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Siberian Husky Dog Food

Siberian husky dog food - the Siberian husky feed, now we will try on the feeding of your Siberian husky, a subject so simple that it is surprising that there have been so many misunderstandings and have said so many foolishness about it. Is it expensive to feed a Siberian husky? No, it's not! You can feed your Siberian husky economically and keep it in perfect shape all year, or you can feed it costly. In both ways it'll prosper. Let's see why this is true.

Siberian husky

First of all, remember that a Siberian husky is a dog. Dogs do not have a high degree of selectivity in their food, and unless you spoil them with a great variety (and possibly turn them into poor "fussy" eaters) they will eat almost anything they get used to. Many dogs refuse to plan to eat fresh meat of ox. They try it and eat anything else, siberian husky dog food. But meat, bah! Why? They refuse her because they're not used to it.

Variety is not necessary

A good basic rule of thumb is forgetting all human preferences, and not worrying about introducing variety into meals, siberian husky dog food. Choose the right diet for your Siberian husky, and keep it one day after another, year after year, in winter and summer. But what is the right diet?

Large sums of money have been invested to investigate canine nutrition. The results are very conclusive, so you do not need to do experiments or tests every week, siberian husky dog food. Research has shown exactly what your dog needs to eat to stay healthy.

Dog food

There are almost as many suitable diets as dog experts, but the most frequently recommended basic diet consists of dry food, either in the form of shredded meat or cookie. There are several brands of excellent quality, manufactured by prestigious companies, tested through research, and profusely announced, siberian husky dog food. They are cheap, very satisfying, and are for sale in specialty stores and department stores in containers of different sizes. Large containers tend to be cheaper per kilogram.

If you can choose from several brands, it is generally safer to choose the best known; but still, read the composition in the package in detail. Do not choose a food in which the protein level is less than 25 percent, and make sure that these proteins come from both animal and vegetable sources. Good dog food contains meat, fish, liver, and so on, as well as alfalfa proteins and soy seeds, as well as some powdered milk product, siberian husky dog food. Look well at the content of the vitamins. Check that all ingredients are in correct proportions; and especially note that the food contains high levels of vitamins A and D, two of the most perishable and important. Note also the vitamin B complex level, but do not worry about the amounts of carbohydrates and minerals. These substances are abundant and inexpensive and are not likely to be missing in a good brand.

Tips on how to choose a dry food are also applicable to dog food that is presented in cans, more or less liquid or pasty.

Once you have chosen a really good food, give your Siberian husky according to the manufacturer's instructions, siberian husky dog food. And once he starts, go with him. Never change, if you can help it. Varying one day a meal of the prepared type of shredded meat or cookie does not usually cause too much disorder. However, a change will almost always cause you (and your Siberian husky) a problem.

When supplements are needed

What happens with respect to supplements of different kinds, minerals and vitamins, or the various oils? All are correct to add to the foods of your Siberian husky. However, if you are providing a proper diet, and it is easy to do so, supplements are not needed unless your Siberian husky has been improperly fed, has been ill, or is going to have puppies, siberian husky dog food. Vitamins and minerals are naturally present in all foods; and to counteract any loss in its elaboration, they have been added in concentrated form in the dog food that you acquire.  Except for your veterinarian's prescription, extra or added amounts of vitamins can be detrimental to your Siberian husky. The same risk is run with minerals.

Food Plan

When and how much should you feed your Siberian husky? When it comes to when (except for puppies), do it to your comfort, siberian husky dog food. You can give it two meals a day or the same amount at one time, either in the morning or at night. In terms of preparation and quantity of food, it is usually best to follow the instructions of the package. Your own Siberian husky may want a little more or a little less.

Your dog should always have fresh, clean water. This is important for your good health throughout your life.

All Siberian Huskies need to chew

Siberian Huskies puppies and young people need to chew something tough while they are developing their teeth and jaws, to cast the teeth of milk, to encourage the growth of permanent teeth under those of milk, to help To get rid of the milk teeth at the right time, siberian husky dog food, to strengthen the permanent teeth in the gums, to ensure the normal development of the jaws, and to fix solidly in them the permanent teeth.

Original Ham bone of Parma desire to chew the adult Siberian husky comes from the instinct of dental cleansing, massaging the gums and exercising the jaws – in addition to the need to give out the canine tensions, siberian husky dog food.

For this reason dogs, especially puppies and young people, can frequently destroy valuable objects if they do not deviate their chewing instinct from the possessions of their owner, siberian husky dog food. Therefore, you must provide your Siberian husky with something to chew on — something that has the necessary functional characteristics, desirable from the dog's point of view, and is safe for him as well.

It is very important that your Siberian husky not be allowed to chew anything that can break, or that it may fractionate into pieces and swallow them and be indigestible. Sharp pieces, such as a bone that can be chipped by a dog, can pierce the intestinal wall and cause death. Indigestible things that can be fractionated into pieces, such as slippers or rubber or plastic toys, siberian husky dog food, can cause intestinal occlusion (if not regurgitated) and cause a painful death, unless rapid surgery is performed.

Strong natural bones, such as those 10 to 20 centimeters long rounded tibiae of adult bovine cattle – or those you can buy in a butcher shop or the variety available commercially in pet stores – can serve the teething needs of your Siberian husky if your mouth is large enough to handle them effectively. You may be tempted to give your puppy a smaller bone, which cannot be broken initially, but puppies grow rapidly and the power of their jaws constantly increases to maturity, siberian husky dog food. This means that a developing Siberian husky can break one of the smallest bones at any time, ingest the chunks, and die painfully before you realize what's wrong.

All the hard natural bones are very abrasive. If your Siberian husky is an avid chewer, natural bones can wear your teeth prematurely; therefore, we must once they have fulfilled the teething objectives. Wear, and usually pain, which experience the teeth of many adult dogs, siberian husky dog food, can be blamed to an excessive chewing of natural bones.

Contrary to popular belief, the condyle bones, which can be chewed and ingested by their Siberian husky, barely provide calcium or other useful nutrients, siberian husky dog food. However, they alter the digestion of most dogs and make them vomit the nutritious foods they need.

Non-tanning dry leather products of various types, sizes, shapes and prices can be purchased in the market and have become very popular. However, they are not very suitable for primary chewing functions; they are a bit unpleasant when soaked in saliva from the mouth, and most of the Siberian Huskies chew them pretty quickly, although they have been considered safe for the dogs until a short time ago, siberian husky dog food. A growing number of cases of deaths have recently been reported, and of others who were about to die, by strangulation, as a result of partially ingested pieces of leather stuck in the throat. More recently, some veterinarians have attributed cases of acute constipation to large, incompletely digested pieces of leather in the intestine.

Siberian husky

There is a new product, molded leather, which is very safe. During the process, the leather is melted and then molded by injection to give it the familiar form for the dog. It is very hard and the Siberian Huskies accept it anxiously, siberian husky dog food. The melting process also sterilizes the leather. Do not confuse it with the pressed leather, which is nothing more than small strips of leather compressed together.

The nylon bones, especially those that are added fractions of natural meat and bones are probably the most complex, siberian husky dog food, safe and economical response to the need for chewing. Dogs cannot crack or bite smaller pieces, so they are completely safe – and last longer than other things and therefore are more economical.

When chewing hard, threadbare parts are produced on the surface of the nylon bones, such as frayed, which provide effective dental cleaning and a vigorous massage on the gums, similar to that achieved by the toothbrush that people use, siberian husky dog food. The small abrasions are ingested, but the chemical properties of nylon are such that they break down with gastric juices of the stomach and do not harm.

The hardness of the nylon provides the strong chewing strength needed for an important jaw exercise and effective aid for teething functions, but there is no dental wear because nylon is not abrasive. Because it is inert, nylon does not encourage the growth of microorganisms; and can be washed with soap and water, siberian husky dog food, or sterilized by boiling or autoclaved.

There are nylon bones in the market, highly recommended by veterinarians as healthy and safe, which cannot splinter or produce shrapnel. The matter of which they are composed is curled with the action of chewing of the dog, creating a surface like tooth brush that cleans the teeth and massages the gums. Good chewing products made of solid nylon with aroma impregnation can be found in specialty stores, siberian husky dog food. It is superior to the cheaper bones, because it is made of virgin Nylon, which is the strongest and most durable of all existing types as well as the most hygienic. The cheapest bones are made of recycled or waste nylon, and have a tendency to break and crack easily.

However, nothing can replace the regular professional care of the teeth and gums of your Siberian husky, just as the toothbrush action in humans should be completed with the dentist's periodic review, siberian husky dog food. Have the vet clean your Siberian husky’s teeth at least once a year (twice a year is better) and your dog will be happier and healthier, and much more enjoyable coexistence.

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