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Caucasian Shepherd Dog Colors

Caucasian shepherd dog colors - SHEPHERD DOG THE CAUCASUS, The indications I propose below refer solely to race. The professionals of this race really value the hair shine.

Another important issue is silent. The Caucasian Shepherd is a dog with a generous mantle must always compete with hair density, quality and brightness, caucasian shepherd dog colors. In molting seasons not only it loses much of the mantle, but also lost shine.

I have experienced and I have found that the problem has a perfect solution. Use a good cosmetic throughout the year and see how that move will be smoother; It will be "something else". Listen to me!


A dehydrated mantle tends to loosen. Especially in spring and summer. If the hair is loose, it is by insufficient care or improper use cosmetics. your skin is probably on the verge of dermatitis. When skin is not properly hydrated, pica !, and dog scratches, caucasian shepherd dog colors. Scratching fingernails favors the hair is released. This becomes a chaotic vicious circle. After a skin disorder often find lack of hygiene and cosmetic aggressive acidic. Banele once a month and always be dirty with a good shampoo intense hydration with a pH similar to skin pH dog (pH 7).

Use recommended without fear shampoos. Such characteristics. Fortunately they are very good. Cleaned very well, moisturize the skin and mantle, caucasian shepherd dog colors, facilitating the process of untangling and especially drying.

Molting I recommend you bathe more frequently, at least once every fortnight, with hot water. This way the hair will loosen dead skin and prepare for the new anime hair out, caucasian shepherd dog colors. So dramatically accelerate the molting period.

A burnt hair is unrecoverable. You will hear many tricks to intensify the color. Be very careful. Most of them are acidic. Enhancers shampoos I recommend not carry dyes. They are not aggressive. You can use them as often as you want, caucasian shepherd dog colors. My advice is to protect the new hair that grows to be a strong and healthy hair. It is no immediate solution but in the medium term "definitive".

If you have a copy of extremely sensitive skin with problems, always bathe him with Shampoo Tea Tree Roots Kw. It contains a highly effective natural antiseptic.

Do not forget to clean the ears in each bathroom. Use a good liquid cleaner to help dissolve the earwax. I recommend the cleaners ears, caucasian shepherd dog colors. It will avoid visits to the vet. Also, take the nails have softened in the bathroom to cut them.


After rinsing apply a good light moisturizer. Dissolved in water and enter the moisturizer mixture in a good spray or in a mixing pot. It is very important to be a product that respects the pH of your skin.

I recommend those who are moisturizing agents for maintaining a blanket care. They are light. They used often bring him the ideal choice for a perfect finish hydration, caucasian shepherd dog colors. I do not recommend using an intense moisturizer in order to shorten the drying time after the bath. In this race that is fundamental.

If you have a copy with which it has been neglected and want to regain your hair, use a regenerative mask promptly. Once recovered, you can use the lighter moisturizers I've recommended.

Use for drying an ejector. It is very important that drying at low temperature is not to dehydrate the outer layer. The ejectors operate at low temperature expelling much airflow at high speed, caucasian shepherd dog colors. It reduces the drying time.


This is very important, not dream that the room will provide all the necessary hydration. As your skin and mantle can not get blood all the nutrients they need, they are constantly dehydrated, caucasian shepherd dog colors. It is essential to apply external moisturizing frequently. Otherwise the hair become brittle, tend to redden, it will split and entangle.

Therefore, although not "touch" bathe him, plenty of moisturizer spray on hair whenever you need it, so that it will be absorbed by the mantle, caucasian shepherd dog colors. The touch of your fingers will tell you how often to do so.


Brush your frequently, but do not forget some moisturizing spray before doing so. Use a soft brush without metal spike ball at the tip, caucasian shepherd dog colors. I recommend the soft carding carding and double extra soft and flexible Ibanez.


Pastor Caucasus has a very simple arrangement. Everything should look natural. It is modeling the hair in order to stylize your figure, caucasian shepherd dog colors. To do this you must play with mantle volumes in the different parts of your body. In certain areas you need to remove and other volumizing.

Lower volume: In certain areas like neck, angulation ... try to stylize. Help yourself an open Coat (12-16 blades) to remove part of undercoat. Take care. This is not to completely remove the undercoat. It is playing with the undercoat to stylize the figure, caucasian shepherd dog colors. If you need to sharpen the tips, help yourself sculpting scissors.

Volumizing: There are several tricks to give and improve the volume of the legs, head and body. It is essential especially when these areas are sparsely populated.

• For a slight volume: Spray a texturizing voluminizador- heavily discounted in water and then spray a little, very little, Final Effect Kw. If you have a dryer or expeller, you use it.

• The best and the most intense system consists of spraying on the mantle one voluminizador- texturizing diluted product, caucasian shepherd dog colors. Wet it well, though without soaking. Expeller or dry hair.

• If you need maximum volume, perform the practice of the previous point but prior to drying, apply a volumizing mousse or foam, then proceed to dry.

Drying prior arrangement must be thorough. Brush against the grain aid of a flexible supersoft cards. The coat should be open, stretched and hollow.


A good mantle has a genetic basis, but above all is the reward for good maintenance. The time available before exposure is critical.

When it comes to exposure with a flattened mantle, caused by the trip, caucasian shepherd dog colors, exhibitors resort to finished products that provide a sense of loose robe and dense time.

Do not neglect the color. objectively compare the color of your dog with the winners. Not present a dog with the color faded, dull. Color "is also made and maintained". It is very handy to carry in your briefcase exposure colored chalks, spray, stick or powder. Most perfectionists chips mixed two colors to give the exact shade they need, caucasian shepherd dog colors. You can always correct the tear areas with chalk or pencil.

If you spot during the trip, spray exposure in the stained areas with specific dry shampoo, or your usual shampoo enhancer very diluted in water (one part shampoo in twenty of water). And then rub dry with an absorbent cloth. It will leave all the dirt in it, caucasian shepherd dog colors. Then lightly spray your usual moisturizer and go to dry with a hair stretching well the mantle, helping a soft brush pick.

Once finished our work, five minutes before entering the ring, spray a spray polish, so that the dog between an ideal brightness.

A truffle discolored makes very bad effect. Even if you have become accustomed to seeing her like that, the judge will call particular attention. If necessary, do not hesitate to use that product called "Black Truffle and Shining" caucasian shepherd dog colors. Apply Eve.

If you have red eyes from exhaustion of the trip or for any other reason, take in each eye a drop of eye drops. Get it at a pharmacy.

caucasian shepherd

Origins of an ancient race that comes from the Caucasus Mountains, where it was used from time immemorial to work grazing and save

Character of the Caucasian Shepherd

It is a dog of strong character, brave and strong herd instincts; You need an experienced person in training to teach you your place in the family well, because if you are not educated well, you can develop aggressive tendencies and disobedience, caucasian shepherd dog colors. It can be a little rough playing, so it is not recommended to leave him alone with children; to other dogs can be displayed dominant. Usually you obey a few people, maybe only one, which considers its owner; this breed is not recommended for anyone, since without proper training can become aggressive and dangerous dog; with proper education can be a good pet and educated

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