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Mini Golden Retriever Europe

Mini golden retriever Europe - According to legend, people were introduced with the intrinsic Welsh corgi who used it for horse riding. Allegedly, they have since had saddle effects on their backs.

A little shepherd can really be considered a magic gift. They feel the skill of the owner, adapting to his mood. Dedicated koi for the family, love for children, quickly make friends with other animals.

The Welsh corgi was born to graze herds. Today, sheep "replace" family members, mini golden retriever europe. They bite adults and children from the legs, as if knocking them together.

Corgi is suitable for experienced people. Dogs quickly save the difference, often for the 2nd - 3rd time.

Care is also uncomplicated. Welsh Forge feels good even in a one-room apartment. You need to comb twice a week, bathe once a month, wipe the paws, abdomen after walking, and check their ears and eyes regularly, mini golden retriever europe.

The weak spot for Korean is food. Dogs often have a hearty meal, it should be limited.


Companion dogs of small or medium size are suitable for the apartment, mini golden retriever europe. Pay attention to personality: the dog must be moderately active, without pronounced hunting instincts, aggression, and getting along with children and other pets.

Traditional "urban" pets - Yorkshire dogs, poodles, bulldogs, spits dogs, retrievers.

What breed to choose for the apartment?

Not all dogs are suitable for keeping in an apartment, pay attention to these criteria:

Life schedule and full care opportunities for your puppy,
Additional funds are available for purchasing feed, vitamins, and shampoo.
Mental stability, because the dog in the first months of his life bites his shoes, goes to the toilet at home and barks without any reason to bear it; Strong nerves are needed, mini golden retriever europe.
Decides for the purpose of obtaining a dog for an apartment: a guard, a companion or a decorative breed,

You can change your daily routine by including walking, training, showering, etc.
Think about allergies.

Decide if there is enough room in the apartment to maintain a medium-sized puppy or a large breed.
It is important to evaluate yourself as a person. It will depend on how active you are depression, calmness or moving a puppy you get, mini golden retriever europe. For example, retrievers are ideal for cheerful people, for waster and durably dressed, French bulldogs or clay.

Also decide on these questions:

The length of the dog's coat is long hair, short hair or smooth hair,
Animal land
Learning level
Pet size
Your preferences and hobbies in life.
The 10 best dog breeds for the apartment
Consider arranging the best dogs to save in an apartment.

Affenpinscher - Height at arms up to 30 cm, characterized by endurance, sharp mind, independence, small size, calm, mini golden retriever europe. The dog coat is tough and thick, and the colored shades are black, dawn, and brown.

He loves his family, his children,
Willing to defend the owner.

Comprehensive coat care
Learning difficulties.

Beagle is a small dog with short legs and long ears. Wool - short, white and brown with dark spots. Through a character - an active and loving dog, you will become a good companion, you will love your children and you will remain true to the owner, mini golden retriever europe.

The ability to use beagle to hunt and hunt small animals,
Common sense of smell.

Learning difficulties
The need for physical activity.

German Doberman Dapples, the best defenders who can live in an apartment. Wool is short, black to dark brown in color, medium in length - up to 70 cm. Doberman is known for his restraint, aristocracy, friendliness and affection for his family, mini golden retriever europe.

Strength and endurance
Minimum workouts
Fast learner.

Rapid arousal
Large size for pets.

Jack Russell Terrier is a medium-sized fishing breed with short hair and white color with red and brown spots. It can be used as a companion or hiding hunter. By character - the dog is mobile, brave, active and inquisitive, mini golden retriever europe.

Fast learner,
Infinite energy
Love children.

The need for continuous physical exertion,
Long walks in open space.

Yorkshire Terrier is the best dog and I fly to a small apartment with children, mini golden retriever europe. The breed belongs to the color of long hair - from light brown to golden and medium weight - 1.5 kg. Through personality - gentle, active, requires attention and is very mobile, used to use for catching rodents.

Small size
The calm
Good position for the rest of the animals.

Constant care of wool,
The need for balanced nutrition and vitamins,
Pereborchivosti in nutrition.

Labrador was born with soft hair - a large and unassuming dog, to help people. Pets will be obedient, loyal, cheerful, smart and frightened. Wool - thick, silky, chocolate - black, fawn. Labrador can be a hunting companion and assistant, Bouvelderm, mini golden retriever europe.

Fast learner,
Good health
Love for family and owner.

The need for continuous training and education.

The clay is a small decorative breed, characterized by vitality, vitality, good nature, stamina and nobility. Dog height up to 30 cm, weight about 8 kg. Color - fawn, black with mask dark spots on face, mini golden retriever europe. Snoring pine is good for children and other animals, and is not selective in food.

Ease of care,
Minimum time to walk and learn.

A large list of diseases associated with vision and bone state.

Spitz decorative I was raised in Germany. The appearance may vary, but the coat is always thick, fluffy, brown, or dark. From the nature of the breed: peaceful, graceful, fearless, and faithful.
It will be interesting:


Hear well
Love children
A little time to care.

The need for continuous training, otherwise the dog will become naughty and angry.

French bulldog is medium sized with a soft coat, black, fawn, brown or red. There are folds in the neck and face, eyes large, and ears standing, mini golden retriever europe. Bulldog - loyal, calm, graceful and sharp-minded, can be used for protection.

Ease of learning,
Peaceful nature
Dedication to master

The presence of chronic diseases
Weak bones.

The little Chihuahua, a decorated dog that appeared centuries ago, influenced the appearance of many dwarf breeds, mini golden retriever europe. Average weight is no more than 3 kg, wool can be short-haired and long-haired, color - fawn, black, red. Such a puppy will be active, inquisitive, mobile, cheerful and hardy.

Dedication to master
You almost don't need to walk with it
Learn quickly.

What other breeds are suitable for an apartment?
Remember it is better for the apartment not to start fighting or large dogs, because it is not safe, as education takes a lot of time and money, mini golden retriever europe. But such breeds are also excellent for keeping at home:

Whatever types of breed you choose, remember that a pet, for example, needs to walk two or three times a day, for vaccinations, training, and education.

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