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Mini Golden Retriever Rescue

Mini golden retriever rescue - Golden Retrievers are relatively large dogs. This breed was originally cross-breaded for the purpose of helping in hunting. The Golden Retriever dog helps her retrieve and bring in the hunted bird. Hence, the breed's name is called Golden Retriever.

This dog is characterized by strength and enduring activity and a pill to play and fulfill for its owner and, mini golden retriever rescue.  also its high ability to train with a little patience, and these dogs love water so it is one of the most popular dog breeds for swimming, the Golden Retriever dog has long hair that needs to be combed and trimmed from time to time

There are three main breeds of Golden Retrievers and they are:

The British or British retriever is distinguished by a larger body and a skull that is somewhat wider and has a greater muscle mass than the rest of the retreater strains and the hair is lighter and shorter and has more rounded and darker eyes, mini golden retriever rescue.

The American Retriever is less weighty than a precedent, more dense hair and a darker color

The Canadian Retriever has a longer body, darker hair and more wavy hair

The Golden Retriever dog is an ideal dog for the family, as it is friendly to all family members and also friendly with strangers, which makes it completely unsuitable for guarding, mini golden retriever rescue. This friendliness extends to other animals, so you can easily raise it with other pets, such as cats. It is a dog full of vigor and vitality and needs many periods of play and training in order to bring out the energy it owns and needs you to spend with it not much time because it does not adapt well to staying alone for long periods
Retriever dogs live on average between 11 and 12 years and are always vulnerable to some diseases and health problems, including problems of the joints, heart and parasites so they must be well looked after and periodically examined, mini golden retriever rescue.

Favorite Golden Retriever games:

Studies have shown that the best toy preferred by a retriever dog is a human being, as he is fond of playing for long hours with her owner and his family more than any other doll or game, mini golden retriever rescue. The best of these games

Retriever feed

Retriever dogs have a voracious appetite, and their nutrition should be rationed at proper rates so that it does not exceed its normal weight, which may cause health problems for the dog

It is worth feeding the dog 2 to 3 cups of high-quality dried food a day, divided into two meals, mini golden retriever rescue.

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