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Siberian Husky Dog Allergies

Siberian husky dog allergies - the correct feeding for a dog, the well-being of the Husky depends, to a large extent, on an optimal diet. If we review carefully the food habits of the wolf, we see that although separate them ten thousand years the digestive system of the dog is not much different from that. For this reason, the natural feeding of the wolf is an important reference point in the feeding that he has to give to his dog.

Wolves and dogs are carnivores. According to the medium in which he lives, the praise of the wolf goes from a simple mouse to an elk, siberian husky dog allergies. Although, everything has to be said, wolves also eat vegetables.

They devour practically all their prey, the muscular part and the viscera, the intestinal bag, the bones, etc. However, as for their feeding the dog depends entirely on the human being, siberian husky dog allergies. Although there are different possibilities to feed the dog well, you can also make many mistakes. Make sure of the food you give your dog.

The right feeding for a Siberian dog

The different types of food-thanks to the wide variety of dog-ready food found in the market, nowadays the food is very simple, siberian husky dog allergies. In addition to the hydrated food (canned food) and the dehydrated one, it is also necessary to distinguish between complete and supplementary food.

The latter is marketed in the form of meat, vegetable flakes and cereals. The whole meal is characterized because in its composition comes everything necessary for the dog, siberian husky dog allergies. Try to use only foods that do not contain colorants or preservatives, as these additives may cause allergies in your Husky.

The dehydrated food is aimed at alleviating the different nutritional requirements of the puppies, those of the dogs subjected to a normal effort, those of the dogs destined to the sport, those of the older dogs and those of the dogs with excess weight, siberian husky dog allergies.

Homemade food-homemade food is much more expensive than dog food prepared. However, it offers you the added advantage that you can adequately optimize your dog's food needs, siberian husky dog allergies. The balance of nutritious substances is very important, especially in terms of minerals and vitamins.

The best quality of proteins is obtained from raw meat. If this meat comes from specialized companies, subject to the regulation regulating the production of feeding stuffs, it can give it without hesitation to your dog for the raw coma, siberian husky dog allergies. Many specialty stores offer this type of product, already packaged and frozen. If the Husky is fed with raw meat it will become more "biter". Meat of unknown origin should be cooked for at least 30 minutes before feeding it to your dog for a coma.

Minerals, trace elements and vitamins-if to feed your Husky you use prepared dog food, you usually do not need any further addition of other substances to make your diet complete, siberian husky dog allergies. If you prepare the meals yourself, you should make sure that you provide the dog with an optimal and balanced diet, that is to say, that it is not excessive or scarce.

A food table-such as the one on page 34-will help you select foods and precise amounts so that your dog has a healthy and balanced diet, siberian husky dog allergies.

The peculiarity of the Husky-if you give too high a proportion of carbohydrates in the food, the stomach does not produce enough acid and can cause flatulence, siberian husky dog allergies. Thus, there are not enough bacteria to be eliminated that then cause fermentation processes in the intestine and cause widespread discomfort in the dog.

Water: Elixir of life-a dog can survive without tasting food for several weeks, but only a few days if it lacks water, siberian husky dog allergies. A Husky weighing approximately 22 kg needs about 1.4 I of water a day.

However, this need can even be bent if the dog performs a physical overexertion, is stressed or subjected to excessive heat. It is particularly important to give you enough fresh water if you use dehydrated food for your food, as it contains no liquid. The Husky should always have plenty of fresh water, renewing the one that does not drink periodically, siberian husky dog allergies.

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