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Mini Golden retriever Züchter Bayern

Mini golden retriever züchter Bayern - Famous for its medium length shiny golden fur, this great retriever has a friendly expression, perfect symmetry, and superb, fluid movement, moving with long, strong steps. Adult males reach a height of 56 - 61 cm and weigh between 30 and 34 kg. Adult female’s measure from 51 to 56 cm and their weight ranges from 27 to 32 kg.

Sir Dudley Marjoribanks (Lord Twee mouth) had a fondness for golden color in collecting dogs and acquired a dog named "Nous" in Brighton (England) in 1865 to breed him with a twee water spaniel bitch, which was a liver colored retrieving bitch, mini golden retriever züchter bayern. After 20 years of breeding that included Labrador retrievers, red setters and possibly one or two hounds to improve olfactory capacity and bone mass, the golden developed, began to be registered and exhibited in 1908 under the name of straight-haired golden; in 1913, its classification became that of a golden or yellow retriever and, finally, in 1920, it took the name with which we currently know it.

The golden is a friendly and balanced dog that usually adapts well to family life. He loves to participate in all activities, both inside and outside the home. It remains, above all, a retriever, so it will try to drag, throw or carry everything that is left in its mouth. You also love water, so you need to be aware of your safety when you are near it. It should not be forgotten that the golden are warriors; therefore, the utmost care must be taken when training them so that they do not lose sensitivity at any time, mini golden retriever züchter bayern.

Like many other breeds, the golden can suffer from various inherited eye disorders and elbow and hip dysplasia (a joint disorder that can be painful and cause mobility problems). Therefore, it is important to examine the hip and eyes before dedicating the dog to breeding.

Golden adults need a reasonable amount of exercise to stay in top condition. If they exercise excessively during their puppy’s stage they can develop bone or joint problems. A couple of hours of exercise a day are enough for a healthy adult, although he will be more than willing if given the opportunity.

Large breed dogs, in addition to having a large appetite, require a different balance of nutrients, including minerals and vitamins, than that of smaller dogs,  mini golden retriever züchter bayern. Golden is prone to bloating and stomach problems, the risk of which will be reduced with smaller, more frequent meals.

Given the density of its coat, the golden needs to be groomed regularly. The lower mantle, water-repellent in nature, is very thick and we should not allow it to become entangled, as it would cause unnecessary suffering to the animal. Although the length of the hair attracts water and mud, it is easily cleaned by drying, mini golden retriever züchter bayern.

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