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Pembroke Welsh Corgi Therapy

Pembroke welsh corgi therapy - there are references to the presence of dogs of this type in Wales since the tenth century. In their training, apart from the Dog of the Visigoths, they might have to see the primitive Schipperkes and some dogs of the Spitz type, all of them small shepherd dogs that they arrived in Pembrokeshire, Cardiganshire or any other area of ​​the British Isles, accompanying their owners on the ships. The breed was officially recognized in the early twentieth century and soon won the favor of the High Society, seeing its breeding and extension guaranteed. It is the favorite dog of Queen Elizabeth II and it is not uncommon to see a few copies of the race accompanying her at any time, at Buckingham Palace or at her summer residence, and even appear next to her on the official photos of the Family British Royal.

The Welsh Corgi is an intelligent, sensitive and affectionate dog. They are easy to educate if done delicately and do not use overly aggressive training methods, pembroke welsh corgi therapy. They are healthy dogs and they adapt very well to live in any environment, whether rural or urban.

Pembroke welsh corgi therapy dog

The word Corgi comes from the contraction of two Gaelic words: "Cor" (small or dwarf) and "Ci" (dog). Therefore, Corgi would come to mean "dwarf dog", although it should not be considered that the term was used in a derogatory manner.

One of the primary uses of the Welsh Corgi was to graze and group the poultry that are free on the farm. It was also used to collect down and eggs from gull nests on the inaccessible cliffs of the Pembrokeshire coasts, pembroke welsh corgi therapy. He also demonstrated his skill helping in the hunting of birds. Especially aquatic in the difficult coastal areas, in which the Corgis and the Spitz-type dogs proved especially skillful.

The Welsh Corgi is extremely diligent in guarding the farm and keeping out potential predators that stalk the birds and small animals that live around the house. The Welsh Corgi is a stealthy dog, able to work in silence because it does not need to be heard by the birds it keeps or by those it pretends to hunt, which has made it develop a special ability to move without being seen or heard, surprising in fraganti to everything that wants to burst abruptly in its territory, pembroke welsh corgi therapy. Even so, this ability must be properly taught since the Welsh Corgi is a puppy, since its natural tendency is to bark and to do it very often. The Welsh Corgi barks to be noticed, to warn of his presence, or simply by game, but being such an extremely intelligent dog can be turned into that "silent spy" that makes him an ideal watchman. This training work is very important to make him an ideal dog to live in a house, and never be a noisy dog ​​that provokes complaints from neighbors.

In the Middle Ages, geese were used as currency. The value of the poultry in the lands of Wales was even higher than that of larger cattle, since they became the means of subsistence for many families in any social stratum. The large farmers of geese, ducks and chickens, went to the agricultural markets to sell their specimens, but the transfer involved great difficulties. Almost always had to do on foot, with the birds walking in a roped or loose, but it was necessary to keep them grouped and coordinate their movement, pembroke welsh corgi therapy. In that task the Welsh Corgi is revealed as an exceptional teacher and soon becomes the most precious treasure of the Welsh farmers. Occasionally they could also be seen working with sheep and pigs, but in that area they never reached the mastery of Collies, so they increasingly specialized in caring for birds, driving them and keeping pens in the market.

The Welsh Corgi is, in the words of many of its followers, a large dog in a small suit. His personality is playful and fun, but if the occasion requires it can be stubborn and protective, pembroke welsh corgi therapy. The Welsh Corgi are real clowns and love being the center of attention.

The Welsh Corgi is a very intelligent and versatile companion animal. Find your ideal home in one whose owners are looking for a dog to take care of and enjoy every minute of their free time, pembroke welsh corgi therapy. The Welsh Corgi is a small but very energetic dog, who likes challenges and discover new things, new places and different situations. Still, he can also be the happiest of dogs simply by keeping his masters company.

If they are given the proper exercise, the Welsh Corgi can live perfectly in the city. What should never be done with a Welsh Corgi is to leave it only for a long time, since it is a race very close to man and needs the company of his family in a constant way to feel fulfilled, pembroke welsh corgi therapy. If they are routinely included in family life they become one of the best companion dogs in the world.

Pembroke welsh corgi therapy dog

Regarding your relationship with children, it will be perfect provided that they are minimally responsible and are aware of the needs, care and rights that every dog ​​should have. It is important to be aware that in the dog-child relationship, as important as knowing the natural conditions and the temperament of the race with which they live is to educate the children in responsible breeding, pembroke welsh corgi therapy, the needs and the particularities of the animals, making them understand that they are not toys, that they deserve respect and that they need their own time and space that must always be respected.

The Welsh Corgi is a race full of virtues, as long as they know how to explode, pembroke welsh corgi therapy. It adapts very well to all types of life, due to its physical conditions and its temperament, but it needs to be given enough time and the opportunity to develop its conditions to the maximum.

At present, many Corgis are not working in the field. Farms and the system of breeding, handling and sale of poultry has changed to the point where it is not necessary to use dogs to move animals, pembroke welsh corgi therapy. But the race has found an important place in the hearts of many fans around the world and they take advantage of their natural conditions by turning them into points in favor of playing all kinds of activities.

In addition, of course, of the obvious main function as a companion dog, it is easy to see Welsh Corgi working as drug detection dogs, due to his excellent sense of smell, and also in assistance work, as a therapy dog, keeping company children, the elderly and the handicapped who find in the Welsh Corgi a small giant, all heart and joy, pembroke welsh corgi therapy, ideal to give them back the hope and the desire to live.

Because of its conformation it is not the ideal dog for canine sports, although it can be seen competing skillfully in the mini varieties of Agility, Flyball or Sprint, pembroke welsh corgi therapy, besides being a reference in the fields of sports Obedience and Dancing with dogs .

The fundamental desire of this race is to do things and do them well for its owner. His fundamental desire is to please and to be an intelligent dog, alive and fast, any of the activities that are undertaken with him will be carried out successfully provided that he works constantly and with criterion, pembroke welsh corgi therapy, employing positive reinforcement training systems, rewarding each one of the advances for the Welsh Corgi to be aware of its usefulness within the family.

Health and care
The Welsh Corgi needs adequate nutrition and regular veterinary care, including its vaccination program to prevent the onset of diseases, pembroke welsh corgi therapy. Good prevention is the best way to enjoy a happy and active Welsh Corgi for many years. Adequate care includes regular exercise, brushing and bathing and maintenance of mouth, ears and nails.

A Welsh Corgi should not be allowed to get too fat. Obesity is the source of a large number of health problems, which can also be aggravated in a dog of the body structure of Welsh Corgi. It is not advisable to abuse extras or prizes in the form of food, pembroke welsh corgi therapy. A balanced and quality diet and observe the periodic evolution of the dog is the best way to regulate your diet.

Always check the weight of the Welsh Corgi. A dog in perfect condition should let its ribs feel at the simple contact. They should not be seen with the naked eye, but neither should they be covered with layers of fat. In addition, the waist of the Welsh Corgi should be noted a little, with a slight reduction of the perimeter in the kidney area. If the Welsh Corgi is fat, the best way to reduce the weight is to do it gradually, lowering the ration little by little, almost at the same time that the amount of exercise is increased.

Pembroke welsh corgi therapy dog

Exercise is essential for the physical and mental health of Welsh Corgi. If you decide to establish a regular program, the beginnings should be smooth and gradually increase. Walking with the belt at a good pace can be the fundamental part of the program. Due to its constitution, the Welsh Corgi will be forced to go trotting most of the time if you walk fast, which is an appropriate rhythm to burn leftover fat and increase your cardiovascular performance, pembroke welsh corgi therapy. It is necessary to limit the walks in the hottest hours of the summer and it is worth remembering that the Welsh Corgi is a short dog, that takes his whole body very close to the ground and that, therefore, captures the heat that arises from it with much greater intensity than other major races. With the Welsh Corgi it is never necessary to work using the bicycle.

Another great alternative for basic exercise is swimming, pembroke welsh corgi therapy. Not all Welsh Corgi are water enthusiasts, but if swimming is introduced as part of the physical routine since the Welsh Corgi is a puppy, it will be an excellent exercise and can be practiced without problems in the summer.

Jumps, ups and downs must be done with great care. The back can be one of the weaknesses of the Welsh Corgi, so you should not force to make rough exercises to the Welsh Corgi, pembroke welsh corgi therapy, but let it run a little at your own pace, in safe spaces, playing with balls, discs or with other dogs. .

As for the grooming and hair care, the Welsh Corgi has a very abundant coat, medium length, strong texture and a dense undercoat that protects you from the inclemency of the weather. The changes of the Welsh Corgi are spectacular, pembroke welsh corgi therapy. Many of their owners can not believe that such a small dog pulls so much hair. Therefore, a constant and quite repeated brushing program is imposed in the time that should be daily in the molting season.

To work the undercoat, it is good to use a rake or a "king coat" tool that will be very useful when removing all the dead undercoat. The cover layer is brushed with the help of a metal card of the appropriate hardness, pembroke welsh corgi therapy. A first pass can be made against the natural sense of hair growth, especially useful during moulting, and then repeated in the proper sense. It can be finished with the help of a comb. With sculpting scissors you can remove the excess hairs that disfigure the figure of the Welsh Corgi. The feet and hands are cleaned and molded with the help of small, smooth scissors.

It is very important to always control the state of the ears, anal glands and nails taking advantage of the hygienic routine.

For the bath a shampoo will be used that does not alter the natural texture of the mantle, taking the precaution to rinse deeply without leaving residues of products that can dry out or damage the skin and hair, pembroke welsh corgi therapy. It can be dried by helping with a high power ejector, which will shorten the drying time and avoid the appearance of knots. Sometimes it is necessary to apply a more powerful shampoo in areas of white hair, as well as in those that may yellow by the influence of moisture or urine.

We are talking about 6 Welsh dog breeds: Welsh Terrier, Welsh Shepherd, Pembroke and Cardigan Welsh Corgi, Springer Spaniel and Sealyham Terrier.

The origins mark part of their features and their character. Here we tell you about 6 of their homeland races in Wales, United Kingdom: Welsh Terrier, Welsh Shepherd, Welsh Corgi of Pembroke and Cardigan, Springer Spaniel and Sealyham Terrier, pembroke welsh corgi therapy. Do you want to know more about them?

6 dog breeds of Welsh origin

Welsh Terriers Terrier Welsh Terrier
It is one of the oldest Terrier. even the oldest existing dog breed in the United Kingdom, dating back to 1760 and was originally bred for the hunting of foxes, rodents and badgers, pembroke welsh corgi therapy. A dog of small stature and square construction, weighs between 9-10 kg.

Pembroke Corgi Pemrock DogCorgi
It is another of the oldest dogs in Britain, a breed of small dog that for centuries has played its role as a sheepdog. It is small in size, with a robust and strong constitution, alert and active, its head resembles that of the fox with an alert and intelligent expression, and a short tail, pembroke welsh corgi therapy. The hair is moderately long and smooth, of several colors like red, jet, beige or black and tan, sometimes with white spots.

Welsh dog breed - Cardigan Corgi Cardigan Corgi
It is one of the two separate races of "Corgis" originating in Wales, together with the Welsh Corgi of Pembroke, somewhat larger and with a long tail. It is one of the oldest dog breeds that exist. The Pembrokes and Cardigans first appeared together at dog shows in 1925, pembroke welsh corgi therapy, when they were shown in accordance with the rules of the Kennel Club of Great Britain.

Dog Sealyham TerrierSealyham Terrier
It is a small-medium-sized terrier that originated as a working dog, the breed was used for the control of rodent pests, and small game, like that of the badgers that it made out of its burrows, pembroke welsh corgi therapy. The breed was developed between 1850-1891 by John Edwardes at Sealyham House, in the Welsh county of Pembrokeshire.

Pembroke welsh corgi therapy dog

Welsh Shepherd Dog Welsh Shepherd
A local breed of Wales originally bred for their grazing skills, are collie-type shepherd dogs, usually red white and black and white, or tricolor, pembroke welsh corgi therapy. They are commonly known as Welsh Collies, extremely active and intelligent dogs.

dog springer spanielSpringer Spaniel
The ancestors of the Welsh Springer Spaniel originated along with the other Spaniels. Although its name "spaniel" indicates Spanish origin, it was in Great Britain where its most recent ancestors originated, pembroke welsh corgi therapy.

In the photo gallery we see 6 dog breeds of Welsh origin. Do not miss it!

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