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Mini Golden Retriever Puppies

Mini golden retriever puppies - characteristics and personality of the dog breed. Golden Retriever. Like Golden retrievers (or golden retrievers) they are eager to please dogs and respond positively to obedience training. They complement this trait with the fact that they are playful, affectionate and with a mild temperament.

The golden retriever at a glance

The Golden Retriever Dog Breed

Golden retrievers are very versatile. They are known as retrievers, family pets, support dogs for the disabled, and search and rescue dogs.


Weight range:

Males: 29 - 32 kg

Females: 25 - 29 kg

Height at the withers:

Males: 58 - 62 cm

Females: 53 - 55 cm


Drooping ears (naturally)


Energy level: medium

Life expectancy: 10 - 13 years

Tendency to drool: low

Tendency to snore: low

Tendency to bark: moderate

Tendency to Dig: Low

Attention need / Socialization: high

Bred for:



Length: medium

Features: smooth

Colors: gold in different shades

Need for general cleanliness: moderate

Club recognition

Royal Canine Society of Spain (RSCE): Hunting dogs - Hunting dogs - Water dogs

United Kennel Club (UKC): Gun Dog

Frequency: common

Golden retriever males measure between 58 and 62 cm and weigh between 29 and 32 kg. Females measure between 53 and 55 cm and weigh between 25 and 29 kg, mini golden retriever puppies.

The golden retriever has wavy or smooth water-resistant hair that is golden to cream in color. One of the most interesting characteristics of this breed is the fringes on the neck, legs, thighs, bottom and tail.

The dog's head is strong and wide, mini golden retriever puppies. The ears are not very large, but they are implanted high in the head and hang just below the jawline. The chest is deep and the body is well balanced. Golden retrievers live approximately 10 to 13 years.


The golden retriever is mild-tempered, intelligent and affectionate. Golden retrievers are playful, yet docile with children, and tend to get along well with other pets and with strangers.

These dogs are eager to please, which probably explains why they respond so well to obedience training, making them very popular support dogs. They also like to work, either hunting birds or looking for their owner's slippers...

Golden retrievers don't bark often, and they lack guardian instincts, so don't count on them as good guard dogs. However, if someone strange approaches, some golden retrievers will let you know.


This breed likes activity. Remember that golden retrievers are natural retrievers, so they love a good game of returning the ball or a bath. If they exercise daily, golden retrievers can be adapted to any type of home, even a city apartment.

The level of molting of golden retrievers is considered medium. Brushing about once a week will keep your hair looking good.

History, mini golden retriever puppies

In 1999, the Golden Retriever was the second most popular breed of the American Kennel Club (AKC), unsurprisingly given the many qualities of the dog that make it a perfect family pet. However, the roots of the golden retriever are found in the fields and navigable channels of Great Britain.

The golden retriever was bred to be a retriever, especially for hunting waterfowl, and the breed was obtained after crossing several breeds, including spaniels, setters, and the Newfoundland (although not the one we know today) and perhaps even the dog of Saint Hubert. The fruit of such a combination was a strong and robust swimming dog that could resist in cold water, track wounded prey, and handle maimed birds.

Golden retrievers are currently only good retrievers and family pets; they are also popular as support dogs for the blind and disabled, and as search, rescue and contraband dogs, mini golden retriever puppies. Few dogs can boast such versatility,.

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