates their maintenance with other same-sex dogs, and besides, they need a host with leadership qualities. If there is a strong hand, problems can be avoided.

Males need to walk longer because of their physiological characteristics. The male empty the bladder immediately, but gradually, takes at least 30 minutes, but the optimum time is 45 minutes, mini golden retriever english cream.

An unpleasant trait of males - they mark their lands and can do so at home. In this case, castration helps more effectively, and there are also ways to correct behavior.
Males have a more intense smell than females.

While walking with males, you can expect an aggressive reaction to other males.
To become an enviable male product you must work hard, mini golden retriever english cream. Advantages have dogs with different championship titles with excellent standard attributes.

If the owner does not see the need to sew his pet, it is best to subject the dog to castration - this would improve behavior, reduce aggressiveness, and also reduce the risk of prostate cancer and inflammation, mini golden retriever english cream.

Female dog: the pros and cons
Bitches, too, have their own characteristics and can be considered a family pet. They have a lot of positive traits:

Females are quieter and more flexible, showing great affection for the owner and home.
They believe that bitches have a more sophisticated and highly emotional intelligence, and it is easy for them to explain what they can do at home and what is punishable, mini golden retriever english cream.

They are less aggressive.
Their reproduction is easier - even a single evaluation allows you to do so.
Walking with a pet can be short-lived, as females "tricks" much faster.
Puppies are definitely a plus, despite the problems; it is a source of joy and good mood, mini golden retriever english cream.
Disadvantages of keeping a prostitute in an apartment include:

Flow - Certainly, this can be a problem, especially if the female is not very clean. In addition, annoying gentlemen may appear at the apartment door, disturbing pets and disturbing their owners, mini golden retriever english cream. Of course, during this period the dog needs more attention.
Despite the less aggressive nature, bitches can collide and even fight on their own, as well as more brutal male battles.

Another nuance - females have a more modest appearance. However, when choosing a four-legged friend - all these pros and cons fall back to the background and at first sight you can get to know your pet, mini golden retriever english cream.

Pets with the best coat
In this case, the smoothness or beauty of the wrap is not considered, but the characteristics are completely different. Many people cannot make a decision about buying a pet because of wool, which can collapse, especially during the cutting process, as well as causing allergies, mini golden retriever english cream. But there are rocks that are not strangely cut, and emit a small amount of allergens. They may or may not have a smart fur coat. The following breeds belong to this category of dog:

The Maltese Lap Dog is a very charming little dog with beautiful wool - snow white and similar to silk. However, pets do not leave it on carpets and furniture, mini golden retriever english cream. In addition, the dog lap is very playful, positive and gentle. This is a great apartment option.

Tibetan terrier. A fairly rare breed in our country, whose actors sound like great games - disheveled and amusing. They are hypoallergenic and lose wool, but they need regular care, which may take a long time.

Yorkie. Yorkshire Terriers are very popular in Russia. These mini cabarets are ideal for an apartment, as they practically do not fade, take up little space and can walk in the stairs, mini golden retriever english cream. But it should be borne in mind that it can be very volatile.

Shih Tzu. Since the wool of representatives of this breed does not fall on its own, it must be combed or cut. Otherwise, these chrysanthemum dogs are excellent companions, loving and very flexible.
Portuguese water dog. This is a great option for fans of rare unusual breeds (this dog can be found in the Guinness Book of Records), and also this dog is bigger than previous actors, mini golden retriever english cream. But it is worth noting that this is a hunting breed, not a decorative breed, and because of its rarity it is not so easy to buy it.

Brussels Griffin. Also called small Belgian dogs - pets with a funny little face make them look like monkeys. Not only do they shed, they are also excellent companions for a family with children.
Dog. These crinkled dogs, all of their varieties - Standard Toy, Mini Hypoallergenic, do not fall off and have no specific smell, mini golden retriever english cream. But the popularity of the breed is also influenced by its character - it is smart, quick-witted, very loyal and well compatible with children and other animals.

Piston Freeze. Funny dogs with the advent of luxurious toys - they are cheerful, fun and very sociable. They communicate well with everyone, but they do not tolerate loneliness well and are not as smart as service dogs.

Chinese Crested Dog. All representatives of the breed, both naked and puffs almost do not shed. They are active, energetic, real companions and excellent family dogs, mini golden retriever english cream. Minus - they do not tolerate hypothermia and need their wardrobe.

Snub. Actors of all kinds do not fade, but giant schnauzers are large enough for an ordinary apartment. But metal and tavern are well suited. But these dogs are very lively, require active long walking and can be very capricious.

These are not all strains suitable for allergic patients, but many are very rare. In any case, people who love dogs but have health problems, always have a choice, mini golden retriever english cream.

Dog positions with other pets
Choosing a four-legged friend in the presence of other animals at home is more complicated, mini golden retriever english cream. But if this problem is taken seriously, the solution can be found completely, and the main thing is to take into account some of the finer details:

If there are already rodents, birds and other small animals in the house, then the dog should not possess a stalking instinct; In this case, you should not choose a hunting breed, but it can go along with other cats and dogs, mini golden retriever english cream.

Among the friendly breeds of cats and other animals, we can mention hounds, Cocker Spaniels, Samoyeds, Retrievers, Bobtails, and Labradors.

But it is better to keep separately from cats Jack Russell, Pete Paul Terriers, Ray Hounds, Cairn Terry’s, Weimar Pointing Close, Rottweiler’s, Wales Terriers, and German Pinschers, mini golden retriever english cream.

Of course, the average data only talks about the general characteristics. In practice, this is rare, but there are situations in which a bull is a cat-friendly pit, and the Spaniard does not chase a parrot ... but still, an instinct, often wins.

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