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Siberian Husky Mix with Rottweiler

Siberian husky mix with Rottweiler - they are 2 dogs similar but very different... The ROTTWEILER.... It is a strong dog, robust and athletic and with a view that does not hide its great power, inspires a huge admiration among its sympathizers and a fear almost medico among those who do not know; However, those who have had the opportunity to know in depth the Rottweiler know that behind that apiece strong and occasionally frightening, a properly socialized Rottweiler can have the heart of an angel. This race is one that has fallen in the category of "dangerous dogs” in many countries.

This is a shame because the Rottweiler is only a dangerous dog when it is polite poor irresponsible people to encourage their aggression, siberian husky mix with rottweiler. The character of a Rottweiler correctly socialized ETA far from being dangerous and, on the contrary, is the dog tame and friendly. It is of amble temperament and calm, very affectionate, obedient and valiant.

As he is little suspicious he reacts with tranquility to the influences of his surroundings. If you feel threatened you defend or defend your master and family quickly because of a combative and protective instinct that is extremely developed. Endure pain without fear, siberian husky mix with Rottweiler. The moment the threat disappears and recovers its calm temperature.

The HUSKY SIBEERIANO.... It is a dog of large size accustomed to live in the snow. You can have these colors: reddish, brown, light brown, blond, white, grey and black, Siberian husky mix with rottweiler. The Siberian husky is a dog very attentive, survival and affectionate because he is always willing to please his master, and despite that are accustomed to live in herd, these develop a link with the owner or family with whom they live. So the owner of a husky must have enough character to be able to dominate the dog, and at the same time give him the affection enough to earn his respect. Although on the other hand is also a little stubborn, something proud and quite independent.

It is a sturdy dog and rarely barks or bites, but protects with great intimidation. It shows great happiness being in aura and it is not advisable to live in solitude because they need a lot of affection, Siberian husky mix with Rottweiler. By nature they do not like to obey, but rather to obey him. But if Aria of protection of the home and the territory, they will not last to enter into action.

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