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Pembroke Welsh Corgi Herding

Pembroke welsh corgi herding - although they share many characteristics and to the naked eye they seem the same, the truth is that they present some physical and temperamental differences, for that reason they are considered two different races. The best-known and most popular breed is the Pembroke, which was popularized in large part because it is the favorite dog breed of the Queen of England.

Corgis Queen Elizabeth II
The Queen of England Elizabeth II with her corgis

As for physical differences, the Pembroke is usually a slightly smaller dog, with slightly pointed ears, unlike the Cardigan, which usually has more rounded and larger. Another difference are the tails, whereas in the Cardigan it has a long and stretched tail similar to that of a fox, the Pembroke sometimes is born without a tail or this one is shorter and usually curly, pembroke welsh corgi herding. Traditionally the breed standard for the Pembroke Corgi demanded that his tail be cut (although luckily this is a practice that is disappearing), on the contrary the Cardigan usually have the tail intact.

Pembroke welsh corgi herding dogs

Another physical difference is the size, usually the Cardigan are usually larger and heavier than the Pembroke and also tend to have somewhat rounder legs, pembroke welsh corgi herding. According to the Cardigan they tend to have fewer health problems, although the truth is that both are very healthy breeds and rarely have health problems.

Regarding the coat, usually the Pembroke are usually white and light brown or tricolor (white, brown and black) and the Cardigan have many different coats.

Differences between pembroke and cardigan

As for the personality, the Pembroke are somewhat more sociable than their cousins ​​and are much less territorial than the Cardigan. On the other hand the Cardigan get along well with other animals that are not dogs and other Corgis; They tend to show a certain aggressiveness towards other dog breeds, pembroke welsh corgi herding. In addition, they are a bit more intrepid than the Pembrokes and in fact, a good number of Cardigans have sacrificed their lives to protect their family and home.

Another difference is that the Cardigans have a greater instinct of grazing than the Pembroke, you will often see them "shepherding" their human family with barking and pinching their heels, pembroke welsh corgi herding. For this reason, this breed tends to bark more frequently than the Pembroke.

Cardigan and Pembroke

These differences are, essentially, the result of the fact that the two races come from different lineages. Most experts agree that the Cardigan is the oldest of the two, most likely imported from Wales around 1200 BC by Celtic tribes, pembroke welsh corgi herding. The Pembroke, on the other hand, came from a line of dogs that descend from Terriers, Schipperkes and Spitz. While the Cardigans were more isolated in the farms, the Pembrokes gained great popularity due to the fact that they enjoyed the favor of the Queen of England. The two came to resemble each other more and more because of miscegenation, which occurred until around the 1930s. The American Kennel Club began to recognize both as separate races from 1934.

Pembroke welsh corgi herding dogs

The Welsh corgis were herding and hunting dogs that kept grazing cattle, hunting rodents and taking care of humans. These dogs made sure that everything went smoothly with the control of cattle and rodents.

The instincts that remain in the current Corgi. The current Corgi is a little more docile, however your partner and you may from time to time be crowded into the room by a motivated Corgi, pembroke welsh corgi herding. In addition to the fire that still burns inside, the Corgi of the 21st century has a genetic preference for certain foods that go back to its beginnings.

Origin of the diet of a Corgi. When they worked as grazing dogs in Pembrokeshire, Wales, (which is where their full name "Welsh Pembroke Corgi" originated), they ate rabbit, beef and other game meats, pembroke welsh corgi herding. In the same way they ate vegetables such as carrots, potatoes and cabbage as well as fish. Incorporating these foods into your pet's diet can help optimize their health. Check first with the veterinarian and if he tells you that it's okay then you can start adding these foods.

The addition of new foods. If your Corgi has not eaten much of this "food for people", then you should serve small cooked quantities, giving him 10 to 25 percent per week. This allows your little dog's body to adjust, pembroke welsh corgi herding. If you do not have any intolerance, you can continue. Giving your Corgi the food your ancestors ate is something wonderful, but it is important that you are sure that you get a wide range of these to ensure your nutritional balance.

Find the right balance Any Corgi will testify under oath: that meat should be the first ingredient of my diet and vegetables the second. Dogs should eat approximately 50 to 75 percent animal protein, 15 to 18 percent fat and 25 percent carbohydrate, pembroke welsh corgi herding. A 25-pound Corgi requires approximately 870 calories per day and can be offered new foods at regular meals. The addition of healthy ingredients can help you both have a long and healthy life together.

Dog Cardigan Welsh Corgi
Cardigan Welsh Corgi is one of two corgi races; the other is the Pembroke Welsh corgi, pembroke welsh corgi herding. With a history that goes back centuries, corgis exhibit some habits and consanguineous behaviors that are related to their origin as grazing dogs.

Physical characteristics of Cardigan Welsh Corgi
The Welsh Cardigan Corgis are long, short and solid. Their fox heads have wide and flat skulls, erect but slightly rounded ears and well-shaped snouts. They have dark, widely fixed eyes that have an intelligent and alert expression, pembroke welsh corgi herding. They also have long necks, deep chests, short legs and long tails that are usually carried low. Its middle and dense layers can come in black, black and tan, blue merle or any shade of red, sable and brindle; They may also have white patches on the neck and around the body. In general, Cardigan Welsh Corgis looks whole and strong, without being rough or heavy.

Cardigan Welsh Corgi herding

Weight of Cardigan Welsh Corgi
Some male dogs of this breed can weigh between 14 and 17 kilograms and females 11 and 15 kilograms.

Height of Cardigan Welsh Corgi
The average height in males and females is from 25 to 33 cm, and the length of its body can be from 30 to 38 cm.

Character and Personality of Cardigan Welsh Corgi
Although Corgis Welsh Pembroke and Corgis Welsh Cardigan have been confused with each other over the centuries, they are totally different races and have unique personalities, pembroke welsh corgi herding. The Pembrokes are bubbly, outgoing and sometimes restless. They love to play and run outside, but they also have quiet moments where they want to relax inside.

On the other hand, Cardigan Welsh Corgis, tend to be more reserved and distant with strangers and other pets, pembroke welsh corgi herding. And although less sociable than the Pembrokes, the Cardigans are well-loyal and eager to please.

The Welsh Corgis are brave and loyal defenders of the house. They also have natural grazing instincts that make them naturally protective of children and family members, pembroke welsh corgi herding. Some may even lightly pinch the members of their pack or family on their heels to keep going in the right direction. In the house, they are calm, clean and educated; that is, as long as they receive sufficient attention and exercise.

Pembroke welsh corgi herding dogs

If you work outdoors or have a farm, you could really benefit from having a Welsh Corgi. For centuries they have been esteemed for their intelligence, obedience and determination.

Ideal human companion of Cardigan Welsh Corgi
Singles, Singles
People who like to live outdoors
Active people

Cardigan Welsh Corgi in the field

Care of Cardigan Welsh Corgi
Because of their shape, Welsh Corgis must be handled with care as dachshunds need to be held in a correct manner since they are prone to hip injury, pembroke welsh corgi herding, displeasure of hip arthritis and joint problems by their very shape.

In addition they must have a balanced diet because they have the tendency to get fat. Puppies will need to be taught how to get up and down stairs because of their short legs.

Cardigan Health Welsh Corgi
A healthy Pembroke Welsh Corgi can live up to 15 years. Common health problems include spinal diseases and glaucoma, pembroke welsh corgi herding. Corgis Welsh can also become obese if they are overfed: It is better to feed them smaller portions throughout the day.

Chasing the Cardigan Welsh Corgi
Both corgi breeds were originally used to drive, or herd, cattle over long distances. The body of the dog is designed to be too low for a cow and its potential kicks. Therefore, the corgi can drive herds of animals much larger than itself, doing the same job as a collie or a larger dog, pembroke welsh corgi herding. Even if your pet Welsh Corgi Cardigan has never seen a herd of cattle, the instinct to pursue other animals is strong. Allow your corgi to properly handle this pursuit instinct by, for example, chasing toys or playing fetch.

Barking of Cardigan Welsh Corgi
Welsh cardigan corgis have a large amount of energy, and this can manifest as excessive barking. This habit can be your dog's way of letting him know about unusual sounds or visitors, or his way of expressing stress and anxiety, pembroke welsh corgi herding. By having the instinct of grazing, their barking is a way to make the cattle move.

However, if it is a pet dog, this behavior can be irritating and stressful. The best way to reduce your corgi's anxiety is by establishing a regular domestic routine and providing plenty of exercise opportunities.

Bites of Cardigan Welsh Corgi
The habit of nibbling is another way in which Cardigan Welsh corgis gets cattle to move along. Because their bodies are so low on the ground, corgis can bite and pinch the cattle's heels without being kicked. This habit is bad if your corgi transfers instinct to behaviors such as pinching a person's heels, pembroke welsh corgi herding. Do not tolerate pinching. Work with a qualified trainer if necessary to get rid of this unwanted and potentially dangerous behavior.

Cardigan Welsh Corgi multicolor

Behavior Management Cardigan Welsh Corgi
You can not eliminate the behaviors and inbreeding habits of your Cardigan Welsh corgi, but you can manage the behavior of the dog so that its instincts are suitable selling points. Make sure your dog gets plenty of exercise every day, pembroke welsh corgi herding. Allow him to chase toys, and socialize with other dogs. If your dog is physically and mentally tired, anxiety habits such as excessive barking are less likely. It can reduce or eliminate unwanted behaviors by ignoring the behavior, providing an immediate deterrent or redirecting the dog to do something more desirable.

History and Background of Cardigan Welsh Corgi
Welsh Cardigan Corgis is one of the oldest dog breeds in England. The Central European Celts, who caressed them as beloved and robust companions, brought them in 1200 BC, pembroke welsh corgi herding. to the Welsh peasants, many years later, they used them to raise and manage cattle.

This great shepherd proved to be just as good as the cattle drivers, pushing the herds into pastures, when the real pastures were opened for grazing. In the 19th century, the Corgis de Cardigan Welsh and the Welsh Corgis of Pembroke were wrongly crossed. That practice was stopped in the 20th century, and now everyone considers their own race, pembroke welsh corgi herding dogs.

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