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Caucasian Shepherd Dog Breed Info

Caucasian shepherd dog breed info - caucasian shepherd breed. Caucasus Mountains is home to one of the oldest types molossoon dogs, dog Caucasus mountains. There is a wide variety of types among the Caucasian dogs, dogs, depending on their region of origin, but one type is in the appearance, history and the weight of the race. Although the first official appearance outside the Caucasus was in the 1930s in Germany, the Caucasian mountain dog existed since ancient times, as many Middle Molossoi.

Historically, Molossoi Caucasus had been used for centuries to protect the property of the owners of slaughtered animals wolves, bears and hunting, caucasian shepherd dog breed info. Today, especially outside the Caucasus, used as pets and guards. The dog is a dog Caucasus low activity, seemingly lethargic when not working, but agile and convincing when it feels its family is threatened.

Although some dogs are more difficult to solve than others, all white dogs are very aggressive, especially when manipulated its territory, caucasian shepherd dog breed info. They take time and care socialization and firm, but not strong behavior. It can be a family dog, if well trained and socialized.

Caucasian sheepdog is a dog with a leading character. By nature he learns to care for the space of trust and this makes it better than anyone. This is a war machine that is dangerous for those who do not know the correct handling, caucasian shepherd dog breed info. They are friendly towards the family property, but is not available to accept pressure or abuse particularly without reaction. Difficult subject and this is something that needs special attention of potential owners.

The breed of dog that is very popular in Georgia, Azerbaijan, Armenia and the North Caucasus.

Hip dysplasia, heart problems, obesity.

Dog breeds: Caucasian Shepherd

The Caucasian Shepherd strong, loyal and tough dog, not suitable for small spaces and people living in the city.

The Caucasian Shepherd is one of the types of breeds of larger dogs in the world. Surely you will not have seen this animal for the street, as it is not very common in our country and need to live in very precise conditions to be healthy and happy, caucasian shepherd dog breed info. With appearance and characteristics of types you this pet you can impress at first sight because of its enormous magnitude, but turns out to be one of the most loving and gentle dogs in the world.

You may not have a home suitable for this type of pet, but want to learn more about the race, so in Bekia tell you everything you need to know about the Caucasian Shepherd: its origins, characteristics, care and character, caucasian shepherd dog breed info.

This breed of dog should this name because it originated in the Caucasus Mountains, located between the Black Sea and the Caspian Sea for hundreds of years, caucasian shepherd dog breed info. the date that appeared this animal is not known exactly, but we can find from time immemorial in countries like Russia, Armenia, Georgia and Azerbaijan.

Very loyal dog from very loyal from small
It is believed that its origins are among the mix of types shepherd dogs from Russia, whose great consistency and thick fur were suitable to survive in this country so cold, caucasian shepherd dog breed info. It was then the ideal accompaniment to the pastors of these countries needed to come with them an animal that could protect and organize the ramado of extreme weather dog, but also dangerous animals found in these forests and so many misfortunes could cause pastors.

If true this theory, from Russia it would spread Caucasian Shepherd breed by all countries of Central Asia had much need to feel protected by an animal of strong, caucasian shepherd dog breed info, loyal and resilient company.

It was not until the mid-30s of last century that race began to make popular in Europe, but there are still many households with a Caucasian Shepherd as a pet, as it requires a lot of space and exercise for dogs these types of features, not all households in all locations where we are, caucasian shepherd dog breed info, we could provide.

This dog is very large, weighing between 45 and 55 kilos and doing between 65 and 75 centimeters of the cross. So standing is much higher than children and adults, caucasian shepherd dog breed info. Large dogs tend to have less hope that young life. The Caucasian Shepherd can live between 8 and 10 years.

Its most distinctive feature, most characteristic feature its abundant coat
The most characteristic feature of this pet is his hair, thick and abundant. In the face area is concentrated, which gives the already named leonine, caucasian shepherd dog breed info. The hair can be black and white or completely black, white and brown (which is the most common).

Caucasian Shepherd's body is square, so the back and legs are almost the same length, making impressive and stylish. The nose is slightly elongated, eyes focused and color usually black, like the nose, but can also be blue or light brown. The tail is long and curved, also very hairy, caucasian shepherd dog breed info. Chest a lot of hair giving it a more impressive and strong look is also concentrated.

The temperament of this breed is very quiet. This dog is usually very affectionate, so we should not be frightened by their measure. And from puppy we remain well see that our signs, but we must therefore give constant education and less straight, caucasian shepherd dog breed info. We must take advantage that is loyal and intelligent to provide the best possible education, as being so great if you are not well educated could have serious shocks due to unexpected behavior.

Very loyal to its owner, the dog of this breed will always want to keep your own well protected and bound like a flock family. Therefore, when a stranger approaches the home can be very aggressive, because its mission is to ensure that all your loved ones (especially the owner) are protected and nothing can happen to them, caucasian shepherd dog breed info. Remember those who do not know they should be very careful at first, because like any other race the Caucasian Shepherd should get used to strangers gradually.

The hair of this large dog is very dense and abundant, so we must brush at least once a day if we want to stay beautiful and care. Finally, with respect to your health this pet does not usually suffer major health problems, caucasian shepherd dog breed info, but the most common case is the displacement of the hip bone, something that can happen to all large dogs.

It is therefore very important that we draw a walk to our Caucasian Shepherd at least three times a day and for more than 20 minutes, caucasian shepherd dog breed info, so we will help harden the hip bone and reduce the chances of having a disease in itself.

Remember that this dog needs lots of space and it is not at all advisable for those who live in a small flat, medium or city, caucasian shepherd dog breed info. A big house with a large garden also will be the best choice to have a Caucasian Shepherd as a pet and a member of the family.

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