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Pug - Information, Personality, History, Care, Food And Health

Pug dog breed information and personality traits

He is serious with a calm demeanor, the Pug is sturdy and easy to care for, but it is notably not hot or humid, and must be carefully watched to avoid heat stroke.

The Pug is a member of the miniature group despite its solid appearance.

The height range is from 10 to 11 inches and it weighs from 14 to 18 pounds (6 to 8 kilograms). They are square dogs with substantial limbs. The Pug is the most robust dog in the miniature group, fitting into its Mastiff heritage.

The Pug is known for its large round head, with a shortened muzzle and an extensively wrinkled forehead. The vertical wrinkle on the forehead is said to review his Chinese character as "prince" and that is why he is known as the "marked prince". The protruding eyes somehow make them prone to an accident. The tail curls over the hip.

They have a short coat, but a very dense double coat. The color varies from apricot to beige, silver and black. All except black have a mask and dark ears with a dark mark on the lower back. Ears feel like black velvet.

The Pug is not as cheerfully sociable as some of the miniature breed. They are a little more serious, with a dry sense of humor. The motto breed is "multum in parvo", it means a lot in small, a lot of dog in a small package. The Pug can be stubborn but usually wants to please.

They are calm enough dogs, they do not usually bark much, nor dig, nor chew. The Pug tends to get along with other dogs and is strong enough to get along with children. They enjoy company and can love. True to their group, they are good companion dogs.

Living with:
The Pug is extremely easy to maintain and has a serious tendency to become obese unless its diet and exercise are carefully monitored. With a short snout, they do not feel well in the heat or in humid climates and must be carefully watched to avoid heat stroke. The Pug tends to snore, again from its short snout. Prominent eyes can be easily injured and care must be taken to keep them moist. They are robust enough and often live for 14-15 years.

They do better if they do some daily exercise to help them avoid weight problems. Despite their heroic alarm, years ago, they were not good watchdogs, preferring to greet new visitors with a wagging tail. The Pug must socialize to keep his temperament bearable, and they get along well with other pets.

Grooming is important, both for shedding your dense coat and for keeping your facial wrinkles clean. A quick daily brushing, even one pass with a rubber glove, is usually sufficient for your cloak and one gentle pass with a damp cloth for the face.

While the Pug is often associated with the Netherlands, the breed is native to China, likely bred from one of the Mastiff dog types. The small round-headed dog and expressive facial wrinkles were transported to the Netherlands on commercial ships of the Dutch East Indian company. In 1572, a Pug issued its alarm that saved Prince William from the approaching Spanish soldiers, and the race was forever tied to the Royal House of Orange.

Napoleon's wife had a Pug as a pet, and the Duke and Duchess of Windsor had a Pug as royal company. The Victorian era of England took the Pug as the latest cry for dog fashion and many pugs were models for the paintings of that time.

The word "Pug" may come from the Latin "pugunus" for "fist" possibly describing the round head and face. The name does not fit the temperament of the breed, because these are not really guard dogs, but designed first and foremost to be companion dogs.


Considering the various dog breeds on the planet, the pug is recognized as one of the best for pet animal fans. One of the characteristics that best defines these dogs is the affection they show towards their owners. Indeed, if you adopt a pug dog in complete safety you will fill your home with much joy and good experiences.

However, it must be borne in mind that this is a dog that requires various care from its owners. So, to adopt a pug dog and offer it the best quality of life, it is advisable to keep in mind tips such as those that we will discuss in the following. These are some recommendations that will help our furry companion have strength and health for several years.

How to Care for a Pug Dog
Due to the fact that the pug is a rather curious dog, it is enough to neglect it a little so that it disappears from our sight and decides to explore parts of the house that it did not know. It is also frequent that the pug does some mischief, even though it is advised not to do it. So you should have a good dose of patience to make him see that some actions should not be done.

We should also keep in mind that, unlike other flat-nosed canine breeds, pug dogs are quite active. This is an especially notable feature in his puppy stage. To keep him entertained, one option is to throw balls for him to chase and run freely inside the house or on the patio.

If we have any other pets at home, surely the pug puppy will try to get close to that animal to play with it. Also, this is an excellent breed of dog for families with young children, due to its natural tendency to curiosity and games.

Care required for a pug dog
To avoid any hygiene problem on the skin of your pug dog, it is worth cleaning its wrinkles at least once a week, since sometimes a lot of dirt accumulates there. In specialized businesses, such as the excellent Veterinary Pharmacy San Bernardo, you can find products created expressly for this class of hygiene measures for dogs. For the rest, a cotton swab or a washcloth with warm water will be enough to carry it out.

In the same way, cleaning the ears is of great importance for the thorough hygiene of a pug dog. These are animals with a certain propensity for dirt to accumulate in their ears, as they are quite droopy. Therefore, eventually, it is convenient to use the aforementioned resources to clean your pet's ears. If you get used to this dynamic from a young age, it will be easy for you to become familiar with it and thus never have problems with this measure being applied to your hygiene.

It is also essential to offer adequate food for this kind of dog according to its physical characteristics and nutritional needs. As with small breed dogs and flattened snouts, pugs tend to gain too much weight as they get older. The problem is that, when you stop being as active as in your puppy stage, it is normal for your pug dog to gain weight rapidly over the years.

Pug dog food and health
Therefore, it is essential to offer the pug the food that is most appropriate to it according to its nutritional needs and its physical constitution, always taking into account the veterinarian's recommendations.

Two additional tips to keep in mind if deciding to adopt a pug dog as a pet is as follows. Due to the fact that these are quite curious animals, it is best to buy an extendable strap to carry them without a problem. Thanks to this accessory you can roam close to its owner and even socialize with other dogs without any problem of it getting lost.

The additional advice is to place the pug's bed in a cool area of ​​the house, since it is a breed of dog that tends to get very hot. If necessary, a small fan should be purchased for the dog. You must also ensure that you have fresh water always available in your daily container.

Given the particular shape of her skull, her eyes look bouncy and cheery. When the eyes are located previously, they are more exposed to rubbing with plants and objects than the eyes of other dogs and it is advisable to take them to the vet as soon as possible if they have an injury. It is recommended that the animal's eyes be cleaned once a week with a cotton swab moistened with cold boiled water or cold tea, in order to eliminate secretions or dirt.

The characteristic wrinkles on the face can also accumulate secretions and dirt. It is recommended at least once a week to gently clean between wrinkles using the same method. No need to apply soaps, creams or other substances. Simple cleaning is enough and plenty. The folds must be dried well with a dry gauze, since if they remain wet, irritation is created.

Two adult specimens of sand and black color.
You also have to be especially careful with the ears, since having the ears drooping the air does not circulate and allows the humidity to remain, which could cause fungal or bacteriological infections in the ear, mainly. To avoid this it is enough to clean the ears once a week with a semi-wet gauze, remembering to dry them well to avoid irritation. It is not advisable to use swabs because it could cause permanent damage.

Although it is a short-haired dog, it tends to constantly fight, so its keeping is not recommended for allergic or asthmatic people. They have a characteristic pungent odor that can make some people uncomfortable, but it diminishes with a bath every couple of weeks.

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