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Caucasian Mountain Dog Reviews

Caucasian mountain dog reviews - This is probably one of the strongest dogs in the world. For centuries, this descendant of the dog Tibetan kept flocks of sheep in the mountains south of Russia. Her abundant hair, rough and scratchy, as the guard from the cold and heat that bites. The Caucasian Shepherd has been used since World War II in security and border. It was introduced in Europe by Russian soldiers guarding the Berlin Wall. After the fall of the communist regime and the withdrawal of the Soviet army, hundreds of these dogs had to be euthanized. Some have fortunately escaped this fate. The story of a caucasian and puppy for is told in the film "Mirsky."

The shepherd of the Caucasus is big, rustic, very muscular. Males are significantly larger than females. The shepherds raising this race certainly practiced a cruel selection, but yielded results: if in a litter females were larger than males, the entire scope was deleted. The shepherd of the Caucasus is a proud representative of molosser. His head is round and massive, his whole body is power but also calm. The dog must be greater than 68 cm at the withers for males and 64 cm for females, and there is no maximum limit. The dog must be well proportioned, neither leggy nor too low. The ears are usually cut very short, tidal skull, but you can see more and more dogs with natural ears. The tail is long and scope hook or saber. The coat color varies from white to brown, through all shades of gray, almost black, and red, caucasian mountain dog reviews. The brindle is also accepted in all variations of brown and clear or black and gray. Often single-colored dogs have a black mask and / or white spots on the chest, stomach, legs, tail tip. There are two types of Caucasus shepherd: long-haired one hand - with abundant mane, pants and a long well developed undercoat, short hair on the other - not less than 4 cm in length, but no mane or long hair on the legs, buttocks, abdomen.

The character of the Caucasian Shepherd is unique. This dog should not be made, but "educated." It does not need to be made, his malice and his innate intelligence do reflect on the action to take in each situation. If he does not want the chain of command to the distance, it is because the situation does not require it, it does not need, caucasian mountain dog reviews. The Caucasian Shepherd dog is quite independent in his work, which takes the decision alone: ​​it needs no dog. It was designed to be independent, and we must understand this for the dog and the master can both be happy and fulfilled.

But, of course, a dog with such power and such a strong instinct of territory must be educated from an early age, well socialized and above all must be well controlled in the street. Indeed, because of its independence, it could for example be injured by a car, to the extent that no one will stop him if he decided to go see something on the other side of the road. A Caucasian Shepherd with a good mind, is conscious of his strength and will never attack outside its territory without reason (danger to himself or his master), caucasian mountain dog reviews.

In short, it is a rustic dog, special, but very endearing.

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