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Mini Golden Retriever Existe

Mini golden retriever existe - In addition to small and medium-sized breeds, when you live in a fairly spacious apartment, it is quite possible to buy a large dog. . In this case, the mandatory conditions for housing maintenance will be hiking trails, providing your pet with sufficient physical activity, timely training and efficient training:

German shepherd - a large breed, distinguished by an advanced mind and a high level of intelligence. He has a high degree of learning, dedication, loyalty, advanced business characteristics and protective instincts, mini golden retriever existe. The breed is suitable for experienced breeders, and requires sufficient physical activity and psychological stress,

Smooth Labrador - a very modest and somewhat large breed, varying in obedience, loyalty, cheerfulness and intensity, as well as complete fear. Thick and soft coat, mini golden retriever existe. The main advantages of a smooth Labrador country are fast learning and good health, but such a pet needs continuous education and training,

German Doberman - large size, obedient breed of dogs, possesses the best of protective qualities, mini golden retriever existe. The coat is short and does not require special and complicated care. Dobermans are distinguished by restraint, aristocracy, loyalty, friendliness and a fast learner, as well as affection for all members of their family, including young children,

Aim Dane - companion dog, guard and guard. The breed has an ideal appearance, isolation, elegance, and strength, supplemented with great success through the calm and full of characteristics of dignity. Great Danes have an analysis and show good results in dog training, mini golden retriever existe. Disadvantages include some care requirements and very good appetite,

Cane Coors - breed not intended for street conservation. Such a trusted guard does not have undue aggression, and is also very loyal to all family members. The breed is characterized by a lively mind and the ability to learn and train, mini golden retriever existe. However, Cane Coors will require the owner of certain skills in education and ensuring adequate physical activity.

Experts also advise to keep the Belgian Shepherd Dog, Hydride Traction, Black and Irish Lime, Royal Body, Pharaoh hound, Cindandand and the English Sheep Dog in a residential environment, mini golden retriever existe.

Tips for breeders and veterinarians
Of particular importance when choosing a breed for the housing content are the four-legged pet dimensions, it’s physical and emotional activity, as well as the degree of danger of the animal to the entire environment, mini golden retriever existe. The dog begins as a guard, hunter, guard or regular companion, depending on what particular breed is chosen. The size of the dog is very important, therefore, the larger the size of the pet, the more space that you will need to allocate in the apartment.

For small urban apartments, small or medium-sized dog breeds are only appropriate. . Less attention should not be paid to animal activity, mini golden retriever existe. This rule primarily applies to hunting and sport breeds that have special job characteristics that need more active training or hiking.

If there is a lack of time for contact with pets, it is advisable to reject active breeds, as well as dogs that need regular care of the cap. When choosing a large breed, it is desirable to pay attention to ensuring the safety of others - it is necessary to pay special attention to the process of raising and training a pet, mini golden retriever existe.

Dog experts recommend paying attention not only to the characteristics of the lineage of the dog, but also to his sexual identity, mini golden retriever existe. As the practice of home maintenance appears, bitches of any breed are quieter and more acceptable, demonstrating great affection for their owners and their families.

Bitches are thought to have a more sophisticated intelligence and have high rates of excitement, and among other things, these pets are the least aggressive, mini golden retriever existe. Female disadvantages are represented by periodic heat chutes, as well as a more modest appearance.

It is important! Males have a somewhat stubborn mood, as well as a desire to drive, which can greatly complicate the maintenance of their homes with another same-sex dog.

Males, due to their physiological characteristics, need to walk long distances, and they are able to define the area even indoors, mini golden retriever existe. The dog's coat has a more pungent odor than the bitch's coat. However, if the owner has leadership qualities and has enough time for upbringing, then any breed can be chosen to keep them in apartment conditions.

General rules for selection
When choosing a breed for urban conditions, the following factors should be considered:

The size of a dog. Small and medium strains develop better in the apartment. The bowls and the bed can be literally placed two meters from each other, mini golden retriever existe. Large dogs need a vast "area".

Temperament. Active pets need lots of space to play. They are also very noisy, which can disturb neighbors, mini golden retriever existe. Such dogs coexist in multi-story buildings only when they receive intense physical exertion. Otherwise, dogs will become real destroyers. It is better to have a calm, balanced breed.

Tendency to reconfigure. Most dogs are heavily shed with thick undercoat: strong rabbits, shepherd dogs, and dog spats, mini golden retriever existe. But problems are also provided by short hair strains. If long hair is easy to collect from floors and furniture, then small and thick hair sticks to the cap, and it is not easy to get rid of it.

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