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Caucasian Mountain Dog Grooming

Caucasian mountain dog grooming - CAUCASIAN SHEPHERD O PASTOR OF CAUCASUS. Caucasian or Caucasian Shepherd Shepherd is a breed of dog famous in Armenia, Azerbaijan, Georgia, Russia and other countries where pastors need much protection for their livestock and property.

A well-bred Caucasian Shepherd should be a healthy animal, strong bones, muscular and stable temperament, caucasian mountain dog grooming. Very calm or very aggressive temperaments are considered serious defects in a dog of this breed.

Caucasian Shepherd
Despite being generally healthy and long-lived, pastors Caucasus may suffer from hip dysplasia, obesity and heart problems, caucasian mountain dog grooming. Shepherd ears Caucasus have traditionally been cropped, although some current issues they are left intact.

Although there are several types of coats and colors in this race, preferred and permitted copies exposures are those dogs with long gray coat and white spots. black copies are not accepted blotchy fire at exhibitions, although they exist, caucasian mountain dog grooming. The minimum height is 62.23 centimeters, with no upper limit.

Mountain and Plains: In this race two types of dogs are known. The second type have shorter fur and are visually higher due to their low muscular build. The first type have longer fur and more muscular. The weight of this breed is between 45-70 kilograms, caucasian mountain dog grooming, while its height is around 64-75 centimeters.

Caucasian Shepherd
Powerful and solid, the Caucasian race can be a difficult upbringing for inexperienced owner, since only respects and obeys those family members to show their dominance over the animal. They are generally good with children, but not considered as their owners, caucasian mountain dog grooming. The dog develops a strong bond with its owner, but very rarely be completely submissive and blindly follow orders because a dog of this breed mainly trust your instincts, to the point of disobeying the orders of its owner in certain situations. A race with a very short reaction time and quick reflexes protection, has been unfairly described by some as "a stray bullet." With proper care and training, the dog is an obedient and behaved pet.

Always talk to the owner before petting one of these dogs, as they are not "big teddy bears" ready to be cuddled, caucasian mountain dog grooming. Caucasian Shepherd with a good temperament just take a step back and lower your head; this is a good sign, because these dogs do not have the same temperament a Golden Retreiver to others.

In his native land, alias Pastor Ovcharka or Caucasian Shepherd Caucasus is usually hidden within the flock of sheep. A pack of wolves (3 or 4) will attack the sheep without realizing the presence of the dog that will attack by surprise and may face two wolves at a time, caucasian mountain dog grooming. Their fur is thick and is arranged in several layers, which prevents bites hurt the wolves. They are faithful to their work of protecting the herd animals and his family, which defend against any threat at all times.

Unfortunately, the Caucasian shepherds are represented negatively as dangerous dogs and violent, when only react in such a way to a perceived threat to his family and home.

The dog breeds highest Top 10

All types of dogs out there, have you ever wondered which of them is the highest? Here are the breeds that make the list of top 10 Top dog breeds.

10. Kuvasz
Kuvaszock are an ancient Hungarian breed that has been used to preserve and protect livestock. Kuvasz dogs can not be one of the most popular breeds, but they are definitely one of the highest dogs topped the charts at number 10, caucasian mountain dog grooming.

9. Caucasus Mountain Dog
Caucasian mountain dogs (also known as Caucasian Shepherd) are available in many forms and types, which vary from country to country. Although Caucasian shepherd dogs are not as well known in the United States, caucasian mountain dog grooming, which are more popular in countries like Georgia, Azerbaijan, Armenia and the North Caucasus.

8. The Swiss mountain dog
Swiss mountain dogs (also known as Swiss Cattle and Sennenhunds) are breed of dog that originated in the Swiss Alps. Swiss Cattle are available in four different types having different sizes and several unique tricolor coats. Some Sennenhunds are enough to enter the Top 10 of the highest high dogs list, while others are average size in height, depending on the type of Swiss Cattle dogs are, caucasian mountain dog grooming.

7. Deerhound
Scottish Deerhounds are an ancient race of greyhounds that were once used to hunt red deer to slide; Today Scottish Deerhounds are often just regular, loving pets.

6. Borzoi
Russian Borzoi greyhounds are leading to the emergence of a long-haired Greyhound. They are soft, calm dogs rarely bark. Despite its large size, not to make good watch dogs of Borzoi units are low.

5. Anatolian Shepherd
Dogs Anatolian Shepherd dogs are old that have been around for at least 6,000 years. Anatolian shepherds were bred and used as guard dogs to protect livestock animals such as jackals, caucasian mountain dog grooming, wolves, bears, and sometimes cheetahs.

4. Mastiff Inglese
When it comes to the size of the mass, English Mastiffs are the largest breed of dog. Inglese mastiffs are usually fawn coats with black masks, caucasian mountain dog grooming, but can also come in brindle and other rare color variations.

3. San Bernardo
San Bernardo is a breed of dog that originated in the Swiss and Italian Alps work. San Bernardo is best known for his heroic save people in snowstorms behavior, caucasian mountain dog grooming. These giant dogs make great family pets and are very kind to children, as long as they are properly trained as a form socialized at a young age.

2. Irish Wolfhound
Irish Wolfhounds are often regarded as the highest breed of dog, and this is true in the sense that Irish Wolfhounds Dogs are higher on average. That said, Irish Wolfhounds tend to stay relatively close to their "field of medium height" and do not exceed this average with relative frequency, caucasian mountain dog grooming. If instead they exceed their average height is not a "large amount" of margin on the breed of dog that is first in the countdown to the 10 highest dogs.

1. The Great Dane
The highest number one dog breed is the Great Dane. Although, on average, this giant breed dog is not the Wolfhound highest to the cross Irish, Alani often grow out of their rank higher average height, and it is not uncommon for these giant dogs to overcome their average height of around almost "6 to 10 full inches" on the shoulder that is "by far" the highest Irish Wolfhound also fall on top of her race, caucasian mountain dog grooming.

In addition, even in circumstances Irish Wolfhound is higher than Great Danes, Irish Wolfhounds have short necks, so when standing side by Danish side are "in general", in fact, more than the Irish Wolfhound to ' another under the circumstances.

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