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Mini Golden Retriever With Blue Eyes

Mini golden retriever with blue eyes - the dog is really the best friend of a man who lived alongside him, worked and helped in any kind of activity. Today, there are many strains of these animals - some from natural selection, others - the result of time-consuming work of humans, but all of them - real beings, ready to show their loyalty to man again and again.

This category includes wonderful dogs. Some are not just big animals, but real giants.


Central Asian Shepherd Dog, second name Turkmen Wolfhound. According to historical data, this breed was formed naturally. Thanks to the extreme conditions in which this happened, Albia gained unprecedented durability and excellent physical properties, mini golden retriever with blue eyes. Today it is successfully used as observation bases.

Alaska Malamute

A large local dynasty, which brought the Eskimos to work on skiing. Alaska Malamutes do not bark, but communicate by grumbling and howling, mini golden retriever with blue eyes. But this is not the only advantage - dogs require regular physical exertion and are not suitable for everyone.

English Mastiff

Or Mastiff or in other words - the large clay belongs to the oldest ancient English dynasty. In ancient times it was used for hunting large animals, guarding slaves, military service, etc., not always, and for peaceful work. But today the English Mastiff is a wonderful dog - a companion and a favorite family, mini golden retriever with blue eyes.

Dojo Argentina

The pride of Argentina, because it is the only breed registered in this country. Various moles breeds participated in its creation, giving the Argentine dog all the unique qualities of a fighter, guard and hunter.

Afghan hound Afghan hound

The pinnacle of elegance and aristocracy, which can reward the nature of the dog, the Afghan hound has it all. Being a hunting breed for a long time, now it can often be seen lying on a sofa or elegantly mastered on the most famous exhibition squares, mini golden retriever with blue eyes.

Bernese mountain dog

Berners, as enthusiasts of the breeds affectionately call them, are suitable escorts for large and friendly families mini golden retriever with blue eyes. And once, in the first century BC, the mountain dogs of Mount Bernese wandered with flocks across the Roman Empire.


A strong hound chasing a blood trail prey and is known for its sharp instinct. Although hunting in Bloodhounds is a priority, among these colorful dogs you can get excellent family dogs - with their charisma and personality, mini golden retriever with blue eyes.

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Dojo Bordeaux

A large athletic dog, a powerful descendant of Colossus, does the job of a ranger, ranger, and bodyguard, mini golden retriever with blue eyes. Drogue de Bordeaux requires serious training, but with the right approach, a person acquires a quadruple friend with no fear and smart.


The so-called rare strain of the French Shepherd. Being a longtime shepherd, Beauceron gradually transformed into a family dog. The caution and distrust of representatives of this breed allow the use of dogs, guards and guards.


Have you ever seen a calf-sized small dog? This is exactly what the Price dynasty looks like, mini golden retriever with blue eyes. It is believed that a breed appeared without human intervention, and these diligent and hardy dogs have long been involved in livestock rising.

Paul Mast eve

Those of the harsh Mastiffs, who had a dangerous appearance, were caught on nannies many times. Yes, indeed, in bullfighters such qualities as the good nature, the dedication to family members are combined with the vigilance of strangers.


Borecole from South Africa is a breed of mastiff -like dogs with an interesting history. Once it was used to protect farms from encroaching on wild animals, including lions, mini golden retriever with blue eyes. Of course, such a purpose left its mark on the character of the dog, but time also facilitated some sharp corners.

Greyhound hound

Like all greyhounds, featuring greyhounds Constitution Volant and the capabilities of the excellent fishing, mini golden retriever with blue eyes. In addition, these dogs entered the Guinness Book of Records, not because of their beautiful appearance, but because of their ability to develop unprecedented speed and overcome the highest obstacles.


This breed of dog, bred in Germany, was able to gain popularity all over the world. First of all, they are attracted to lovers born out of their elegant and solid appearance at the same time, mini golden retriever with blue eyes. But while Doberman's character is not so simple.

Golden Retriever

Goldens dogs not only with gold color, but also a personality. Originally a hunting dynasty, its actors today found their profession in various professions, mini golden retriever with blue eyes. The golden retrievers can be found at the customs center, on the rescue team, from among those in charge. Yes, and as a family dog, this dog performs perfectly.

Irish wolfhound

This is a huge hound; a breed appeared in ancient times. Since then, about Irish wolves have developed many legends and tales of heroism and bravery, mini golden retriever with blue eyes. But fans of the breed are sure that these are not fairy tales at all, and dogs already have similar qualities.

Irish setter

These great athletes are a great companion for people keen to hunt or active sports, mini golden retriever with blue eyes. Yes, the Irish officer is not a sofa dog, but an active animal on the move, but it should be noted that a guard of this good dog will not succeed.

Spanish Mastiff

The giant actors of this breed are full of contrasts, because their harsh appearance and even the threat don't match their characters, mini golden retriever with blue eyes. The Spanish Mastiff is described as a smart and dedicated dog that cares, but is free of malice and aggression.

Caucasian Shepherd

The original breed of Caucasian wolves, whose actors have a colossal appearance and a cruel personality, mini golden retriever with blue eyes. These huge dogs clearly distinguish between "these" and "strangers", but otherwise, how will they become one of the best guards, guards and protectors? The Caucasian Shepherd is a dangerous dog, requiring no less serious approach.

Cane Coors

The ancestors of these stately dogs were real gladiators, but even the new canoe Coors did not lose their fear and courage, mini golden retriever with blue eyes. Although the breeding work made it more satisfying, dogs are still vigilant guards and vigilant security guards.


The stunning appearance of the Hungarian Shepherd allowed her to successfully disguise her lamb in a protected herd, mini golden retriever with blue eyes. But Commander was not at all the mood of the sheep, and even a few wolves could not fight with such an enormous and cunning "shepherd".

Leon Berger

Among the service strains, leonberger is distinguished by its large size and phlegm temperament. It is a successful result of the breeding work of breeding a lion-like breed, and it has become a symbol of the German city with a named name, mini golden retriever with blue eyes.

Great Dane

The Great Dane is called the "Apollo" of the dog world, and the dog is really distinguished for its stature and harmonious structure, mini golden retriever with blue eyes. But, in addition, he has the qualities that make him an excellent guard, personal bodyguard, helps to successfully perform the duty of guard and be the best friend of all family members.

Newfoundland (diver)

Hunters have used representatives of this breed for a long time - they helped dogs pull nets out of the water, dealt with small errands and were small animals, mini golden retriever with blue eyes. Such close cooperation with the man made the accompanying dogs fascinating Newfoundland’s.

Giant schnauzers

Larger than Schnauzers are strong, stately dogs, with a balanced mood. It is not known with certainty whether they originated from the shepherd breeds or hunting, but at the present time, the use schnauzers giant successfully dogs service, mini golden retriever with blue eyes.

Russian Borzoi

Dogs of this hunting breed have silky hair - a dog, for which they get their name, mini golden retriever with blue eyes. At one point, every Russian landowner considered it necessary to have a bundle of these dogs, as a sign of their well-being. Today, posy Russian greyhound can often be found in competitions and show rings.

St. Bernard

Dogs are very popular, which is often used in cinema. Not long ago, the use of St, mini golden retriever with blue eyes. Bernard successfully in rescue activities in the mountainous terrain, and today they are not only men save, but also representatives, comrades, and even educators.

Tibetan Mastiff

Not so long ago, the world had not heard of these colossal giant dogs, because the Tibetan monks who were involved in their breeding were not in a rush to share their inflatable pets, mini golden retriever with blue eyes. However, when this happened, the Tibetan mastiff became in the blink of the most popular and most expensive dogs on the planet.

Black terrier

Black dogs, or in other words - Stalin's dogs, are the largest family of dogs. This breed was born on the territory of Russia, trying to get service dogs that are able to work in almost any conditions, mini golden retriever with blue eyes. As a result, the endurance, performance and endurance of black dogs can really be envied.

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This is a wide range of breeds, which include both dangerous fighting dogs and harmful domestic dogs. There is one thing that unites them - not as big as in the dogs mentioned above.

American Bulldog

This breed is considered to be the closest and least developed of the Old English Bulldog. There were two breeds - one that was used to hold a large monster and the other - as a farm dog, mini golden retriever with blue eyes. As a result of the selection work, the modern American Bulldog is an attentive guardian and loyal friend of the family.

American Bull Terrier dog

This breed was born as a weapon - unforgiving, and used for human bloody fun. However, long-term breeding work was able to reduce aggressiveness, and to maintain physical data, mini golden retriever with blue eyes. Prohibited the American Pit Bull Terrier that Atcatheroa in many countries, in other countries, are not allowed Brahms. But the point is not in dog slags, but people's inability to treat and properly educate them.

English bulldog

This breed with a rich history has come a long way - from pickling dogs to accompanying pets. Featuring English bulldog appearance is normal - they are characterized by Balqrvsae force big head flat face. But despite the weight, representatives of the breed are considered true masters, mini golden retriever with blue eyes.

English Cocker Spaniel

A cute looking dog was used for hunting, mini golden retriever with blue eyes. Today, it is often prepared as a family pet, because the informal name of the breed is "cheerful rejoicing." English Cocker Spaniel is a positive, active and good dog that cannot be offended.

Basset Hound

Surprisingly, these rigid sputum dogs are hounds, mini golden retriever with blue eyes. Their sad appearance is not a sign of sadness in any way, and some separation does not mean that the dog is not interested in what is happening around it. Previously, aristocrats went in search of hounds, and today the dog itself behaves like a representative of the upper class - a gentleman from the paws to the tip of the tail.

Hunting dog

This medium fish has a unique scent that was originally used for rabbit hunting, and after searching for explosives - to do more serious work, mini golden retriever with blue eyes. Beagles are not lazy, they are not able to sit for a long time, and they love games and training and are happy to participate in any fun.

Perhaps among the canine dogs, boxers are the most popular breed. Breeders sought optimal service dogs - disciplined, hardy, with adequate aggression and high intelligence, and in fact, they did.

Border collie

Border collies have a totally natural but cute look. However, its uniqueness is not the case, mini golden retriever with blue eyes. According to the research, total border intelligence is at the level of development of children at the age of 3 years.

Bull Terrier

Serious breeds, whose representatives took part in fights with oxen. However, for these purposes it was born, mini golden retriever with blue eyes. Taurus dogs are very smart, able to train and coexist with everyone. However, in incompetent hands the dog can become uncontrollable and consider his excellent physical characteristics, which is very dangerous.


Many countries still claim the homeland of these amazing dogs - beautiful, built in harmony and smart. But Dalmatians need proper breeding; otherwise a pet may show very unpleasant personal traits. Therefore, to obtain such a dog is best for experienced people, mini golden retriever with blue eyes.


A rather rare strain of the Spitz type, whose actors love "smiling." Like other Spits, keeshond has a touching look, a luxurious fur coat and a tail shaped ring, mini golden retriever with blue eyes. Their curiosity and creativity allows them to master the most difficult tricks, especially without stress.

Collie long hair

These shepherds’ sponsors, although they have lost their previous popularity, still have many admirers. Long-haired collie is dogs with a sleek, calm and rational appearance, because once decisions are made on their own.


This is a unique category of policemen, whose representatives are ready to participate in any search, regardless of weather conditions, mini golden retriever with blue eyes. Their purpose influenced the excellent physical shape of the dogs, and their interaction with humans made the cherries very relaxed and clear.


This product is on the top lines of the popular classification. It has the same qualities as Newfoundland’s (it's still close to relatives), but its size is smaller, mini golden retriever with blue eyes. Labradors are good, docile and extremely intelligent; they provide the best evidence for the blind.

Baby skin

One of the rare working dogs, which still has not lost its purpose. The sturdy drive dogs, as well as hunters, as they are well developed both physically and smartly. But husky is not recommended for owners who will not use pets for their intended purpose - these dogs are freedom-loving and not very trainable, mini golden retriever with blue eyes.


Average representative of bearded and bravest schnauzers. Once used to protect and rodent extermination, so is the development of swords and protective completely schnauzers East, mini golden retriever with blue eyes. One of the special features of these dogs is their unprecedented activity; they need regular games and training.

German dog toy

A rare breed of hidden hounds, which appeared only in the 1920s. Breeders have tried to get excellent working dogs, and jag terriers are still subject to mandatory checks for their specific traits.

Scottish Western Retriever

Although the breed was relatively newly born, its target is still controversial, mini golden retriever with blue eyes. But the fact that Toller’s are excellent duck hunters are not in doubt. In addition, Novo Scottish retrievers have declared protective qualities.

German shepherd

If you ask people the name of the most popular dog breed, what most of them call it? And until many children dream of grazing a German puppy, this is without question, mini golden retriever with blue eyes. To this day, the best dogs are considered in search of service, and this title is not easy.


The oldest breed of English hounds, whose representatives combine aristocratic appearance, confidence and advanced intelligence, mini golden retriever with blue eyes. Once upon a time, indicators were known to be completely aggressive dogs, but thanks to their breeding they became easier and more pleasant.


Dog service that has gained popularity worldwide. Today, the use of Rottweiler’s are, these powerful dogs with massive appearance, in many services, and are bred for protection and companion, mini golden retriever with blue eyes. But it should be noted that such large dogs with obvious protective features need socialization and education.

Samoyed dog

The Samoan or Arctic Spitz - a beautiful white dog that previously lived in the northern Bedouin tribes - grazes cattle, chases them, drives them sleigh, and even watches the children of the master, mini golden retriever with blue eyes. Although the Samoyed dog has not lost its practical properties, it can be found today in exhibitions.

Siberian husky

The breed of dogs, bred from indigenous dogs in the Far East region of Russia, mini golden retriever with blue eyes. Today, she has many admirers, but future owners must know - the mighty Siberians - working dogs who value the value of freedom and love to work.


These Chinese bear dogs require a special approach. Despite the fact that the dogs of this breed are absolutely unlike their wild ancestors, their DNA is as close to that of wolves, mini golden retriever with blue eyes. For centuries, Zhao was raised in monasteries in China, and thanks to their isolation, they retained their original appearance.

Czechoslovak wolf dog

For a long time, people have returned to the question of raising a hybrid dog and a wolf. Although these two species are genetically close, it was impossible to obtain a complete dog with unique wolf characteristics. Czechoslovak wolf could be called the most successful hybrid, which was recognized by the International Dog Federation, mini golden retriever with blue eyes.

Char Bay

One of the mysterious Chinese dog breeds is Shard Pei, which combines a somewhat funny appearance with a dangerous character, mini golden retriever with blue eyes. It's hard to believe, but these funny little dogs that have a lot of skin folds are actually massive guards and guards.

Airedale terrier

These dogs were taken out for hunting, and they coped well with their duties. Later, their excellent taste was useful to work in the police, and then they turned into accompanying dogs, mini golden retriever with blue eyes. Aerobic dogs are very active, curious and moody, therefore, it is not recommended to start them with their colleagues at home - the dog will definitely feel bored.

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Small dog breeds
In today's world, there is a tendency to increase the popularity of small dogs and the smaller the pet, the better, mini golden retriever with blue eyes. This leads to the emergence of new strains and the improvement of existing strains.


An amazing breed, also called "the African barking dog", which tribes in Africa are still used to hunt lions! Basing does not bend, but makes a variety of sounds - pitch, seduction, and howl; moreover, these dogs wash their faces like cats, mini golden retriever with blue eyes.

Brussels Griffin

Decorative Belgian Dog Breed, with a funny outlook. Once upon a time they were the favorites of kings, but today everyone can make like Griffin in Brussels cute and funny.

Welsh corgi

These are small shepherd dogs, which are smaller in size only than their larger colleagues. In carrying out the work of the shepherd, they were able to bite the cattle by the limbs, transport them to the herd and not fall under the hooves, mini golden retriever with blue eyes. There are two types of Welsh breeds - Karloff - woolen sweater and Pembroke, the first largest and most dangerous, but the second type is a kind of joy.

Jack Russell Terrier

Initially, they were bred for hunting in burrows, and it was not difficult for them to hunt any animals, and direct them into the hands of a hunter, mini golden retriever with blue eyes. But speed, vigor and joy allowed Jack Russell Terrier to become an excellent companion dog.

Yorkshire terrier

Among the decoration crumbs, Yorkshire Trier is ranked first in popularity. At first glance, it may seem that these beautiful creatures were bred to please their owners, but no. Once porkies were kept in coal mines and fought with huge rodents, mini golden retriever with blue eyes.

Chinese Crested Dog

Dogs of this breed can be found today in any state, even with a very warm climate. Of course, the dog, which has minimum wool, always attracts the attention of others, mini golden retriever with blue eyes. By the way, in China, the Chinese crowned dog was a symbol of family welfare.

Italian greyhound

This little greyhound has a graceful body texture and a cute attractive face that only causes positive emotions. The Italian Greyhound has a keen sense of smell, sight and the ability to run quickly, but still its profession is to be a companion and human-friendly, mini golden retriever with blue eyes.

Lasso Paso

The oldest breed of dogs with a funny and attractive appearance, mini golden retriever with blue eyes. Sure, lhaso-apso causes a smile, and the owners unanimously argue that he is unlikely to find a more sensitive and smarter quadruple friend. Once they guard the monasteries, pets always greet the pet guests with the bark.

Maltese (Maltese)

Representatives of this breed are called the most beautiful decorated dogs. Luxurious white wool with eyes and no bead and black button cannot leave anyone indifferent. The Maltese bosom is a very affectionate creature, so beginners can conclude it.

Pug dog

These little dogs with a funny little face were guarding the temples, of course, at that time they were somewhat larger, mini golden retriever with blue eyes. The modern clay also protects its companions, but if they climb their knees or sit at their feet on TV.


The oldest Chinese dynasty, many legends hover around. For example, in one of them, the Beijingers descended from lions and butterflies, on the other hand - a lion and a monkey, mini golden retriever with blue eyes. In the Old Kingdom, only emperors and representatives of noble families can obtain a Pekingese bikini. When China emerged from isolation, members of the dynasty quickly gained popularity and spread throughout the world.

Peruvian dog without hair

At home in Peru, he is considered a sacred animal and believes in the magical properties of dogs. As the name implies, representatives of the breed do not have a coat, which undoubtedly gives them an original appearance, mini golden retriever with blue eyes. The Peruvian dog is a cute animal with a calm temperament, and is an ideal accompanying dog.

Pomeranian Spitz

This dog has the appearance of toys, and indeed, it can be made like a pet for a child. Spitz quickly binds to his owner, but he will not tolerate neglect, mini golden retriever with blue eyes. In addition, this crumb appears vigilant and can even rush to defend its owner.


One of the most common subspecies that actors ranked second on intellectual abilities. There are several types of strains, but all are characterized by hypoallergenic curly wool, mini golden retriever with blue eyes. Poodles love to learn, and perhaps that is why they are often found in circus playgrounds.


A short legged hunter has gained worldwide popularity, mini golden retriever with blue eyes. Dachshunds are very curious, curious and playful; however, owners should be more attentive to flee, because pet hunting instincts may suddenly play.

Fox Dog

Dogs are born, bred for penetration, and today successfully play the role of the pet family. Fox animals are very active, cheerful and playful, so walking with such a pet will never be boring, mini golden retriever with blue eyes. The owner must pay due attention to his four-legged friend, otherwise it may be a real disaster for housing.

French bulldog

These little dogs are full of alert eyes have high intelligence. This allows them to easily build relationships with all family members, but for training, it can harm advanced mental capabilities. The truth is that the French bulldog understands what they want from him, but he is not sure he needs it, mini golden retriever with blue eyes. The owner needs to properly stimulate this cunning.

Mini schnauzer

Smaller, graceful and anxious among Schnauzers, who along with their larger peers can do formal work. Since Miniature Schnauzer is a bunch of energy, you won't get bored of it, but you need a strong hand to contain the pet's enthusiasm, mini golden retriever with blue eyes.


This small dog can be interviewed at a social event, because accompanying its owner is his direct responsibility. Without affection, attention and dogs of goodwill, mini golden retriever with blue eyes. Therefore, choosing a Chihuahua as a pet should take into account that the child cannot be left alone for a long time.


Sheltie - dogs of Scottish shepherds, who have successfully coped with this work. Many consider it a type of collie, but the two strains originated in parallel, mini golden retriever with blue eyes. In order to improve the quality of these small dogs, the Scottish Shepherd was used in the breeding work.

Shih Tzu

Chinese dog breed with luxurious appearance, imperial calmness and some arrogance in his eyes. This is not surprising, because for a long time it was forbidden for black dogs to remain mere mortals, and that they lived exclusively in imperial palaces. Shih Tzu talk is the exclusive family dog ​​that loves to be the center of attention.

Scottish terrier

This little dog from Scotland was a fairly successful hunter, and today it has turned into a pet. However, the Scottish dog did not disappear its instincts and customs, which future owners should know in advance, mini golden retriever with blue eyes.

Him Japanese

The breed's name is translated as "precious dog", but it is not known with certainty as to its origin - in Tibet or in Japan. The Japanese Hein is a decorated dog, despite its modest size, that it can defend itself and its owner.

A large number of breeds allow everyone to choose a pet according to their preferences and desires, mini golden retriever with blue eyes.

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