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Caucasian Shepherd Dog Australia

Caucasian shepherd dog australia , caracterisitcas Australian Shepherd. spotted coat, blue eyes, kilos and kilos of energy and fun ... Yes! We talked about the Australian Shepherd also called Australian shepherd, not too common friend in Europe, but is among the most popular dog breeds in the United States. Want to know more about him? See our beloved Australian Shepherd dog !!.

Australian shepherd dog is ideal for:

An Australian sheepdog be like a godsend for active families who live in the countryside or have garden, single people who love to play sports or go jogging with your dog, sportsman people or people who likes to spend time with his dog and train him to do agility, or any other activity. This well-socialized dog is very good and patient with children, and also loves to play all day, caucasian shepherd dog australia, so it is an ideal "dog-like naivety".

Australian Shepherd dog breed characteristics

If you live in an apartment and do not have time to devote to walk your daily Australian Shepherd not have one. This race may be too active for you!

Facts about Australian Shepherd:

You know that in English the Australian Shepherd is called "Australian shepherd dog", I guess. But hardly anyone actually named in the Anglo-Saxon world, caucasian shepherd dog australia.
Australian Shepherds are called "Aussies" like affectionate nickname (pronounced "or-if").

Another curiosity, Australian shepherds ... they are not really of Australia! > _ <
Ohhh man ... I'm confused now!
History of Australian sheepdog:

The Australian shepherd dogs are not Australia, but were genuine Sheepdogs! The origin of this breed is on the West Coast of the US, caucasian shepherd dog australia, based on the dogs brought by the Spanish and other countries who immigrated to the United States to work with their flocks of sheep in the nineteenth and twentieth century shepherds.

The Australian shepherd is so called because the Spanish shepherds who were brought in boatloads of sheep and dogs from Australia to the American west coast in the nineteenth century.

Because of the civil war in North America, the Gold Rush and the development of new towns and cities in the American West Coast, it was vital to increase the number of sheep and other livestock to feed and clothe the new population, caucasian shepherd dog australia. This work covered mostly shepherds who emigrated from Spain and other countries to work with flocks.

In the case of these Spanish pastors, many of them came to North America via Australia, where large flocks of sheep brought by boat. To care for his sheep, the shepherds also their own native sheepdogs in the area of ​​the Basque Country and León, not bred for their looks, but for its excellent work, intelligence, reliability, caucasian shepherd dog australia, obedience and endurance were brought to Extreme weather. If you look at the appearance, it seems quite clear that an ancestor of the Australian Shepherd is (a beautiful sheepdog Spanish still not recognized by any official kennel club) leonine carea. It is also believed that the English Shepherd is among the ancestors of these dogs.

Australian sheepdog origin story

As Americans ranchers saw that these dogs were perfect to adapt to extreme conditions, to very cold or very hot weather and could also work at high altitude and steep terrain, they began to raise them well. So gradually the ancestors of Australian Shepherd went spreading among the population living hard American West, caucasian shepherd dog australia. At the beginning these dogs "Spanish shepherds", "California pastor" or "pastor of New Mexico" were called. - As well as sheepdog and ranch, the Aussie became popular doing stunts and shows Rodeos!

Already in the most recent stage, the merit of the Australian Shepherd as we know it today, was a few North American farmers between 1940 and 1970. In 1975 the ASCA defined the physical standard of the current Australian Shepherd. However the AKC (the most important American kennel club) did not recognize the breed until 1991, caucasian shepherd dog australia. Today the Australian Shepherd has become an excellent companion dog and the United States ranks number 20 in the ranking of most popular breeds 2013 (extracted data from the AKC).

Australian Shepherd dog character how is living with an Australian Shepherd ?:

How do you think is the personality of the Australian sheepdog? Those who have had an Aussie or Australian Shepherd raving about this race. The Australian Shepherd is a protector, intelligent and very active dog !!

Australian Shepherd dog character personalidadLa Australian Shepherd intelligence makes it very easy to train and is above these dogs love the training, learning things, caucasian shepherd dog australia, doing agility and gain new skills.

They are dogs that seek to please and hardworking, so I prefer to spend time with their owner occupied, caucasian shepherd dog australia. Australian Shepherd dog is not recommended as a pet if you think leaving home alone every day for many hours.

An Australian shepherd needs company, activity, exercise and mental challenges not become destructive and malicious. It is said that these dogs always keep his spirit alive puppy, because they enjoy the game, joy and fun, caucasian shepherd dog australia. If you like a super interactive and smart dog, this is your race. In addition to an Australian Shepherd will not lack company as it will stick to you like Velcro and follow you wherever you go.

Australian Shepherd aspect:

The Australian Shepherd has compact, rustic, well proportioned and athletic appearance. They are slightly elongated tall and of medium size. According to the standard of ASCA an Australian Shepherd weighs between 14 and 30 kilos, depending on your complexion and if it is male or female.

Blue Merle Australian Shepherd

The tail of the Australian Shepherd is unique as there are two types of dog:

some Australian Shepherds are naturally born tailless or with a very short little tail (as happens to dogs bob tail too).
and others instead have a "normal" tail say, full of hair-like feathers a little, caucasian shepherd dog australia. In the United States it is always preferred specimens born without a tail or very short tail, but in Europe that does not matter. European breeders and exhibitions held in the old continent not seek copies tailless breed.

Australian Shepherd dog colors:

What color is an Australian shepherd dog? Well, there are many shades, namely 16 different color combinations. Australian Shepherds can be:

Solid black, two color, red or tricolor. Blue Merle Australian Shepherd (which are beautiful and combine white, black and gray heather) and red merle.

Many of these dogs usually have white markings and reddish (sometimes called liver color or liver). Moreover Australian sheep dogs may have brown eyes, hazel, caucasian shepherd dog australia, blue or one of each color, such as red merle this photograph:

Australian Shepherd dog
Australian Shepherd gray merle and red merle, Creative Commons Tshay.

Are there any white Australian Shepherd dogs? Double MERLE:

This is a "tricky question", or question more crumb than it looks ... Is there white Australian Shepherds? Yes there are, but being white is not very good news if you're an Australian Shepherd.

Sometimes to cross father and mother blue merle, a percentage of Australian Shepherd puppies have problems (the probability is 25% according to data from ASCA in his studio on white Australian Shepherd published in 1998), caucasian shepherd dog australia. One problem is that the white color begins to dominate the coloration of some puppies, is called "lethal white".

Australian Shepherd White
"Lethal" white Australian Shepherd microphthalmia. Creative Commons Luvlethalwhites.

Being a white dog itself is not bad, but in this race it can be. Excessive white on an Australian Shepherd is not lethal, but it can be accompanied by genetic defects such as deafness, eye problems such as microphthalmia (very small, misshapen eyes) and others, caucasian shepherd dog australia. Therefore, it is not good to cross two Australian shepherds merle color.


How much does an Australian shepherd dog? If you have decided by an Australian shepherd dog visit shelters in your area, because it depends on where you live might find one there abandoned (especially if you live in the United States) caucasian shepherd dog australia.

If you've searched and no way you can also buy an Australian Shepherd. And how much do they cost? It depends on its quality, as they are bred, fame breeder and the country you're looking for.

The price of a good Australian Shepherd in the United States is around $ 500, but in Europe tend to be more expensive (because there is less), caucasian shepherd dog australia. An Australian sheepdog quality in Spain can cost between 700 and 900 euros.

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