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Rottweiler Facts and Myths

Rottweiler facts and myths - doberman and Rottweiler dog breeds surrounded by myths, at this point, myths about dogs already should have been challenged for the whole world, nothing further from reality. Today people still believes atrocities on dogs and some races are the Palm as crazy myths.

Doberman and Rottweiler are the center of attention in terms of canine myths. And it is that the imagination has no limits.

Who has not heard the Doberman and Rottweiler dogs were created by Hitler in the Second World War? rottweiler facts and myths. Or to the Doberman grows them more brain head and they become crazy and aggressive? Or that the Rottweiler’s are real killers?

The Rottweiler
Rottweiler is a breed of dog whose origin goes back to the Roman times. During the invasion of Germania, the Roman who crossed the Alps in the 1st century AD was accompanied by very protective and working for herding dogs, rottweiler facts and myths. These Romans settled founding the city of das Rote Will, from which derives the name of the breed, which means dog butcher of Rottweiler. In fact, the first historians mentioned that there were direct ancestors of the Rottweiler in areas of Germania who had access by the Roman roads.

But the Rottweiler of the Romans was not what is known now, was not beautiful watchdog of black color and fire that we see on the streets today, but it was a molasses dog crossed by the German dogs of the first centuries AD. It is believed that the ancestors of this breed were used by Julio Cesar, who supported that his armies had fresh meat, rather than the traditional salted meat rations, rottweiler facts and myths. So it needed a strong and effective dog that makes cattle that came with the soldiers. Even nowadays, refers to the innate quality of the Rottweiler for grazing.

Later, during the VIII century A.m. was the German town of Rottweiler. This city was exceptional in terms of treatment and estimated he showed to his dog, in times in which the Germans were considered dogs only as instruments, rottweiler facts and myths.

As an Assistant in the city, the Rottweiler’s were known as butcher’s dogs. They took cattle to the market and from the butchers, rottweiler facts and myths. They were hard, tireless and courageous dogs and rare time they avoided confrontation with cattle or other dogs. Fights between butcher’s dogs became common, so was attached to each tether dog a muzzle mandatorily.

But the number of dogs of this breed began to fall when the Government banned grazing cattle due to industrialization.

The standardization of the race came later, rottweiler facts and myths. In 1905 it was only a copy, and in 1907 was founded the Ditcher Rottweiler Club and the International Rottweiler Club. Over the years emerged more clubs and reined the controversy, but finally reason prevailed and all clubs were joined in one: the Detacher Rottweiler Club, which was always present at the original herding dogs and its features, and chose the black and fire for the race. The test work for guard, Schutzhund, dogs originated in 1930 to demonstrate the protective abilities of the dog.

The standard for the ADRK Rottweiler was adopted for the first time in Germany during the first half of the 20th century and has remained virtually unchanged with the passage of the years, rottweiler facts and myths, which speaks very well of the uniformity of morphology and temperament.

Therefore, if we talk about the Rottweiler, we find a dog that fits any type of work, with a strong temperament and great intelligence.

And if we know where comes the Rottweiler breed, what have to do Hitler with him? While it is true that the SS used in your canine military dogs of this breed, its creation is related to nothing with the German dictator, rottweiler facts and myths. During the Second World War, around 200 000 Rottweiler’s were sent to the fields of mines predating soldiers and to transport bombs to enemy camps. In addition, they were presented in concentration camps, showing true beasts before the great hustle and people with fear.

Despite being a very loyal, obedient, affectionate and intelligent dog, the Rottweiler has the lineage of killer dog, rottweiler facts and myths. However, it is a very family dog, protecting his herd. It should take into account that it is a dog very territorial, dominant and distrustful with strangers, so it is important to provide a good education and a balanced environment.

In summary: the Rottweiler is neither a dog murderer-communions, was not created by Hitler for war.

The Doberman
Doberman is a breed of dog of modern origin. German tax collector Karl Friedrich Louis Doberman was responsible for the consolidation of the breed in its claim by getting a dog capable of defending him from bandits, rottweiler facts and myths. In 1870 he began to make a series of crosses, looking for a dog brave and fierce-looking, dissuades criminals during his work.

Doberman was in charge of animal shelters of their place of residence in Paola (Thuringia), by having access to a large number of races. The problem is that it kept no registry of individuals that chose to carry out the crosses. This lack of data has generated controversy about the possible origin of the Doberman breed, although some experts are clear that it all began with the crossing of Pinscher dogs with mestizos of the place, rottweiler facts and myths. Crosses of a female grayish blue Pinscher with a black dog and fire (the result of a Cowbird and a sheepdog) are. The offspring was also crossed with a Manchester terrier and a black female Greyhound. It also shuffles the possibility that the Doberman breed has blood of Because Shepherd, Rottweiler and German Pointer.

The stability of the standard of the breed Doberman is reached in 1899 and 1900 is recognized officially by the German Canine society, under the name of Doberman pinscher, rottweiler facts and myths.

In 1920 the race already had been distributed around the world and in 1925 had been consecrated as a universal race with own club.

In the 1960s the race became popular, which resulted in a great demand for copies, causing that crossings failure to undertake always correctly. As a result, appeared various problems associated with the character, to become a hated breed, from the highest to the lowest, rottweiler facts and myths. But their true lovers did not let work with seriousness and responsibility in the race.

The Spanish club's Doberman, created in 1975 learned from the mistakes and demanded tests physical and character in order to preserve the psychological balance of all copies intended for breeding, rottweiler facts and myths. Dogs with physical problems, showing aggressive or fearful nature are rejected for the crossing, since none of these features should be part of the character of the Doberman.

Doberman myths

After knowing the origin of the breed, it is clear that, like the Rottweiler breed; the Doberman breed was not created by Hitler, nor was not created in a laboratory for killer dogs, rottweiler facts and myths. If it is true that their strong genetics was used by SS to turn it into a weapon, stimulating their aggressiveness.

Although the myth par excellence that surrounds the Doberman, is that grows them more brain than the skull and wax, because they lose the sense of smell and do not recognize their owners, so they attack them. Another variant is the cranial pressure directly makes them go crazy. These claims simple and directly is that you nowhere catch them. All variants include problems in the brain by the bones of the skull pressure in the brain, rottweiler facts and myths. This false legend resolves knowing that excessive brain growth or encephalitis (inflammation of the brain due to infection) causes many symptoms such as fever, vomiting, and even paralysis, and death within a few days, none of madness and desire of kill the people that surrounds you. In addition, this disease can affect any breed of dog, and even humans.

There is no doubt that the Doberman Pinscher is a powerful and resilient, dog look imposing and menacing (especially if cut it the ears), however, is a docile and loyal, very familiar and protective of his flock, as well as being very intelligent and dominant dog , even with his own, rottweiler facts and myths.

In summary: the Doberman pinscher is a wonderful dog that has nothing to do with the things that they say, the brain grows them, or was created in a laboratory.

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