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Caucasian Shepherd Dog Diet

Caucasian shepherd dog diet - NATURAL FOOD, is it possible to have a healthy dog ​​and providing optimum performance only feed? This is the one million question".

Even though keep in mind that within the wide range of animal feed, with very different qualities and prices, it is possible to find good food, surely it will not be all correct or complete our dog needed.

There is much talk of natural food, ranging from the use of meats, among which stands out the horse, being very nutritious, for its moderate caloric intake compared with other meats for protein content by the minerals, (being the largest source of iron from meat origin), caucasian shepherd dog diet, because it contains carbohydrates, which gives you more energy input than other meats, and finally by its 20% protein, all natural .

But back to the beginning, we also found increasingly, some feed with the adjective "natural" characterized by being hypoallergenic, caucasian shepherd dog diet, not contain grains and composed of a natural variety of fresh ingredients, to help improve fitness in dogs of all races and stages of life.

As we say, they are feed grain-free, and must contain fruits, vegetables and plants that provide a rich source of B vitamins, phytonutrients and essential trace elements, being generally of a high percentage of protein and low in carbohydrates ( too much can turn them into fat instead of using them as energy), caucasian shepherd dog diet, to better match the natural diet of the dog.

Also they characterized by containing high percentages of dried meat (chicken, lamb, turkey) or fish and some brands also incorporate fresh meat.

All these feed called natural, contain (to a greater or lesser extent depending on the range and composition) omega 3 and 6, calcium, phosphorus ... fatty acids., Values ​​of fats ranging between 16 and 20% and between 18 and 33% protein, caucasian shepherd dog diet.

There are several brands of feed in the Spanish market that include these ingredients and properties in their formulations and usually, there is usually no, not much difference in prices, finding a range of between 3 and 7 € of difference between them.

Being ideally incorporated into the diet of your dog fresh meat, as the horse, with these natural feed, you can maintain a healthy and balanced diet, caucasian shepherd dog diet, and beyond brands and prices, the best I think, will always be the best you feel your dog.


Litter S Bailalunas Caucasian Shepherd.
Traditionally bred litter.
Great dogs for field work, and protection of grazing herds.

"The temperament of the shepherds of the Caucasus:

Powerful and solid, the Caucasian race can be a difficult upbringing for inexperienced owner, since only respects and obeys those family members to show their dominance over the animal. They are generally good with children, but not considered as their owners. The dog develops a strong bond with its owner, but very rarely be completely submissive and blindly follow orders because a dog of this breed mainly trust your instincts, caucasian shepherd dog diet, to the point of disobeying the orders of its owner in certain situations. A race with a very short reaction time and quick reflexes protection, has been unfairly described by some as "a stray bullet." With proper care and training, the dog is an obedient and behaved pet.

Always talk to the owner before petting one of these dogs, as they are not "big teddy bears" ready to be cuddled, caucasian shepherd dog diet. A Caucasian Shepherd with good temperament just take a step back and lower your head; this is a good sign, because these dogs do not have the same temperament a Golden Retreiver to others.

In his native land, alias Pastor Caucásico- Ovcharka is usually hidden within the flock of sheep. A pack of wolves (3 or 4) will attack the sheep without realizing the presence of the dog that will attack by surprise and may face two wolves at a time. Their fur is thick and is arranged in several layers, which prevents bites hurt the wolves. They are faithful to their work of protecting the herd animals and his family, which defend against any threat at all times, caucasian shepherd dog diet. Unfortunately, the Caucasian shepherds are represented negatively as dangerous dogs and violent, when only react in such a way to a perceived threat to his family and home. "

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