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Siberian Husky Dog Aggression

Siberian husky dog aggression - height to the cross: from 53.5 to 60 cm for the male and from 50.5 to 56 cm for the female

Weight: From 20.5 to 28 kg for the male and from 15.5 to 23 kg for the female

Layer: Supported all colors

Aptitudes: dog sled and Dog Company (but not guard)

The word Husky is a generic term that refers to any dog of the Nordic type, siberian husky dog aggression. The term derives from a corruption of the word Essie, which means Eskimo, a people that continues depending on the sled dogs for their survival.


The Siberian husky is originally from the extreme northeast of the Asian continent, specifically from the Tchukchos Peninsula, where an Eskimo village lived away from Western civilization, siberian husky dog aggression. This town made a very strict selection as far as its dogs, which allowed creating some candies very defined and pure.


The Siberian husky is friendly, active, cordial, affectionate, independent and a little disobedient. It is an animal accustomed to live in pack and does not support loneliness or indifference, if left alone on the floor for many hours could cause some damage, siberian husky dog aggression. It is friendly with its owners and with the strangers. With the other dogs is shown reserved although in case of threat or aggression will not be indifferent.


The Siberian husky is the dog breed that looks more like the wolf, not only because of his physique but also for his personality. His body is very hairy, compact and muscular. Your eyes can go from brown hazelnut to blue (you can even have one of each). The ears are triangular, erect and close to each other. The tail usually wears curved over the back and fall when resting. Its hair is medium length, straight and smooth and the under hair is soft and dense. Husky marks can be of all colors, from black to pure white, siberian husky dog aggression.

Siberian Específicos Husky Care

The Husky Siberian has an overflowing energy and to channel all that vitality and make it happy it is necessary to provide long walks every day, siberian husky dog aggression. It is a dog that is easily bored and the company of another dog and even that of a cat would not be too much.

It is essential to brush the Husky daily to avoid skin problems and avoid long exposures to the sun in summer.

Bless you

The Siberian Husky is a healthy dog but can often suffer eye problems such as progressive atrophy of the retina, corneal dystrophy or cataracts.

Tips for buying a Siberian Husky

Looking for a puppy on the Internet carries risks, siberian husky dog aggression. To be clear the professionalism of the kennel with who Contacts, we recommend that...

You that answers your doubts, which is discovered connoisseur of the breed (who attends dog shows), and is offered to track the puppy after the sale. Is it implied, or is it limited to setting a price?

See if it's recommended by other breeders, or if you have satisfied customer references.

That your dogs are enrolled in the LOE and have pedigree in order, siberian husky dog aggression. Keep in mind that processing the pedigree of a puppy is not expensive, suspicious of phrases type “If you give it with pedigree you will get much more expensive ". Learn more about puppy prices

Give you guarantees in relation to health problems, physical, hereditary... does the puppy deliver with veterinary primer, chip, vaccines, deworming and veterinary checkups a day?

I ask to show you their facilities and let you see the specimens are these disease-free?

And finally, remember that puppies need a minimum of two months with their mother before being delivered, siberian husky dog aggression. Don't trust anyone who wants to accelerate the process.

Also, you always have to take into account the care that your future pet requires. 

Take note:

In the case of Siberian Husky their aesthetic maintenance is not as demanding compared to other races, however it should not be neglected.

Weekly brushing.

You should bathe every six or eight weeks, and you have to take care of the nails, siberian husky dog aggression.

No cutting required.

You have to look after your eyes, ears and teeth.

You should go to the vet as often as you need, and keep your immunizations up to date.

On the other hand, the Siberian Husky race requires a lot of exercise. So you don't have to neglect your daily walks and play with them. These dogs will only be adapted to live in an apartment if their owners dedicate a lot of time and provide frequent outdoor outings, siberian husky dog aggression.

In the same way, we must not forget the possible pathologies of the breed:

Hip dysplasia


Corneal dystrophy

Retinal progressive Atrophy

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