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Pembroke Welsh Corgi Dog

Pembroke welsh corgi dog - the corgi dog is also known as welsh corgi Pembroke. Among its many characteristics, it stands out that it is an excellent shepherd dog and an invaluable guardian of the farm. Thanks to its playful nature, it is fun and a good companion for the family. In Wales, the origin of the race, there is a legend according to which was the dog of the fairies and the elves of the Welsh forests. And still today there are those who still see the traits of the elves in the eyes and the erect ears of these dogs. At we explain ALL about the Pembroke Welsh Corgi breed.

Characteristics of the Pembroke Welsh Corgi
how is the Welsh corgi Pembroke

The welsh corgi Pembroke is a race full of virtues, as long as they know how to explode. Because of his physical condition and temperament, he adapts very well to all kinds of life, but he needs to be given enough time and given the opportunity to develop his conditions to the fullest, pembroke welsh corgi dog. Even so, he can also be the happiest of dogs simply by keeping his masters company. We will see in detail its physical characteristics and behavior:

Welsh corgi character of pembroke
Thanks to his character, in the words of many of his followers, this dog is "a great dog in a small suit". By nature, they are real clowns, they love being the center of attention and they have a playful and fun personality, but if the occasion requires it they can be stubborn and protective, pembroke welsh corgi dog. In fact, the fundamental desire of this race is to do things and do them well, according to the wishes of its owner.

character welsh corgi Pembroke

Sociable and cheerful by nature, the specimens of this breed relate very well with other dogs and even with other species of animals, pembroke welsh corgi dog. They love discovering new things and situations, so all the unknown will be a challenge for them as well as the opportunity to start a new adventure.

Because of its expressive, tender and funny look, this breed has become one of the favorite dog lovers, among which Queen Elizabeth II of England.

Energy: High level. Very active both mentally and physically, this dog needs frequent exercise
Temperament: Alert and always active, the Pembroke is sociable and friendly, pembroke welsh corgi dog, and lacks aggressiveness. He is intelligent and very sensitive.

Adaptability: High. It adapts well to the city and to life with family groups, especially if there are children.

Sociability: High. He is very addicted to his master and to the family, whose members can not do enough to please.

Health: Good. The race has few hereditary diseases, its worst enemy is obesity.

Longevity: High. You can live 12 to 15 years if you are well cared for. You can see our article how long dogs live.

Utility: Very versatile. You can work as a shepherd dog, companion, therapy and in drug detection. He also competes successfully in sports such as agility, flyball, sports obedience and dancing with dogs.

Pembroke welsh corgi dog temperament

The puppies of Welsh corgi Pembroke are characterized by their great dynamism and by an eternal desire to play and intervene in family activities, which makes them ideal pets, pembroke welsh corgi dog. The coat under which they appear can be very varied, since it goes from the red to the carbonted fawn, and to the black and fire, with or without white spots.

Physical characteristics of the physical corgirasgos welsh corgi Pembroke

General appearance: it is a small dog, strong, of robust constitution, alert and active, which gives the impression of possessing a great strength and vigor enclosed in a small body, pembroke welsh corgi dog. The legs are short but robust and flexible.
Origin: Wales (United Kingdom).

Size and size: small.

Height at the withers: 26-30 cm (Male) and 26-30 cm (Female).
Weight: 10-12 Kg (Male) and 10-11 Kg (Female).
Body: the body is moderately long, with well-arched ribs and a long lumbar region, pembroke welsh corgi dog. It is a dog of clearly rectangular structure, because the length of the body exceeds the height to the cross, since the legs are short. It is strong, robust and vigorous.

Head: by the form and the appearance, remember that of the fox, with an alert and intelligent expression.

Skull: it is quite wide and flattened between the ears.
Naso-frontal depression (stop): it is slightly marked.
Muzzle: it is long, occupies about two thirds of the length of the skull, and narrows slightly when reaching the truffle.
Truffle: it is black.

Jaws: they are strong and are equipped with a healthy, complete and well placed denture in the jaws. The bite is in the form of scissors.

Eyes: Well placed and round, they are medium in size and are usually chestnut colored, in harmony with the mantle. You can see our article how dogs see, pembroke welsh corgi dog.
Ears: They are also medium in size, triangular in shape and slightly rounded at the tip. Implants are implanted and the dog usually carries them upright.

Neck: it is quite long and robust.
Back: the top line is horizontal.
Chest: it is wide and deep, well descended between the extremities.
Tail: usually short and inserted at the same level as the top line, pembroke welsh corgi dog. If the animal is at rest it is low, but when it is in motion it elevates it a little and places it at the same level as the back. Some specimens are amputated.

Previous members: they are strong, they are well attached to the body and with the back well inclined, forming a right angle with the arms. The forearms are short and as straight as possible, pembroke welsh corgi dog. The arms, with strong bones, adapt to the shape of the chest.

Subsequent members: they are short, strong and flexible, pembroke welsh corgi dog. The legs have strong bones in all their extension to the feet. In the knees, the joint is very angulated and the hocks seen from behind are parallel. Welsh corgi Pembroke aspect

Feet: are oval, with strong fingers, well arched and together. The middle fingers slightly surpass the lateral ones. The pads are strong and well-shaped, and the nails are short.

Coat: the hair is moderately long and smooth. The covering mantle of the welsh corgi Pembroke is formed by a dense undercoat and an outer layer of rough and very tight hair, pembroke welsh corgi dog, which constitutes an excellent natural insulator against the low temperatures of its area of ​​origin, the British Isles.

Color: can be presented in red, carbon black, or black and tan, with or without white spots on the limbs, chest and neck, pembroke welsh corgi dog. Sometimes they also have small white spots on the head and forehead.

Movement: the movement of the welsh corgi Pembroke is relaxed and vivacious. Direct the front limbs forward, pembroke welsh corgi dog, without lifting them too much and with the elbows loose or too close together, in harmony with the propulsive action of the hind limbs.

The high level of energy of the Pembroke must be satisfied by regular and relatively intense sessions of exercise that keep your muscles and your reflexes in shape.

Pembroke welsh corgi dog temperament

History of the Welsh corgi Pembroke

The first references of the presence of this dog in Wales date from very old, since they go back to the tenth century. In the creation of the breed, in addition to the spitz of the Visigoths, perhaps also involved the primitive schipperkes and some other dogs of the spitz type , pembroke welsh corgi dog, all of them small shepherds who came to Pembrokeshire or any other area of ​​the British Isles, accompanying their owners on the boats that took them to trade from the center of Europe.

The breed was officially recognized in the early twentieth century and soon won the favor of high society, after which it was guaranteed breeding and extension. In this sense, pembroke welsh corgi dog, the welsh corgi Pembroke has become more famous for being the favorite dog of Queen Elizabeth II.

It is not uncommon to see a few specimens of the race accompanying the sovereign at any time, both in Buckingham Palace and in her summer residence,

In fact, when he barks he does so to be noticed, to warn of his presence, or simply by game, since in principle he does not need to be heard by the birds he keeps or by those he pretends to hunt; but, being an extremely intelligent dog, pembroke welsh corgi dog, with an adequate training it can easily become that "silent spy" that makes him an ideal watchman, as well as a perfect dog with whom to live without problems in a house, since It will not be noisy and, consequently, it will not provoke complaints from neighbors.

Nowadays you do not see many corgis working in the field. The farms and the system of breeding, handling and sale of poultry has changed a lot, to the point that it is no longer necessary to use the dogs to move the animals.

But the race has found an important place in the hearts of many fans around the world, who know how to take advantage of the natural conditions of this dog, pembroke welsh corgi dog, turning them into points in their favor when playing all kinds of activities.

Thus, in addition to its main function as a companion dog, it is easy to find specimens of this breed working on drug detection, since they have an excellent sense of smell, and also in assistance tasks, such as therapy dogs, keeping children, the elderly or people with some disability, who find in this race a small giant, all heart and joy, pembroke welsh corgi dog, ideal to give them back the hope and the desire to live.

Corgi education and training
how to educate welsh corgi Pembroke


The Pembroke is characterized for being an intelligent, sensitive and affectionate dog, and it is easy to educate whenever it is treated with delicacy and do not use overly aggressive training methods.

You have to work constantly and with criteria, and it is essential that training is based on positive reinforcement systems and that the owner rewards each of their progress so that the animal is aware of its usefulness and takes pride in it, pembroke welsh corgi dog. Being intelligent, versatile, alive and fast, any activity that is undertaken with him will be a success, so this breed is considered an excellent companion animal.

In general, it is a healthy animal that adapts very well to live in any environment, whether rural or urban, but as it is an energetic dog, who loves challenges and discover new things, pembroke welsh corgi dog, unknown places and different situations, if he lives in the city you have to provide the right exercise.

In addition, it is not advisable to never leave him alone for a long time, since he is very close to man and needs the company of his family in a constant way to feel fulfilled, pembroke welsh corgi dog. If it is routinely included in family life, it becomes one of the best companion dogs in the world.

Regarding their relationship with children, this will be perfect provided that the children are minimally responsible and aware of the needs, care and rights that every dog ​​should have.

It is necessary to remember that, in the relationship of dogs with children, knowing the natural conditions and the temperament or character of the race with which they live is as important as educating the children in responsible parenting, pembroke welsh corgi dog, needs and particularities of animals, making them understand that they are not toys, that they deserve respect and that they need their own time and space.

Because of its constitution, the welsh corgi Pembroke is not the ideal dog for dog sports, but despite this it can be seen competing skillfully in mini varieties of agility, pembroke welsh corgi dog, flyball or sprint, and is a benchmark in sports obedience and dancing with dogs.

Pembroke Welsh Corgi Feeding
The feeding is a fundamental aspect that must be taken care of in extreme, because by its corporal structure, an excessive increase of weight could generate him certain health problems.

Thus, you must provide a balanced and quality diet, and do not abuse the extras or prizes in the form of food, pembroke welsh corgi dog. The best way to regulate your diet and your weight is to follow these premises and periodically observe the evolution of the dog.

amazon dogs When in perfect condition, the Pembroke's ribs are visible at the simple contact. Not that they should be seen with the naked eye, but never have to be hidden under layers of fat. In addition, the waist of the dog should be somewhat noticeable with a slight reduction of the perimeter in the area of ​​the kidney, pembroke welsh corgi dog. If you are fat, the best way to reduce your weight is to do it gradually, lowering the ration little by little, while increasing the amount of exercise you must perform.

Health and diseases of the Corgi
diseases welsh corgi Pembroke

Prevention is the key to good health of this breed of shepherd dog. The welsh corgi Pembroke needs adequate nutrition and regular veterinary care, pembroke welsh corgi dog, including a specific vaccination program to prevent the onset of diseases.

The first thing you need to know about the Welsh corgi Pembroke dog is:

Height: 15 - 35 cm
Weight: 10 - 25 kg.
Life expectancy: 12 - 14 years.
Ideal for: Floors, houses, surveillance.
dog breed Welsh corgi Pembroke

History of the dog Welsh corgi Pembroke
The ancestors of the Welsh corgi Pembroke the guard dogs, shepherds and cowherds of south Wales. This breed was developed in the Welsh county of Pembrokeshire, from where it gets its name.

Pembroke welsh corgi dog temperament

The Pembroke corgi and its brother, the Cardigan, were considered the same race until well into the 20th century, until finally it was decided to consider the races separately, pembroke welsh corgi dog. Then, the dog welsh corgi Pembroke gained popularity in the Cardigan, especially when Queen Elizabeth II, great fan of the breed, began to raise them.

Today, the Welsh corgi Pembroke breed is one of the most popular in the western world and stands out in dog shows and as a companion animal.

Physical characteristics of the dog welsh corgi Pembroke
Physical characteristics of the welsh corgi Pembroke dog (Photo via: wikipets)

The Welsh corgi Pembroke is a small dog but of great strength. Its body is short and elongated, but strong and robust. The legs, although short, are very strong and muscular.

How is the head of the welsh corgi pembroke? This is characterized by being similar to the fox and also has a similar, alert and very intelligent expression, pembroke welsh corgi dog. The black nose, the medium and brown eyes and the erect ears complete the features of this small dog.

The tail is short, inserted at the level of the spine. Amputating the tail is accepted as the standard of the breed, but it is never advisable to do so; it is done only for aesthetic purposes, capricious without sense of the breeders and does not suppose any benefit for the animal, but quite the opposite, pembroke welsh corgi dog. This, along with the cut of the ears, is a cruel practice that fortunately is lost little by little and is already illegal in many countries.

The coat of the dog Welsh corgi Pembroke is of medium length and smooth, with a layer of dense and tight undercoat, pembroke welsh corgi dog. The accepted colors are red, carbonted fawn (brown or red hairs with black end) or black and tan. Sometimes, they have white spots on legs, neck and chest.

Character of the dog Welsh corgi Pembroke

The temperament of these dogs and that of the Welsh corgi Cardigan are very similar. They are very intelligent animals, of great activity and guardian instinct. They are protective of their family and extremely loyal, but they are not famous for being very sociable with strangers and other animals. In fact, with these they are very reserved and even aggressive when they feel intimidated, pembroke welsh corgi dog. This is why the socialization of these dogs is very important, to avoid problems and tensions in their future relationships.

Also, do not forget the dog training, because these dogs need a lot of mental stimulation. The most appropriate methods are those aimed at positive reinforcement, such as clicker training.

The Welsh corgi Pembroke is a race of somewhat complicated character that usually presents some behavioral problems. The typical ones are the excess of barking and the tendency to push and bite people's ankles, especially strangers. These instinctive behaviors of the dog can be canceled with good canine training and early socialization, pembroke welsh corgi dog. Being constant and firm in his education, the Welsh corgi Pembroke becomes a wonderful pet.

Care of the Welsh corgi Pembroke race

The care of the hair of this dog is quite simple, it is enough with two weekly brushes and occasional bath.

Do not forget that they are dogs of shepherd origin. This means that by nature they have a high need for daily exercise. Not as big as larger dogs, but do not let your small size confuse you. People tend to believe that small dogs are sedentary, and this is not always the case! The dog Welsh corgi Pembroke usually needs a couple of walks a day complemented with playing time, pembroke welsh corgi dog, which thanks to the corgi is a small dog, can be done inside the house.

Canine sports are a very interesting option to complete the physical needs of this dog, helping him to channel his energy completely, pembroke welsh corgi dog. But beware! Avoid sports like agility, where sudden jumps could damage your spine.

If the exercise doses are adequate, the Welsh corgi Pembroke are perfect dogs to live in a small house or apartment. It is better to sleep indoors, with the family, instead of in the garden.

For the health of any pet is ideal and have an excellent quality of life, it is necessary to visit the veterinarian every 6 months to detect and treat any possible disease before it is too late. In addition, it is vital to strictly follow the vaccination and deworming schedules, pembroke welsh corgi dog temperament.

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