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Siberian Husky Dog Puppy

Siberian husky dog puppy - the main attraction of the Siberian husky, more than his pleasant behavior, is his blue eyes and his great resemblance to his predecessor, the Wolf. A native of Russia, he was trained to be a working dog. Grazing deer, pulling sleds and helping children maintain their temperature during cold days were some of their chores.

Siberian husky

The Siberian husky has a friendly, playful and affectionate character. He is usually very good with infants and, in general, is an ideal option to "enlarge" the family, siberian husky dog puppy. However, he is a very independent can, something he inherited from his ancestors.

Siberian husky Behavior

Although the Siberian husky likes to run frequently, it is not a restless dog. However, their peculiar independence makes it difficult to train, siberian husky dog puppy. It is important that you recognize your owner as a leader, but you will ignore it. Your training requires patience and constancy.

Males are rather dominant with their master and Unaffectionate, but this does not mean that it is a solitary dog. On the contrary, it wants the company of those who do not mime it insistently, siberian husky dog puppy.

If left alone for long periods, the Siberian husky wills howls and destroys what they find in their path, so it is not the best specimen to live in apartments or small spaces, unless your caregiver can provide a lot of exercise outdoors and educate par to it. The advantage is that they are very intelligent. If you let yourself be trained, you will learn very quickly, siberian husky dog puppy.

Hero of the story

Siberian husky is not just an attractive dog. His prowess has been marked in history. In January 1925, an epidemic of diphtheria invaded the United States and hit the town of Nome in Alaska harshly. It was impossible to move the medicine by plane, as the heavy storms threatened the takeoff, siberian husky dog puppy, so several Siberian husky were trained to cross the Bering Strait and take the serum safe for the settlers. This work lasted 127 hours, more than five days.

Siberian husky

Although this race was-and still is-one of the most required to pull sleds in Alaska and Siberia, in 1905 the tribe that raised them, sacrificed them according to their sex. If they were males, they were allowed to live as long as they fulfilled certain aptitude tests, siberian husky dog puppy. Females, on the other hand, were discarded unless they showed great vitality and ease to reproduce. The "lucky" ones were treated with the best care and the best food.

This dog can live at temperatures that humans would not resist without protection, so he had a place in the U.S. Army in search and rescue operations in Arctic areas.

As it was said, nowadays it continues being a working dog in various regions of the world, but it is also considered a luxury company.

Siberian husky Features

The Siberian husky is a strong animal, with a median head-proportional to its body-and a snout of the same length as the skull, siberian husky dog puppy.

The tone of your nose is related to the color of the coat. In grey, brown or black dogs, it is black, whereas in those with copper, brown, liver or pure white mantle, the nose is pink or flesh-colored. It is so coarse; it withstands very low temperatures, up to-60 °c.

Siberian husky eyes are oval, medium and slightly separated. They can be blue, brown, amber or other combination of them. Some dogs may have the blue half and the other half brown, siberian husky dog puppy. Other, one blue and one brown eye.

The ears are tall, upright and triangular. Its tail is curved and does not move to the sides when the dog is excited, as happens with other dogs, siberian husky dog puppy. The legs are large to allow balance on the ice and have hair between the fingers to keep the heat.

He's got a long life, 12 to 15 years old.

Siberian husky features, behavior, dog care

Care of a Siberian husky

This can is usually very healthy, because it can live up to 15 years. However, it requires some care that is vital to consider:

Watch your eyesight, as you may suffer from cataracts or glaucoma. You can also suffer from allergies and cancer when you are elderly, siberian husky dog puppy. Although it is not common, you may develop hip dysplasia.

Your diet should be of good quality, full of healthy proteins and fats, mainly if you will participate in sleigh competitions. He likes meats and bones of any kind, fish, fruits and vegetables, which he is given according to his size and sex, siberian husky dog puppy. Although it is vital to consult the doctor, to determine the correct portion, it is spoken that a ration for males should contain between 1250 and 1500 kcal, and for females between 1050 and 1350 kcal.

Of course, the dog should not be subjected to shooting or exposed to extreme heat. They can develop dermatitis. It will improve if you are provided with veterinarian-recommended supplements.

The Siberian husky is very neat and does not need to bathe it so often, but it does need regular brushing, especially in the age of molten fur, siberian husky dog puppy. It is common that during this period change your color a little.

Special care should be taken with the inner part of your ears, which should be cleaned with a damp cloth.

In very hot days, exercise should not be abused.

When they are puppies or are pregnant or lactating, they should be provided with extra vitamins and minerals.

In normal condition, you can supplement the diet with vegetable oils and unsaturated fatty acids, always under the specialist's review.

5 things to not know the race of dogs Siberian husky

Siberian husky dogs are a breed of work coming from the northeast of Siberia (Chikotka, Russia), currently is a great dog for company and worker par excellence, siberian husky dog puppy. This breed has some resemblance with the Wolf.

It was originally bred by the tribe chichi, which was used as a companion dog, deer graze, siberian husky dog puppy, pulling sleds and keeps warm children; it is currently in various parts of the world.

The Siberian husky is a breed that has understood the interest of many people, mainly for its physical and not so much for their conduct, siberian husky dog puppy. For most people the attraction of the dog breed "Siberian Husky" is the light blue color of the eyes and the physical resemblance that attributed to him with his predecessor, Wolf.

Characteristics of the Husky buts

It has characteristics that make it a great family dog: is good with children, loving, friendly, playful and above all funny. In addition, it also has a great independent character, due to the physical characteristics and natural instincts those shares with the Wolf, siberian husky dog puppy.

The Husky shows excellent qualities for running, so that it requires plenty of exercise. This breed of dog is loyal with those people in your family, but it will still be friendly with somebody that is, siberian husky dog puppy, although in fact a Siberian Husky cannot ever have too many friends.

Behavior of the Siberian Husky dogs

In terms of the behavioral traits, the Siberian husky is a dog vigorous, not restless, but also extremely quiet, and fairly independent, siberian husky dog puppy. This last feature means that it is not a compliant or easily trainable dog.

The male is dominant with its owner and little affection demonstrator. This does not mean to be a lone dog, but quite the opposite, siberian husky dog puppy. Actually not like this particular dog obey too, but more to obey it, and not like that be pampered so insistently, but rather to join him.

The Siberian Husky is not only taking good training, but that they need it. A sled driver should rely on the capacity of their dogs to respond to its vocal commands, siberian husky dog puppy. These dogs will have to be serious in great degree, especially the lead dog. Also, the husky are set in a head to lead it them. Of course, the role of the leader is you.

His cute hair is a shelter to the polar Cold test, not as exaggerated size and the active layout make this breed of dogs one of the loveliest.

The Siberian Husky is much more than a nice dog. This is one of the favorite races to pull the sleds in Siberia and Alaska, siberian husky dog puppy. This fabulous dog was one of the breeds of dogs that participated in Alaska in 1925 in the great race of mercy to Nome.

The usefulness of this dog is not limited to the sleds, siberian husky dog puppy. This dog lives in temperatures which human beings do not stand without protection, appearance in the second world war the Siberian Husky was employed by the United States Army in search and rescue in the Arctic regions.

History of the Siberian Husky

Anyone could confuse it with an Arctic wolf, and is that the Husky was born in an isolated region of Siberia close to the river Kolyma already two thousand years ago. They were brought to Alaska from the year 1905 and continuously for two decades because of the gold rush, siberian husky dog puppy. They were used to pull sleds, especially for the All-Alaska Sweepstakes race, including 657 km from Nome to Candle and back.

At that time females were slaughtered at birth, and were only able to survive those presenting a great vitality, by the simple fact that were used for the reproduction.

Males who were born also had to pass a fitness test, running the same fate than females, because the church was quite strict, siberian husky dog puppy. The chosen ones, on the other hand, were treated admirably, with the best food and the best care.

In the year 1925, United States in January, a diphtheria epidemic led a blow to the city of Nome, Alaska. There the serum was not enough to cater for all those affected, and a big storm prevented the takeoff of the plane containing the medicine, siberian husky dog puppy. But a Siberian husky and his companions crossed the Bering Strait and took the necessary serum. The action lasted for 127 hours, i.e. more than five days.

The current Siberian husky has ceased to be a working dog, except in some places, to become a dog luxury and company, siberian husky dog puppy. In spite of this, it continues to maintain its qualities of worker dog and his inexhaustible energy.

The peculiarities that we must know about the Siberian Husky dogs:

1. appearance of the Husky:

As we already mentioned above, the husky are sled dogs, sled dogs, strong and compact. The head is medium sized and is appropriate in relation to the body, siberian husky dog puppy, with a snout of the same length as the skull and with a well-defined stop.

The color of your truffle (nose) depends on the color of the fur of the dog. Color is black in gray, Brown and black dogs. In dogs of color copper is brown liver and in dogs pure white is flesh-colored.

Eyes are oval in appearance, are medium in size and are moderately separated. The same can be blue, Brown, amber or any combination of these colors, siberian husky dog puppy. The eyes can also be half blue and half Brown, other dogs may have one blue eye and the other Brown.

The ears are high implantation, erect and triangular-shaped. Teeth together in a bite in the form of scissors. The tail has the appearance of sickle and does not move from one side to the other when the dog is excited, siberian husky dog puppy. The feet are large, as "snowshoes", have hair between fingers, for helping to keep you warm and also to help the grip on ice. The Rams are sometimes removed.

Their fur is thick double layer, and can withstand temperatures as low as - 50 ° C to - 60 ° C. A variety of Siberian Husky who has the long outer coat due to a recessive gene, this variety is not accepted or is simply not recognized in the majority of the canine clubs. Coat colors are of different varieties, from black to pure white, with or without marks on the head. The face mask and bottom are usually white, and any other color coating, siberian husky dog puppy. The most common colors are white with white, white with black, red with Brown, grey with silver, grey, sable, red with orange and black, dark gray ends with white.

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