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Why Rottweiler Attack

Why does the Rottweiler attack?
An expert in the training of potentially dangerous dogs advises to promote the tranquility of the animals as key to avoid clashes

60% of the episodes in which the Rottweiler attack is related to how they have been bred-a teenager and a woman have suffered serious injuries in a month in the shire after being bitten by these dogs and even two civilian guards have been attacked. An expert advises not to promote the aggression of these dogs and work with them to make them sociable.

Potentially dangerous animals, bred in solitude and on the outskirts of cities, destined in most cases to the protection of housing and family, rottweiler attack. This is usually the profile of the Rottweiler dogs and the reasons why their owners decide to adopt them. In the region have been three attacks that have occurred by dogs of this breed in just over a month and a woman and a young person suffered serious injuries as a result of the bites. In two of these episodes the Guardia Civil was forced to end the life of the dogs.

In 60% of the cases the origin of this type of aggression is based on the behaviors that the Rottweiler have acquired as puppies, as explained by the canine trainer trained by the Generalist Alejandro Mention Fernandez. "We must teach the master more than the dog, rottweiler attack. The Rottweiler is strong dogs of character, but not all are equal or by definition attack and bite people. In fact, the dog that bites the most is the sucker, but of course, its potency is not the same "says this professional with 20 years of experience with animals of this type.

If a dog doubt is failing, rottweiler attack. You must work as a puppy and let him know that he is the last in the chain of command, is always below their owners», details Mention who also emphasizes that the animal should not be educated in aggression or through blows, but based on repetition and play, which is how they learn and assimilate behaviors.

Owners of potentially dangerous animals, such as the Rottweiler case, must have a license granted by veterinarians, rottweiler attack. However, according to the trainer, these permits are approved when the dog has three or four months of life, an error in his opinion because the personality of the animal has not yet developed and is not known if it is sociable or may come to present a danger in the future Or.

You can't boost the aggression of a Rottweiler or a guard and defense dog. These animals must be accustomed to being with different people, the more the better, to hear noises and to stimulate their tranquility, that they are sure of themselves, "he says. The dog educator clarifies that when a specimen is unsafe and escapes from his environment, he often attacks because he is defensive, rottweiler attack, while a safe can probably run out in search of his home.

For this reason, the expert advises not to show fear and act normally if one meets an animal of this breed, rottweiler attack. "You must not turn around and run, but look at it in front and not show fear," he points out.

The coexistence
Ana irons Muñoz and Jaime Bretons Recharge have lived for years with Rottweiler and point out that those people who want to adopt a dog of this breed should know what they take home and teach them how to behave, rottweiler attack. "We have always had Rottweiler and nothing has ever happened, they are defense dogs and very strong but not aggressive," says this marriage, which also highlights that "it gives rabies that only talk about this race when there are incidents like those that have occurred" in the Shire.

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