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Mini Golden Retriever New England

Mini golden retriever new England - Smaller dogs to the apartment, now York is one of the most popular dogs among city dwellers due to their ability to socialize, their craftsmanship, small size and beautiful appearance. The peculiarity of these dogs is an unusual long coat without an inner layer, which in a structure that looks similar to human hair. They require special care (regular washing, moisturizing and caring), but in practice they do not fall off, as they do in other dogs, and are therefore less prone to allergies.

Despite the prevailing opinion about the stupidity of small dogs, Yorkshire Terriers are among the ten most intelligent dogs, mini golden retriever new england. They are completely trainable and much attached to the owner, often follow in the heels, and if necessary, they can be real supporters despite their small size (up to 3.1 kg).

Well trained,
They can be used to pack or diaper.
Wool requires constant care,
In bad weather, you should wear a suit,
Strain diseases (frequent dental problems, patella dislocation, etc.).

Small Russian toy terrier (weighs a small about 1.5 kg, standard no more than 3 kg), a playful and playful dog, brought up in our home, mini golden retriever new england. It can be short and short, with different color options.

They can be stubborn and require training from an early age. Children have a winding psyche and are under stress, so they do not tolerate noise and are not suitable for families with active children, mini golden retriever new england. For the rest, they do not need special care, and feel satisfied if the owners do not lose their daily walking several times.

Funny personality
Easily learn to walk on a tray or diaper,
Everywhere you can take it with you.
Reproduction of diseases (hydrocephalus, problems with the digestive system, etc.),
Clothes are needed in the cold.

The same and most dangerous little dog - Chihuahua can defend themselves, they complain about strangers, but they become their ideal companions to their owners. "Chichi" is very curious and attached to the owner, the nature of the male and female can vary greatly, mini golden retriever new england. Males, as is often the case in small breeds, are subject to asserting themselves as a male, which, in the absence of appropriate upbringing, leads to aggression towards the owners and their signs in the apartment.

With proper education, Chihuahuas have proven weird, moving, fearless dogs. By its standard, the breed has good health. In addition, these dogs do not have a specific smell, mini golden retriever new england.

He used to pack or diaper.
It can bark a lot
Proliferation of diseases (eye diseases, skin problems, epilepsy, etc.),
In the cold you need to wear special suits.

The best small dogs for the apartment
Cute Corgi is originally from Wales. These dogs belong to the shepherd, that is, they are real shepherd dogs, albeit small, mini golden retriever new england. Small size, lively and cheerful personality and the ability to match all family members, including cats and children, have made the Corgi a target for love all over the world.

They are very sensitive to young children, they know the nature and habits of all family members, and they even have a sense of humor, which is indicated in the standard of reproduction, mini golden retriever new england. The dog loves games and hiking. Adapts to any climate, and prefers coolness due to the thick scalp. Corgi has high intelligence and well trained in training, with proper training, it is easy to remember orders from the first or second time, mini golden retriever new england. Corgi serves as the first dog of an inexperienced owner.

Fast learner,
Get along with other pets,
Love children
Subject to gluttony.

Shard Pei - Dogs with an unforgettable look and amazing story. Breed is considered one of the oldest animals allegedly raised in China as a fight, but later it was used as a hunting dog. Dogs folded in the face of a hippopotamus, a purple tongue and a twisted high tail do not look like other dogs, mini golden retriever new england. The medium size allows the dog to feel comfortable in an apartment in the city.

Despite the peculiar appearance, Shard Pei expresses himself as a companion dog, and it is recommended to start retired and lone people. Shard Pei is very good at copying its owner, while the dog has a stable psyche and excellent protection properties. Char Bye, who is suspected of strangers, complains to his family, deals well with children and other animals, and is very careful in dealing with younger ones, mini golden retriever new england. The breed does not require special care - wool does not have a substrate, it does not require much physical exertion, the dog is very clean from an early age. The main thing is not to resort to violence in Shard Pei education, as well as closely monitor nutrition and skin condition.

It doesn’t require much physical activity,
It gets well with children
Good security features.
Several diseases characteristic of the strain (problems with the skin, ears, eyes, and joints).

Pekingese are true royal characters: the dynasty was born about 2000 years ago and belongs exclusively to the family of the Chinese Emperor. Now anyone can get these unusual puppies.

Pekingese vary unusual appearance - long hair and large expressive eyes. The character also betrays the aristocrats in it - the Beijingians demanded more attention and respect for themselves, they are very critical and stubborn, mini golden retriever new england. These dogs do not like active physical exertion. An adult's bikini weighs no more than 5-5.5 kg.

It does not require increased physical activity, a good feeling in the apartment,
Not whimsical in food.
Requires periodic grooming,
Constant care of the face and eyes,
Difficulty breathing
Tendency to warm due to thick wool,
Jealous, bad for families with children and other animals.

Pug is one of the oldest decorative breeds; these dogs are simply created to be kept in apartment conditions, mini golden retriever new england. They correspond well to all family members, including children and other pets. The pug has a balanced personality; it is well trained, in the way of life it adapts to the owner.

Wool pine is very thick, it should be combed, mini golden retriever new england. The lack of physical activity with love to eat delicious food brings the pug at risk for obesity, so it is important to monitor nutrition and remember, a hundred dogs require walking regularly of sufficient length. The clay does not tolerate heat.

Mild cheerful, balanced dog,
It gets well with children.
Tendency to eye diseases,
He needs face care,
Breathing problems.

Despite the fact that the French bulldog was originally bred for hunting bulls, and is likely to fight breeds, it is now a delightful accompanying dog that feels wonderful in the conditions of the city apartment, mini golden retriever new england. The French bulldog is a different chunky structure and developed muscles, the weight of which should not exceed 15 kg.

The breed is known for its stable psyche, which, in case of danger, can defend itself and its family, it is trainable. The character of the French to match their funny looks: they are fun, graceful and enjoyable. Suitable for families with children, mini golden retriever new england. The dog is very sociable and requires increased attention from its owners.

Fun mood
Give in to good training.
There may be breathing problems
Face care is required,
Prone to eye disease,
Prone to hypothermia in cold weather.

Best medium sized dogs for an apartment
Dog is one of the best breeds of dogs to save in an apartment. And a dog is considered one of the smartest dogs - in ranking the smartest breeds, it ranks second, which means that it is better than others to be trained, mini golden retriever new england. Dogs understand people very well; they are curious and can be easily trained. They are friendly to the whole family and are happy to show their acquired skills.

The poodle coat is unusual: dead hair lies in curls, and thus without contaminating the flat, but because of this, careful combing is necessary at least two to three times per week, in addition to regular washing and cutting, it facilitates the formation of mats, mini golden retriever new england. There are 4 different types in size: from a toy dog ​​(height when depressed is only 24 cm) to king dog (length at detector up to 60 cm).

We train well
Comprehensive coat care.

The Collis (Scottish Shepherd Dogs) are shepherd dogs, free from attack, but closely monitor their "can". They are highly intelligent, and the dog will only be happy if provided with enough physical and mental stress, mini golden retriever new england. Although the most famous image of a collie is a long-haired dog, there is a short-haired version of the bee with a well-developed substrate and solid hair, protecting it in bad weather and frost.

In the family, the collie can perform a variety of functions: accompany the owner of the athlete while running, play the role of a nanny with children. Collis tries to avoid conflicts, but he always protects his packaging, mini golden retriever new england. Cole is a very good dog for keeping in an apartment on a long and active walking condition. Long-haired collie hair needs careful care: it should be combed daily and trimmed socks in time, if formed.

Not aggression,
High intelligence
He gets well with children, takes care of them.
Genetic intolerance to some drugs,
Wool (for long-haired collieries) requires special care,
There is a need for hiking and increased physical activity.

The hunter was originally one hunter, but currently retrievers are received worldwide by the owners as fellow dogs, mini golden retriever new england. The truth - no best friend was found. Mobile, tender, without shadows of aggression and hatred, Labrador becomes a wonderful companion, a member of the family, a child's favorite.

Reproduction varies in a strong addition; the weight of animals reaches 40 kg. The coat is thick, tricky, does not require increased care - it is enough to comb the dog with a special brush and comb once a week, mini golden retriever new england. Labradors tend to be fat, so it's important to monitor their diet. They need to ensure adequate mobility and walking for at least 2-2.5 hours a day.

Cute and obedient dog,
Does not require special care for wool.
Hiking is essential.

Which dog is better to be in the apartment?
Any dog, even the smallest, is a dog in the first place, and therefore, regardless of its size, it requires regular walking, training, timely examination of the vet and vaccination, mini golden retriever new england. Staying in an apartment without walking cannot be called human: an animal needs new impressions, needs communication and physical activity. Without training and walking, any dog ​​can become aggressive and start dripping.

In principle, every dog ​​can be kept in an apartment, but some breeds require such physical activity that its owners will have to spend several hours a day practicing the dog, mini golden retriever new england. Therefore, it is better for a person and animal to choose such a breed as a pet, which for generations has been kept at home and feels great in the role of the apartment dog.

Finally, the advice - carefully approach the choice of a puppy!

Notice how the parents behave, in what circumstances they are contained.
Assess your strengths - can you walk for a long time with a large active dog, or is it better to choose a smaller and not active dog?

Do not choose a very popular breed simply because it is fashionable. Rate, can you, for example, walk several hours a day with a fleet of legs and husky activity?

Don't buy a puppy if you only love the appearance of the dog on offer. First, consider whether you have time to care for your wool and money for professional hairdressing dogs, mini golden retriever new england.

Before purchasing a dog, be sure to check out the dedicated breeding forum that interests you, read the real reviews of its owners, and know all the features of keeping and raising a puppy.

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