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Siberian Husky Dog Beds

Siberian husky dog beds - pros and cons of having a Siberian husky, it is almost impossible to resist the appeal of a Siberian husky. His wolf-like appearance combined with his beautiful glacial blue eyes and his cheerful attitude provokes love at first sight. However, being responsible for Siberian husky involves many more things than admiring its striking appearance, and it is necessary to know them before adopting one of these dogs to avoid possible distress.

Perhaps the Siberian Huskies are more like wolves than any other race. But the Huskies are neither wolves nor half wolves; they are not even genetically more like wolves than any other breed of domestic dogs, siberian husky dog beds.

What you do need to know is that the Siberian Huskies are not a race for the whole world; they require experience and a deep knowledge of the race. It is unfortunate that many dogs of this breed end up like stray dogs, siberian husky dog beds, abandoned in shelters or, in the worst cases, abandoned or mistreated. Definitely, it is obligatory to know the pros and cons of having a Siberian husky before adopting one of these precious animals.

Pros of having a Siberian husky

The following are the features or characteristics of the Siberian husky that most attract people to this beautiful race, siberian husky dog beds. Although many Huskies end up abandoned in shelters, it is also true that there are many owners who feel so happy to have these dogs who do not know how to pay.

Have very good character

The Siberian Huskies are dogs with a very nice and open temperament. They are affable, gentle and gentle. They are extremely intelligent and their great predisposition makes them pleasant companions with the desire to cooperate. Usually these dogs also have good character with strangers and are sociable with other dogs, siberian husky dog beds. The American Kennel Club claims that the Huskies do not usually show the territorial qualities of the watchdogs, and tend not to be suspicious of strangers or aggressive with other dogs.

They are playful and dynamic

The Huskies are also very playful and agile beings, and have a lot of resistance. They enjoy the outdoors, which makes them excellent companions to go jogging, hiking, camping and biking. Bred to pull the sleds at very long distances, the demanding exercise, especially in cold climates, is much appreciated by this breed. To give this lively and energetic race a purpose in life, a good thing for them is to put them to work pulling cars and sleds, siberian husky dog beds. The ideal owner is an active person who enjoys the outdoors as much as they do.

They are independent and free-spirited

If you want a dog that's not always stuck to you, a Siberian Husky might be what you're looking for. The mushers (sled runners pulled by dogs) have minimal contact with their Huskies during inclement weather, and this race seems to wear it very well and they are always with their herd, unlike other bred breeds to work in close contact With their owners. For the American Kennel Club, the dogs of this breed are often reserved and noble once they reach maturity, siberian husky dog beds. This breed is certainly not the right dog for a person who seeks maximum loyalty in his pet, according to the Siberian Husky Club of America. In fact, they're too kind to everyone.

are practical and economical

One of the advantages of the Siberian Husky race is the fact that these dogs were originally bred to ingest a minimum amount of food. In fact, it is not unusual for this race to skip a meal once in a while, siberian husky dog beds. Although a Husky may require less food per kilo of body weight compared to other breeds that does not mean that they do not need a balanced diet rich in protein and fats. Consult with a breeder or veterinarian the most suitable diet for a dog of this breed.

They're clean and they don't smell

The Huskies are very clean by nature, which is a great advantage for those who want a race that does not "smell" too much dog. They can be very meticulous in the care of their fur, siberian husky dog beds, often likening themselves like cats. Dogs of this breed, in fact, rarely emit any characteristic odor of dogs.

Siberian Husky

Are surprisingly attractive

And, of course, the appearance and beauty of this race cannot be ignored. Its striking fur, its erect ears and its populated brush tail because a lacuna appearance that many people find attractive. Glacial blue eyes add even more attractiveness; However, siberian husky dog beds, some Siberian Huskies may also have brown eyes or eyes of both colors.

This breed stands out in the animal shops and in the kennels, because they are very easy to adopt (they are removed from the hands...). However, as we said earlier, it is not a race for everyone and we will see why below, siberian husky dog beds.

Cons of having a Siberian Husky

We have already seen many reasons why the Siberian Huskies can steal your Heart (and soul) but are you ready to deal with the many other distinctive traits not so good to which this race is predisposed?

To be aware of these characteristic traits that they do not usually like so much is obligatory before embarking on a great "Siberian" adventure. Here are some drawbacks to having a Siberian Husky, so you think seriously if you want to be the owner of one of them, siberian husky dog beds.

Have strong predatory impulses

The American Kennel Club claims that "their predatory instincts are strong, so Siberian Huskies must be monitored when they are bristling with small animals." Cats, small dogs, hamsters and other small animals are at risk with a dog of this breed nearby. Some say that this behavior comes from the old custom of the mushers to let the Huskies run and hunt freely. However, things are not white or black. There are reports of many dog owners who claim to have raised Huskies and cats together, with little problems, siberian husky dog beds. Once accepted, cats and other small dogs become part of the herd. If you're not sure, you better heal yourself in health and keep small animals safe and out of reach of your Husky.

They have a lot of vitality and they're pretty nervous

Although a Siberian Husky can be a very attractive animal in the eyes of an active person, it can also occur otherwise if you are a television addict or do not provide enough exercise and mental stimulation. Although a Husky does not need to be too long outdoors, it does require his daily dose of exercise, siberian husky dog beds. A great way to achieve this is through daily rides; play moments in the garden or in the park and time to play with other dogs. Many Huskies owners think adding another Husky to the home helps keep both of them entertained and happy. A tired husky is a good dog, but a husky without enough mental stimulation and exercise and with a lot of downtime will be playing with fire.

They're stubborn

The resistance, the extreme intelligence and the independent nature of this breed are the perfect ingredients for the final recipe: a stubborn dog. This means that they require consistent and strict rules. You may notice that sometimes, when you give them an order, they look at you with their eyes lost as if they had never heard it before. It can be a great challenge to train with a Husky the "Come" or "here" order, siberian husky dog beds. The most successful training for dogs of this breed is the one that promotes positive reinforcement, and the one that always proposes new challenges to maintain its concentration. When training is incorporated into the daily routine, they are very happy to work with their owners, helping to create a rewarding bond for years to come.

They have a great herd instinct

Despite being independent and free-spirited, this breed is very sociable and has a strong herd instinct, siberian husky dog beds. If you leave your Husky in a kennel or dog nursery for long periods of time, you can develop "kennel fever," which may cause a lack of appetite, diarrhea, and a state of mental agitation. If you have to leave home for many hours each day, this race may not be good for you.

Have a lot of hair

It is normal for a Husky to move his coat twice a year. If seeing your house full of hairs makes you tremble, you should consider whether this race is for you or invest in a lot of time in your toilet, to try to capture as many hairs as possible detached before they are distributed everywhere. Investing in a good vacuum is recommended, siberian husky dog beds, as sucking hairs can become your way of life. If you are creative, you can make some impeccable garments!

Siberian Husky

They usually get away

The Huskies are one escapism artists. They are prone to dig under or jump over the fences, or walk out a slightly ajar door and run away, siberian husky dog beds. They really don't intend to leave your home; Simply their sense of smell makes them venture into unknown territories, causing them to lose themselves easily.

are noisy

Although the Huskies may not bark much, their sad and melancholy howls when left alone or bored can make your neighbors call the police, siberian husky dog beds. They are very senses in all types of vocalizations. This can be fun to listen to, unless you live in a community of neighbors...

You’re digging habits

If you don't mind having a patio or garden whose surface is similar to Mars, then you may not care much about the Huskies’ digging habits, siberian husky dog beds. This predisposition is innate of the race and it is best to seek a solution instead of constantly scolding them.

Husky Digging

They're bad watchdogs

If you think a Siberian Husky seems intimidating enough to be a watchdog, think again. This breed is very sociable and makes friends with almost everyone, including the Thief on duty, siberian husky dog beds. Although their appearance and size may discourage many people, a thief should not be too concerned; It is easier for your Husky to greet you with enthusiasm and even accompany you during your tour of the House...


If after reading all these disadvantages mentioned here you do not feel overwhelmed or burdened, congratulations!, you may have what it takes to have a Siberian Husky, siberian husky dog beds.

Keep in mind that you can have moments when you think, "My God, what a mess I've gotten into!" However, if you are really in love with the race and you devote yourself completely to it as they do many owners of Huskies, siberian husky dog beds, surely you will be very indulgent and understanding with him, because these dogs give you back many things of which you gave them, with their endearing behaviors and affable and natured temperament.

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