Siberian Husky Assistance Dog

Siberian husky assistance dog - behavioral profile of the Siberian husky dog breed, the breed of dog Siberian husky is a breed that has captured the interest of many people, mainly because of their physical appearance and not so much by their behavior. For most people the attractiveness of the Siberian husky breed dog is the celestial color of the eyes and the physical resemblance attributed to his predecessor, the Wolf.

As for the behavioral profile, the Siberian husky breed dog is vigorous, not very restless, but also extremely quiet, and quite independent. This last feature is that it is not usually an obedient dog or easily trainable, siberian husky assistance dog. The male is very dominant with his owner and not very demanding of affection. This does not mean that he is a lone dog, but quite the opposite. In reality the dog of race Siberian husky is a dog that does not like too much to obey, but rather that they obey it, and to which it does not like that they constantly mime it, but rather that they accompany it.

Peculiarities of the behavior of the Siberian husky dog breed

While the Siberian husky breed dog is not a barking dog it can be an acceptable protector of the home. This is because as a very self-confident animal does not waste time in barking but, if necessary, goes directly into action, siberian husky assistance dog. This characteristic is still more evident in his relationship with other dogs, because when he meets a congener often show him quickly that if he wants to be part of his group should submit to his leadership. In case the other decides to challenge him, he will immediately go to the action in order to prove his might.

Another of the characteristics that are seen quite frequently in the breed of dog Siberian Husky is its destructive behavior, siberian husky assistance dog, made to take into account if one lives in a small department and does not have the time necessary to give him the possibility of going out to Perform an adequate amount of exercise.

For all that said, if you want a rustic dog, strong, independent and not at all lap, the breed dog Siberian husky is an ideal candidate to be incorporated into the home. But you have to be willing to show him that in the house there was already a leader before his arrival, siberian husky assistance dog.