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Pembroke Welsh Corgi Dog Breed

Pembroke welsh corgi dog breed - the Welsh Corgi has been for centuries a herding dog recognized for its long body followed by a long tail and short legs. These dogs are loved for their loyalty and for their obedience. They are very protective of their families and become excellent guard dogs. In addition they are not very barking animals, important detail so that it is not an annoying animal. They have a tendency to be suspicious of strangers and are not a good option for very young children. However, if they are well socialized when they are puppies, they can be fine with children who are bigger and smarter.

When choosing a Welsh Corgi, you should check the bloodlines to avoid hip dysplasia and eye problems such as partial pupillary membranes and glaucoma, pembroke welsh corgi dog breed. Arthritis and spinal problems are also common in this breed, especially in aging or overweight dogs.

The Welsh Corgi is moderately long and short, and less heavily boned from the Welsh Corgi cardigan. His movement is free and smooth, with good reach and unity. This is a breed that needs to be quick and agile, in order to avoid kicked cattle hulls, pembroke welsh corgi dog breed. It combines a weather resistant undercoat of medium length with a thicker outer layer of slightly longer length. His expression is intelligent and interested, clever, but not hidden.


Fast and sharp, the Welsh Corgi has an active mind and body. He needs physical and mental exercise every day to be at his best at home, pembroke welsh corgi dog breed. He is dedicated and willing to please, fun loving, kind and sociable. He is very good with children, although he can pinch on the heels at play. It is usually reserved with strangers. Many bark a lot.


The Welsh Corgi loves herding, and a daily herding session would be ideal to meet your exercise needs. It can be done well without grazing, however, the time you put on a moderate foot in the mail or a good game and training session without a leash, pembroke welsh corgi dog breed. He is physically able to live outdoors in temperate climates, but is mentally much more suited to sharing his family's home and having access to a patio.

Pembroke welsh corgi dog breed info

The Corgis dog breed originated in Wales, probably more than 3,000 years ago. The short-legged race has been used for centuries as a cattle herder. Today the Corgi Welsh dog is a pet for many families. The Welsh Corgi is one of the two varieties of pembroke welsh corgi dog breed. These two Corgi races were not officially considered separately until about 70 years ago.

Corgi Welsh dogs are recognizable by their long bodies, long tails and short legs. Their heads are wide and flat, with big ears in vertical position. The eye color varies according to the color of the coat, but should not be blue. Other colors of the coat include the tabby, black, black and tan, black and tabby, saber, and red, pembroke welsh corgi dog breed. The coat is of medium length and is thick with a soft coat. They can measure 36 to 43 inches long from the nose to the tip of the tail. Both males and females measure 10 to 13 inches tall and weigh 25 to 30 pounds.


Life expectancy: from 12 to 14 years

Height: Both male and female from 25 to 20 cm.

Weight: Male of 10 to 14 kilos. Female: 10 to 13 kilos

Colors: Negrio and cinnamon, Fawn, Red, Saber and Black and white

The Corgi needs a diet that includes fish, meat, rye, oats and corn. If they are given balanced feed they should not exceed 300 grams of food per day, pembroke welsh corgi dog breed. You have to be careful not to overindulge by feeding them because they are voracious animals and tend to get fat.

Corgi Welsh dogs are very easy to care for. Hairstyling and brushing should be done regularly and baths regularly are also sufficient for them, pembroke welsh corgi dog breed. Welsh Corgi dogs shed hair twice a year so it is necessary to vacuum regularly during this period. They need annual check-ups to ensure good health.


Welsh Corgi dogs are very active dogs, so they need ample space to run and play. They can live indoors in small spaces, as long as they have regular access to the outside. We must remember that their origins are of grazing dog, as such they have the need to run and expand, pembroke welsh corgi dog breed. You have to be careful when you do not have enough space for them to move because that combined with excess feeding (which may be due to their usual voracity) will make it become an obese dog, with the consequent physical problems.

Dogs of this breed are often distrustful of strangers, so obedience training is very important. While it is not an ideal option for younger children, they can be good companions for older children, pembroke welsh corgi dog breed. They manage to get along with other pets that are not dogs and with other Corgis, but often fight with dogs of other breeds. The males are usually aggressive towards other males. The problems can be minimized with good socialization during the puppy stage of your pet.

Something that should be taken into account when choosing a Gorgi dog is that they need to be in contact with the owner. They are dogs that do not like to be alone, they must be integrated into the family. They are very loyal and protective and their training should be positive, pembroke welsh corgi dog breed. They are also suitable dogs for who has a dog for the first time since they are very obedient and easy to train even for Agility tests.

This breed of dogs is the favorite of the British family that is always surrounded by more than one of these dogs.

CorgiGals Playing

Welsh Corgi dogs are smart dogs and eager to please, so training them is relatively easy. Obedience training is essential to avoid unwanted behavior, pembroke welsh corgi dog breed. Corgis Welsh dogs need long daily walks and regular play sessions. The Corgi is a working dog by nature, so if you can provide some kind of work to do it (such as grazing), it will be more likely to be the content.

Pembroke welsh corgi dog breed info

The Welsh Corgi of Pembroke are immediately identifiable by their short stature, erect ears and fox face.

Usually the tail is cut flush, but some puppies are born without a tail. In addition to the obvious difference in the tail, the Pembroke are not as long or as heavy as the Cardina Welsh Corgi bones.

The Welsh Corgi of Pembroke are considered chondrodisplastic, that is, they have the characteristic of having arched legs and tendency to tenderloin problems. A little longer than tall, they have a straight back and are not extreme in any area. Adults are approximately 10 to 12 inches tall and weigh between 23 to 28 pounds (10 to 13 kilograms) pembroke welsh corgi dog breed. They reach their adult size at one year of age but some continue to be completed until they are two or even three years old.

The Corgi have a weather proof cloak - Double but short. The color ranges from deep red or yellow-brown to black or saber with white flashes. Blacks often have white and cinnamon to make them tri-colored with heads that vary from red to black, pembroke welsh corgi dog breed. Occasionally a spongy corgi appears in a litter. These puppies have a longer coat, soft and fluffy than the typical one. Although these puppies make wonderful pets, that coat is not what is desired in an exhibit.

The Welsh Corgi of Pembroke are known for their agile intelligence and forceful will: They are active and lively dogs that do not want to be stopped paying attention, pembroke welsh corgi dog breed. In their minds, they are large dogs in small bodies.

Even so, these dogs can handle much bigger cattle than they, and to do it they use the speed, a fast bite and great determination. Like farm dogs in general, the Corgi certainly hunted vermin as well as herding the cattle, pembroke welsh corgi dog breed. The Corgi need exercise and training with a firm but kind hand to get the best out of their talents.

Corgi can be prone to excessive tilling and digging or nibbling if they are left alone for a long time or do not exercise enough. They want to be part of the family and do not like to be left in their cages. Most Corgi are fine with other pets and with children if they are raised together, pembroke welsh corgi dog breed. Be careful as they sometimes chase and nibble on the heels of children who run by their shepherding instincts.

Living with:
The Welsh Corgi of Pembroke are sturdy little dogs:

They only require a quick weekly grooming except at the time of hair change. They need to be careful not to develop obesity, pembroke welsh corgi dog breed. These dogs are easy to care for and do well with a minimal amount of food. The extra weight may be additional strain on your long lower back.

Exercise is mandatory, both for your mental health and to keep the weight under control. Corgi are people oriented and therefore love to work with them and enjoy the training, pembroke welsh corgi dog breed. Despite their appearance, these are small athletic dogs that excel in grazing and agility competitions. They are quick to learn tricks and seem to have a sense of humor. They are excellent guardians, if at all prone to unnecessary barking of alarm.

Perhaps due to their small nature, Corgi seem attracted to high places and can be found on the back of the sofa or in the middle of the kitchen table, pembroke welsh corgi dog breed. The Corgi need a firm but kind hand to train them. If they are allowed, they can be manipulators and take the reins by themselves.

As the name implies, the Welsh Corgi of Pembroke were developed in Wales in the Pembrokshire area. The Welsh Corgi Cardigan is the largest of the two corgi races and was undoubtedly used in the development of the pembroke welsh corgi dog breed. Other possibilities include the introduction of the Pembroke in Wales by Flemish weavers in the 10th century, and the descendants of the Pembroke of the Swedish Valhund brought to Wales by the Vikings.

The word corgi has different meanings. In Celtic it is "dog" or cor means "goblin" and gi "dog". Whatever the meaning, corgi were initially used as general farm dogs, particularly good with cattle. With his short stature, pembroke welsh corgi dog breed, he bites the cattle on his heels and then they bend down to avoid kicking. Being small, they are less expensive to maintain and the tail cut or cut meant that they were working dogs and exempt from taxes.

The Pembroke Welsh Corgi we know today broke away from Cardigan Corgi in the early 1930s. Giving this dog to the Queen of England and her subsequent love for the breed has helped make them popular worldwide as family pets. Even many who do not love dogs fall in love with the Corgi in Tasha Tudor's exquisite books and paintings, pembroke welsh corgi dog breed info.

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