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Caucasian Shepherd Dog for Sale

Caucasian shepherd dog for sale - caucasus shepherd dog the best security in the world. It is very difficult to disagree, features such as they are territorial by nature, rustic, extreme distrust of strangers, unbridled fury when they feel attacked and incorruptible in a fight, this is not praise, they are immutable facts.

However, not so you have to think that a great pedigree can ensure complete safety under all circumstances. "The preparation is needed and there is nothing more harmful than the opinion," it is not necessary to form a Caucasian, caucasian shepherd dog for sale. "Of that the Caucasus is blessed with these attributes, it is absolutely necessary!

Simply put, these dogs are more likely than other breeds to perform this type of work.

The Volkodav living on private farms do not require exercise.

Consequences of this "theory" - inclined wrist, back problems and fatigue quickly. We've talked about this problem, so just remember that exercise is necessary for physical and mental development of the dog.

The Caucasus and Central Asia do not support excessive or various training exercises

This is true. The best training for Volkodav -: long walks uniform step varied sites.

Volkodav-the most dangerous and uncomfortable for the opponent dog
This is also true, caucasian shepherd dog for sale. We just have to value the work with the helper. Working dogs behave as follows: The selected dog will pull the rope strongly barks at his opponent, and then bites the sleeve. In the same situation, the Volkodav quietly head down, just step back, allowing the rope ease somewhat and therefore does not teach his opponent the distance you can move forward, launches an attack around the equipment. If there is no opportunity to reach other vital parts, except the sleeve, digs his canines Volkodav sleeve and a series of jerks trying to "squeeze" the opponent to himself mismo.Lo following after better not to remember this- ... we also want to remember that the Volkodav very quickly categorizes and identifies false situations and often refuse to carry out these exercises, especially if they are made often.

For example, the same Caucasus given the order to attack, after advancing figurate (with chemical protection suit and sleeve). The dog moves, marking its "way round." Having caught the helper, he begins to play out the manga, knowing that it is just a test ... But it is necessary that the helper "offend" the dog (eg, kicking or hitting the side with his club to make noise) immediately spits sleeve and tries to break into the "meat", ie, the site unprotected body (note that Volkodav are not "sleeve dogs", ie, one thinks of the sleeve as a prize for most protection dogs, caucasian shepherd dog for sale, but they go for the "man." the manga for them is just something that happen to end his opponent.) in this case, the helper has only one option to withdraw to avoid a threat to the territory of Volkodav, but would result in a serious misfortune.

Therefore it is very important to race training, the owner must be able to suspend the dog. If this situation be transferred to the territory in which the dog lives, the results would not be as conclusive. But undoubtedly, the goal is to get the dog obey in any situation. Moreover, it is not necessary to confuse the qualities of test work with exams to prepare the dog! . And finally, the Caucasus and Central Asia are noble, do not pursue an enemy on the run or continue to attack a rival defeated. Well, certainly, it is impossible to forget the differences between "Caucasians" and "Central Asia" caucasian shepherd dog for sale. In the Caucasus, the practice of having dogs in the cities for protection was widespread. In the countries of Central Asia, the dogs had bitten someone were destroyed (again, this distinction includes dogs that had bitten family members or household ,! Like the other members of the caravan traveling.) This explains both the openness and the explosive nature of the Caucasians. The Asias are quieter and are not so unequivocal in relation to strangers.

Volkodav are so aggressive that you can not have in cities
Delusions! You may not talk profusely or as needed on this issue, but the statistics are there to support this afirmación.Indudablemente no statistical evidence shows: Volkodav in the city and bite unless Riesenschnauzers Collie (4% against 2.5% ), and are as dangerous as the Poodle (2.5). For the German shepherd we can make 19% (!) The same parameter. It's simple: not to do business owners Volkodav are more legislated than those of other races mentioned, just realize that fight with such dog can end badly for the person and not tempt fate - walk to the dogs on leashes, caucasian shepherd dog for sale.

Only a dead dog can be considered 100% socially safe, accidents and misunderstandings occur every day. To eliminate demand Volkodav cities, firstly, it is illegal, and secondly, should be the same requirement to ban cars that kill people in large numbers. How a gun itself are safe. The danger lies not in himself but in who handles (we use the same logic with weapons, they do not kill people by themselves, so the culprit is not the gun) If someone gives you for messing with his Caucasus, would like corriese front of a truck, you know how it will end. Volkodav a more convenient feature - precautionary behavior, caucasian shepherd dog for sale. It is possible to say that the Caucasus are unwilling to deceive strangers: precisely show their intentions, and does not cause familiarities - pet the dog, progress, etc.

Caucásos- "stupid" dogs.
You can simply ignore the profane, but we will not do, and in fact, is discussed in more detail. As a rule, when speaking of "stupidity" of Volkodavs, proponents of this theory say they are poorly trained or are not easy to train. And it is valid, Volkodavs are not very suitable for obedience training. But.! First, it is not necessary to put an equal sign between the concepts of dog intelligence and training, with reference to people is the mind, intelligence and "sense of duty" caucasian shepherd dog for sale. This should be no secret that the monotonous work (ie, demonstrations of skills in obedience) and for work that requires implicit execution of the order, people may think they have a low level of intelligence and is justified. But why dogs are more "stupid" ?.

Also, another thing - to fully understand the needs and requirements - and know how you need to act. Yes, the Caucasus and Central Asia differ from other races that have free will, independence and self-esteem, and this results in their unwillingness to execute orders that are completely unnecessary from their point of view. Finally, imagine a situation in which in an environment with several people you unexpectedly shout, caucasian shepherd dog for sale. According to the logic of some dog breeders, dogs running into the room are intelligent and determining that it is not necessary to hurry and simply stand firm are stupid! We encourage our readers to draw their own conclusions but remember: Volkodavs are not waitresses! More likely are soldiers - philosophers of the dog tribe.

Volkodavs are able to kill the wolf, a leopard, a bear.
As the wolf - it is absolutely true, and the other named, when in anger ... Yes, some experts mention duels of these dogs with young leopards and bears, but authors are inclined to have these fights between dogs and leopards and bears as legends, caucasian shepherd dog for sale. . A bear can kill with a blow paw a dog of any race. A representative of the big cats will win easily against dogs, teeth, which are deadly, and the equally dangerous claws .. And finally, something especially important: dogs are not prepared to deal with the technical battle cats - the impact of the hind legs is able to instantly open up the belly.

However, with all due respect for authors with similar claims, you do not need to take them seriously

Pit Bull Terrier can easily win a fight against Volkodavs.
Fans of pit-bull fights and Volkodavs has serious disputes over this issue: both love and tests as recorded victories of one race over the other videos, caucasian shepherd dog for sale. Given the unique opportunities of pit bull fighting, the authors of this work consider it necessary to draw readers the following circumstances.

1. 1. (weight, size of the jaws, the hardness of the skin, and loose skin on the neck) physical data of Caucasians and Central Asia considerably exceed similar parameters in pit bulls. The Volkodavs weigh between 55-75 kilos and pit bulls weigh between 18 to 25 kg, caucasian shepherd dog for sale. Only weight are considering and about unequal rivals!

2. 2. Teacher pit bull terrier selection of opinion, it has genetically fixed him in a state of mental frustration. This is not an attempt to offend, but a statement of fact: Pit Bulls missing the canine taboo, inherent in all dogs: can attack females and cubs, caucasian shepherd dog for sale, and fight to the death with their families.

3. 3. Fans of mixed duels are not respected in some of the "fields", and it is right: it is impossible to organize a competition between a professional boxer and a badminton player! What happens during the mixed duels? A layman does not understand why the Volkodav stop fighting with the pit bull although he could easily kill him without ceremony, caucasian shepherd dog for sale, taking into account their physical superiority.

It's very simple. First, the Volkodav not kill dogs (except by accident). In nature would lead to a decline in the population of the herd, being unprotected and therefore respect the taboo very rígida.Durante way several minutes, the Volkodav repeatedly it will try to "defeat" the opponent and ceases to see the sense a continuation of mourning, caucasian shepherd dog for sale. Second, and, more importantly, something unknown to the general public: Chivalry of Volkodavs in relation to the defeated opponent. Sometimes experts Volkodavs, with a laugh, observe the reaction of the audience rookie struggles. During the fight one of opponents suddenly stops fighting, and the judge grants the victory at that moment, but his opponent is willing to continue !. What has happened it is simple: the first dog has refused to fight because his opponent has surrendered: has screamed or has taught a tooth (he smiled). If we remember that fights with pit bulls are frequently accompanied by shrieks, everything is clear. Also, the Caucasus and Central Asia are able to kill the enemy, but never aspire to kill the opponent!

You need to beat a Volkodav in the first year to prove the superiority.

The owner must establish the superiority of any puppy. But what about the Volkodavs? In fact, it's right in relation to dogs of any race. Volkodavs are less inclined than dogs of other breeds to gawk and protect very jealously at all and if the Rottweiler, for example, divide everyone into "good" and "bad" the Volkodav divides it into "our" and "other " caucasian shepherd dog for sale. But sometimes Volkodavs attack their owners, and is always a result of errors by the owners. Combiene recall any case. A Caucasian, who behaved completely normal, obeying the orders of his owner, attacked at the time that this would put him . After a call and saw it was a magnificent dog brought from Dagestan. Quiet, shrewd, untrained, but able to resist any enemy, appeared before us in all its beauty: gently rested his massive head in a hand of her mistress and a minute later mantubo the most severe fight with us.

In conversation with the lady we found out, he'd had coaches, but they did not come over ... Finally, it was possible to find out the reason for such unusual behavior. Apparently, when the puppy was 4 months old, the son of the owner had called the dog and offered him a piece of meat .... Through the blinds of a window. . Wild (which was the name the dog) immediately stuck his head through the bars and could not go back, caucasian shepherd dog for sale. The puppy was born very much frightened and aggressive reaction to any action on his neck. But as a whole, Volkodavs are less likely to turn against their owners than any other race .. A mandatory condition - correct education.

Volkodavs not love children.
There is truth in this statement, but basically refers to the Caucasus, and in relation to unfamiliar children. They really love and adore "their" children. The Caucasians first see a stranger, and then the child, caucasian shepherd dog for sale. At the same time, for the sake of justice, we say that we know of no case of a seriously injured child. His behavior is to be alert - as you would an ugly puppy. But in any case, the owner of a Volkodav shall, in situations involving the participation of children, be very close, because the behavior of children is totally unpredictable.

A dog Volkodavs a single owner.
Here it is present and in sight, the legendary fidelity of these dogs to their propietario.Sin reject harmless aspiration of fans Volkodavs to exaggerate the benefits of the race, is the truth. I work from 8 years ago dog trainer without the participation of the owner, and I can assert: Caucasians and Central Asia are far worse, caucasian shepherd dog for sale, not only in contact with the coach, but also the separation of the owner. It is indicative that in kennels, where dogs have no owner, dogs are calmer and quieter. I can also testify that when I go out of business in the short term, my VARLAY Caucasian refuses food.

Volkodavs are too large to maintain in city apartments.
The distinctive feature of the Volkodavs is its independence. In an apartment, they are almost imperceptible, especially adult dogs.

The Caucasus - The floor is covered with hair.
Under conditions of regular brushing (once a week) the Caucasus not give cleaning problems. Undoubtedly, the advantage of Caucasian fur is the absence of dog smell.

Aboriginal dogs are better.
The question with Aboriginal and shepherd dogs Central Asia is rather ambiguous. We will try to facilitate, without emotions, to define the basic positions:

1) what dogs should be considered aborigines?

2) the use of native dogs in breed selection is necessary?

3) How dogs selected differ from the natives?

4) A Breeders care Aborigines?

We suggest trying to answer the questions in reverse. The profane tend to idealize Aborigines. This is not strange, but sometimes the origin of the aborigines do not know, compared to the authentically known blood of selected .. Actually many compliments are not always justified. First, shepherds do not sell really good dogs, as it is extremely difficult to produce such a dog. Second, like a dog "Volkodav" it is in Kiev, in Tbilisi, in Ashgabat, anyway only be a "dog" caucasian shepherd dog for sale. . In any case, only the expert race can define the quality of "imported" dog. The native dogs lack of adaptation to the conditions of a megacity, sexual dimorphism and subtypes are the first major difference of all fluctuations. There are bad dogs both Aboriginal and selected. However, there are great examples of each well.

Other conditions being equal Aboriginal always have the advantage that they are minimally spoiled by human selection and a dog selection has known attributes inherited from their parents, greater adaptation and the presence of information on bloodlines, caucasian shepherd dog for sale. In our opinion, native dogs are necessary for use in breeding selection, in fact, if there is no native blood lines of race, there is no flow of fresh blood, which inevitably degrades and degenerates!

Incidentally, the same process seen in the standards waist too .. the use of native dogs must be borne in mind. Once closer we get to the first question - what dog can be considered native? Unfortunately, people do not understand the simple truth, yes aboriginal dogs are imported, but not all dogs are imported aborigines! In fact, in the states of Asia and the Caucasus region, caucasian shepherd dog for sale, precisely also Volkodav selected, as well as Ukraine or Russia! If to be considered as an Aboriginal, better only be a shepherd dog, most experts are inclined to expect that the quality of the selection of Volkodav is superior to the quality of Aborigines

intermediation has probably generated the most ridiculous combination: in the market for the birds of the big city puppies "shepherd" are sold without papers after hours, as they are cheaper, and are then sold to unsuspecting travelers like aborigines!

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