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White Alaskan Husky Color

White alaskan husky - the main differences between the Alaskan malamute and the Siberian husky are that the Alaskan malamute has a constitution more stout, with more bone, with more resistance. It's bigger, taller than the Siberian husky and never has blue eyes.

Weight and height

IDEAL male 63.5 cm at the cross and 38 kg weight.

IDEAL female 58.5 cm to the cross and weight 34 kg

Eyes: Almond and always chestnut or dark brown.

Ears: oval shape and rounded tip tail: Medium insertion Following the line of the spine. The dog carries it on its back when it is resting.

Hair: The outer layer of hair is thick and rough, never long, nor soft, white alaskan husky. The inner layer of hair is dense, from 2.5 to 5 cm thick. It is also oily and shaggy. In the summer months have shorter hair and less dense Color: light gray passing through the intermediate shades to black and to red. Always dominating the white

Temperament/behavior: Very affectionate, friendly, loyal, playful and impresses by his dignity when he is an adult, he can be a perfect dog as a companion dog and for which it is not appropriate like dog of guard. He is always willing to play, even at an older age, because he has a very cheerful spirit, white alaskan husky.

• Relationship with children: excellent

• Relationship with other dogs: difficult with dogs of the same sex, but with a good socialization have no problems.

• Food: About 600 g. Full Dry food

• Average life: 12 years

"Breeding ALASKAN Malamute”

* Siberian Husky weight and height IDEAL male 53.5 and 60 cm at the cross and 20.5 kg weight

IDEAL female: 50.5 and 56 cm and 15.5 and 23 kg

Eyes: Brown, blue or bicolor almonds.

Ears: Triangular and pointed shape

Tail: Well-covered hair, it's shaped like a fox brush; It is inserted just below the level of the upper line and usually, white alaskan husky, when the dog is attentive, is carried on the blade in curved form of sickle

Hair: The inner nap is soft, dense and long enough to hold the outer layer. The hairs of the outer layer are straight and somewhat glued gently to the body; they are never harsh or separated from the body, white alaskan husky.

Color: Many colors from black to pure white. A variety of head marks is common, including many striking patterns not found in other races.

Temperament/behavior: is a dog alert, tame, independent and Escapades, but also very friendly and affectionate, white alaskan husky.

Relationship with children: very good

Relationship with other dogs: good

Alimentation: 450 g. full dry food (maintenance ration of a sedentary adult living in the house) white alaskan husky.

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