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Pembroke Welsh Corgi Puppies

Pembroke welsh corgi puppies - the Welsh Corgi of Pembroke is a small but strong dog. It is well known worldwide, especially because it has become a pet of royalty, being the favorite breed of Queen Elizabeth II. He is a hairy with a great personality, affectionate and very active, do you want to know more about this dog from Wales?

History of the Pembroke Welsh Corgi
It has been a shepherd dog for years, and along with another very similar breed, the Cardigan Welsh Corgi, are considered to be the oldest dogs in Britain, pembroke welsh corgi puppies. These two breeds were officially recognized in 1934, but it is believed that the two Corgi varieties are descended from the dog of the Visigoths introduced by the Vikings in Wales in the S.IX.

Pembroke welsh corgi puppies

Al also calling Welsh Corgi Pembroke was known as 'the dwarf dog' because of his stocky body with short, stubby legs. The name 'Corgi' comes from the combination of 'cor' (dwarf) and 'ci' (dog).

Character of the Pembroke Welsh Corgi
It is a sociable dog, friendly, bold, efficient, cheerful and not at all shy or aggressive, pembroke welsh corgi puppies, although you have to educate it well so that it does not have a very haughty character.

It is also very intelligent, in fact this breed is in number 11 of the most intelligent breeds. They are loyal and eager to please their family, in fact they are very familiar and do not like to be alone, they want to enjoy company permanently, pembroke welsh corgi puppies. He gets along well with children if treated properly and barks occasionally.

The Welsh Corgi is very hardworking and serves to be on the farms, is always alert and is suspicious of strangers.

corgi puppy

Physical characteristics of the Pembroke Welsh Corgi:
The dog of Pembroke is characterized for being strong, of robust constitution, active and alert, and in spite of its small body transmits an impression of strength and resistance, pembroke welsh corgi puppies. It has a foxish appearance with erect pointy ears and a pointed snout.

Head: like that of a fox, with intelligent and cheerful expression

Ears: erect, medium-sized, slightly rounded.

Body: medium-sized, with well-arched ribs. The tenderloin is not short. Seen from above, the body narrows slightly.

Tail: short of birth and does not curl on the back.

Color: uniforms, red, fawn, charcoal, black and tan, with or without small white spots on the head and forehead.

Hair: a little long, smooth, in no case soft, not wavy or very rough (wire), with a very dense undercoat.

welsh corgi pembroke petsonic

Did you know…?
This funny dog ​​has the habit of nibbling at the heels of people, so it is good that since childhood he is educated to get this habit.

Pembroke welsh corgi puppies

It is also curious that the Corgis were considered magical dogs, the legend tells that these dogs served the warrior fairies that patrolled the forests of Wales.

Compatible with this SuperPet:
- The Corgi breed has a tendency to become overweight, especially if it is a pet in small homes and its activity is reduced. It is very important that you exercise a lot and eat properly, on average this dog requires 150 to 300 grams of feed per day, pembroke welsh corgi puppies. If you have a Corgi or you are going to acquire it, keep in mind that it gives the feeling that it is never satiated, and therefore its intake should be limited. Feed that can go well are: Light Medium Breeds of Maxima, the Weight / Diabetic Control of Eukanuba Veterinary Diets or also the OptiWeight Adult Light of the ProPlan brand.

- To avoid the problem of swallowing and eating too fast, Slow Feed feeders can be very good, to help eat more slowly, pembroke welsh corgi puppies. You can choose between the plastic Slow Feed trough or the Slow Feed Spiral feeding trough and different sizes and colors, both from the Trixie brand.

- This little puppy has a tendency to suffer diseases such as hip dysplasia or degenerative myelopathy, and in addition to being a very active dog, it is very important that during all your life you exercise a lot. Long walks and games with them would be ideal, pembroke welsh corgi puppies. We suggest you visit our sections of Toys and leisure, training and sports, and belts, necklaces and muzzles so you can choose the best accessories for your Welsh Corgi Pembroke.

- The care of Corgi hair is simple, with two brushes per week is enough, and the baths do not have to be very frequent either, so as not to damage the natural protection that your coat has, pembroke welsh corgi puppies. We propose a mitten / dog brush Artero brand.

The Welsh Corgi of Pembroke is a dog with great popularity, Queen Elizabeth II began to raise them and made them known everywhere. It is a small medium-sized dog, pembroke welsh corgi puppies, with short legs and a kind but strong temperament.

In antiquity this race was dedicated to the herding, they were good watchdogs. Nowadays he is a dog ideal to have him in the family, as long as he is trained as a puppy, pembroke welsh corgi puppies. He has a strong enough character, he must be educated with patience, without desisting.

The Pembroke Welsh Corgi is a perfect dog to live with as a family. If you receive good instruction since you are a puppy it will become your ideal companion.

If we want to bring home a dog of this breed we must take into account some factors so that the coexistence is perfect. Each dog is different and according to its race we must have specific care with them.

History and origin of the Welsh Corgi of Pembroke
The origin of the Welsh Corgi goes back to the time of the Visigoths. With them they started using these dogs in Wales to guide the herds. At the beginning there were two different races, the Welsh Corgi Cardigan and the Pembroke, pembroke welsh corgi puppies. The oldest was the Welsh Cardigan, although both races were confused because of the great similarity they had physically.

The two types of Welsh Corgi were very good at guiding the flocks, because of their small size they could move very easily, pembroke welsh corgi puppies. They also had a strong temperament that made them good guardians. If a stranger approached the herd the Corgis alerted the shepherds with their barking.

The Pembroke Corgi is a bit smaller than the Cardigan Corgi. Its name derives from the Pembrokeshire region in Wales, where it comes from, pembroke welsh corgi puppies. It is believed that this variety of Pembroke Welsh was introduced by Flemish weavers in the 12th century.

It is a dog with a very ingrained character, but with a good education it will become a great member of the family. It is a very intelligent race, capable of adapting to any situation.

This race began to be popular when Queen Elizabeth II began to have them in her Palace. From that moment his popularity was increasing.

Most important physical characteristics
The Pembroke Corgi is a small dog, its weight ranges from 8 to 12 kg. Its body is strong and muscular. Despite its small size it is a large dog in appearance. Its body is elongated and narrow, similar to that of a dachshund but more stocky, pembroke welsh corgi puppies. The legs are short but robust, giving it a corpulent appearance.

The head of this breed of dog is similar to that of a fox, giving it an intelligent and attentive look. His ears are erect, his eyes are rounded and his nose is black. Also the tail makes it resemble the fox. Sometimes you may have the tail end of white, pembroke welsh corgi puppies. This was so that they could be distinguished among the animals of the herd when they grazed.

The tail of the Corgi used to be cut at birth, but this practice is increasingly extinct. These dogs were cut their tail for aesthetic purposes, since it has no use, pembroke welsh corgi puppies. But this technique is practically in disuse.

The fur of this animal is soft and shiny. It has a double layer of hair, the first shorter and harder, and the second soft and longer, pembroke welsh corgi puppies. The color can vary a lot, usually between browns and blacks. It may have some reddish shades and white flecks on the face, legs or tail.

Highlights of his character
Physically it is a very adorable dog, although its character differs a little from its pretty aprience, pembroke welsh corgi puppies. This race has a strong enough character that needs a good training so that its behavior is appropriate at all times.

They are adorable, intelligent and cunning dogs that need mental stimulation continuously to be in good condition, pembroke welsh corgi puppies. Being a very smart breed, you have to dedicate time to your education.

The Welsh Corgis of Pembroke are very active dogs, need several daily walks and have physical activity. Despite this, they are animals that adapt perfectly to a country house or the city.

These animals are loyal and affectionate with their family, they are apt to live with the whole family, pembroke welsh corgi puppies. Although it is a race that is not considered very sociable, with a good training from puppy you get everything.

They need to be in contact with other animals from puppies. They should be accustomed to other dogs since they were little, pembroke welsh corgi puppies, because if they can not be a bit aggressive with other dogs. If you get used to them from childhood to socialize with other dogs this problem will disappear.

These animals are not sociable with strangers. When someone who does not know the house comes, they usually bark, pembroke welsh corgi puppies. These dogs are pretty barkers, you have to keep in mind that being guard dogs have a loud bark. To avoid them, it is necessary, as we have said before, a good training. These dogs respond very well after they have received a proper education.

These animals usually push people through small bites in the ankles, pembroke welsh corgi puppies. This behavior is common in this breed, so you have to take into account that they usually do it. To avoid this type of behavior it is necessary to resort to good training.

Pembroke welsh corgi puppies

Special care of the Pembroke Corgi
It is relevant that we dedicate a little bit of our day to play with the dog. This breed likes to play around a lot. In this way they remain mentally active, and are entertained, pembroke welsh corgi puppies. The game is a good tool to work with dogs.

Due to the size of your body we should not perform many jumping exercises. Games that include jumping can cause the dog to damage the spine.

As they become adults, this breed is prone to hip dysplasia. Dysplasia is a disease that affects the bones of the dog's hip, pembroke welsh corgi puppies. The dogs that suffer from it lose mobility little by little. If we notice that the dog begins to walk more slowly and has difficulty performing some movements, it is necessary to take him to the vet.

Another of the most common diseases in these dogs is glaucoma. This disease gradually decreases the dog's vision, pembroke welsh corgi puppies. The dog adapts to the loss of field of vision, but it is recommended that you see a veterinarian.

Tips for living with a Welsh Corgi from Pembroke
One of the pathologies associated with Pembroke Corgi is overweight. These animals are very eaters, so you should control their feeding. Being overweight negatively affects the dog's health, pembroke welsh corgi puppies. It is not advisable that the dog is overweight, as it can reduce their health.

As far as food is concerned, it is best to give small amounts of food several times a day. And control that they do not take anything out of their usual feed.

The Corgi are eminently grazing dogs, they are used to being in the field. So they need long walks and daily activity. You need to exercise at least once a day. If we can not get them to run around, we have to give them long walks, pembroke welsh corgi puppies. Therefore, if they live in a small apartment in the city, if they take long walks a day they will be happy.

The Welsh Corgi of Pembroke is a good companion dog, fun, playful and affectionate. You just have to give him the necessary walks so that he expels his energy and will give you all his affection. Remember that it is very important that you receive a good training from puppy, to respond well to all your instructions. Like all animals, with patience and affection they will become the kings of your house, pembroke welsh corgi puppies.

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