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Pembroke Welsh Corgi Image

Pembroke welsh corgi image - how many dog ​​breeds do you know? Surely not as many as you think. Today we want to talk about a very special one: the Welsh Corgi of Pembroke, a small breed dog that will surprise us with its personality. Would you like to meet him?

Everything you need to know about the Welsh Corgi of Pembroke
The Welsh Corgi of Pembroke is a small dog that, curiously, has been used for grazing. Let's know more about him!

This dog marks its origin in Great Britain and, apparently, there is a race very similar with which they always confuse it: the Welsh Corgi of Cardigan, pembroke welsh corgi image. Both races descend from the dogs that the Vikings brought to Wales in the ninth century.

It is considered the oldest race in the United Kingdom, although there are other theories about the year it was brought into the country, pembroke welsh corgi image. However, the most accepted is the one we have talked about.

Once arrived in Wales, its development took place in Pembrokeshire and was used as a herding dog. This may seem strange to us, because when we think of a grazing dog, a large animal usually comes to mind, and the Welsh Corgi of Pembroke is not, pembroke welsh corgi image. However, he was highly valued for his work as such.

Pembroke welsh corgi dog

Until the 1930s, the Welsh Corgi of Pembroke and the Cardigan Corgi mixed with each other with total freedom. It was like this until in 1934 the breeders decided that both races should be different and mark their differences, pembroke welsh corgi image. That same year, the two were recognized.

General characteristics
It is small, with short legs, but strong and robust. It measures between 15 and 35 cm in height and usually weighs between 10 and 25 kilos, which could be a lot for a dog of its size.

Its small legs and pointed ears are the first thing that attracts attention when we look at this peculiar little dog. His ears are disproportionate to the size of his body, but it makes him look very nice, pembroke welsh corgi image.

Its head has a long snout and large ears, an appearance very similar to that of a fox.

His eyes are dark and medium in size. They are also usually dark, although blue eyes are acceptable in those with the color bluebird.

It barely has a tail, it is very short or even non-existent at times. This is the big difference that helps distinguish if we are in front of a Welsh Corgi of Pembroke or one of Cardigan, pembroke welsh corgi image, since the latter has a long and hairy tail, similar to that of a fox.

His hair is straight but hard, and it is short or medium length. Any color is accepted, but white can never predominate.

Despite its sweet and calm appearance, it is an extremely active and very intelligent dog. He is loyal, loving and perfect to be with children, pembroke welsh corgi image. He has a lot of patience, something ideal with the little ones in the house. Anything will be left to do.

Dog on the grassSource: Marsiyanka
It is very hardworking, which is why it was used for grazing. It is ideal as a pet because of its affectionate and sociable nature.

It does not usually bark, which makes it the ideal pet to live in areas where there are neighbors. Although in a farm will also develop his duties as guardian and pastor, pembroke welsh corgi image.

Special cares
Although its size is small, it is extremely active, so it needs exercise. By having it as a pet in small homes, this activity can be reduced, but if you do not limit your diet and balance with sports, pembroke welsh corgi image, you tend to be obese, a problem that can be caused by older ones.

Your hair should be brushed often, it is not complicated, but necessary to remove dead hair.

Regarding health, over time they often suffer from hip dysplasia, cataracts, retinal dysplasia or von Willebrand disease.

The Welsh Corgi of Pembroke is the ideal pet, no matter if you live in the country or in the city. A very intelligent and affectionate dog that will fill your days with joy and love, pembroke welsh corgi image. Will it be your next pet?

The welsh corgi Pembroke is one of the most popular dogs in the world. Its attractive appearance and the love of Queen Elizabeth II for the race, have made these dogs go from humble shepherds to members of the canine royalty, pembroke welsh corgi image. Although its adorable aspect, with an elongated body and short legs, can make us believe that it is an easy training dog and ideal for all kinds of people, the truth is that the Pembroke corgi has a special temperament that makes it require a correct education to avoid becoming aggressive over time.

Stay in AnimalExpert and learn about the Welsh corgi of Pembroke, pembroke welsh corgi image, knows all its characteristics, care and possible health problems to make your living a pleasant experience and offer the best quality of life.

Origin of the welsh corgi Pembroke
In the past, the common ancestors of the Pembroke Welsh corgi and the cardigan were employed in South Wales as guardians, shepherds and cowherds, pembroke welsh corgi image. However, the cardigan breed developed in the county of Cardiganshire, while the Pembroke developed in the Welsh county of Pembrokeshire, from where the breed gets its name.

Cardigan and Pembroke were considered dogs of the same breed until 1934, when it was decided that they should separate into two different dog breeds. As of that year, pembroke welsh corgi image, the popularity of the welsh corgi Pembroke increased, while that of the cardigan decreased.

The breed became even more popular when Queen Elizabeth II became fond of these dogs and began raising them, pembroke welsh corgi image. Today it is one of the most popular breeds in the western world, and stands out as a participant in dog shows and as a companion animal in thousands of homes around the world.

Physical characteristics of the welsh corgi Pembroke
This dog gives the impression of great strength in a small body, pembroke welsh corgi image. His body is short and long, at the same time strong and robust. The legs, which are short, are thick and powerful.

The head resembles the morphology of the fox and has alert and intelligent expression. The nose is black, the eyes are round, medium and brown, pembroke welsh corgi image. The ears are erect and their end is rounded. According to the breed standard, they are medium, but most people give the impression of being big.

Pembroke welsh corgi dog

The tail is inserted at the same level as the top line and must be short. Although the standard of the breed accepts the amputated tail, from Expert Animal we do not recommend this cruel practice. Fortunately, the practice of cutting the tail for aesthetic purposes is being lost and is already illegal in many countries, pembroke welsh corgi image. Precisely the short tail of birth is the most notorious difference between this breed and the Cardigan welsh corgi, since the latter has a moderately long tail similar to that of the fox.

The coat of this dog is of medium length, smooth and with a dense undercoat. It can be red, carbon black, or black and tan. It can also present white spots on legs, chest and neck, pembroke welsh corgi image.

These dogs are a little smaller than the Cardigan, and their height at the cross is about 25 to 30 centimeters, pembroke welsh corgi image. The ideal weight of the males is between 10 and 12 kilograms, while that of the females is between 10 and 11 kilograms.

Character of the welsh corgi Pembroke
The temperament of these dogs is similar to that of the welsh corgi Cardigan. These animals are active, intelligent and guardians, pembroke welsh corgi image. They are usually friendly and very loyal to their family, but they are not among the most sociable dog breeds.

The Pembroke tend to be reserved with strangers and aggressive dogs with unknown. Therefore, it is very important to socialize these dogs from an early age to avoid problems of aggression and shyness in adulthood, pembroke welsh corgi image. In addition to good socialization, welsh corgi Pembroke need to receive canine training. This is not optional with these dogs, as they demand a lot of mental stimulation. To provide such stimulation, while educating them correctly, it is best to use positive training methods, such as clicker training.

Among the problems of canine behavior that occur frequently in this breed are excessive barking and the behavior of pushing people by biting their ankles. Both behaviors can be channeled to appropriate situations through positive training and frequent exercise, pembroke welsh corgi image. So, when your needs are taken into account, welsh corgi Pembroke can be very good pets.

Care of the Pembroke Welsh Corgi
Hair care is simple in this breed. It is usually enough to brush twice a week and it is not necessary to bathe these dogs very often, pembroke welsh corgi image. In fact, it is preferable not to bathe them very often so as not to damage the natural protection that your coat has.

Being shepherd dogs, these corgi need a lot of exercise and company. Logically, being small dogs, they do not require as much exercise as a German shepherd or a Belgian shepherd, but they do demand a couple of moderate walks and some playtime each day. Canine sports can help channel the energy of these dogs and stimulate their minds, pembroke welsh corgi image, but avoid sports such as agility, where jumping can cause damage to the animal's spine.

If they receive enough exercise, these dogs can adapt very well to life in apartment, flat or small house, but it must be taken into account that they can be barkers. If you live in a house with a garden, it is best that you only use the garden to exercise but live inside the home, pembroke welsh corgi image, together with your family.

Health of the welsh corgi Pembroke
Among the diseases of dogs frequent in this breed are intervertebral disc disease and hip dysplasia. Less frequently, pembroke welsh corgi image, the Pembroke corgi is also predisposed to present the following pathologies:

Von Willebrand disease
Progressive retinal atrophy
Dislocation of intraocular lenses

Pembroke welsh corgi dog

To prevent the appearance of the above conditions, or detect them in time, it is advisable to follow the veterinarian's guidelines regarding the periodic reviews, pembroke welsh corgi image, as well as to keep the vaccination and deworming calendar up to date.

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