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Caucasian Shepherd Dog Hunting


Caucasian shepherd

So large that it is difficult to fit it into an image

In Spain or American countries may not know too this race, but if we move by countries such as Armenia, Azerbaijan, Russia and Georgia, probably not only tell us that know him, but we could get to meet more than one in the backyards, caucasian shepherd dog hunting. And it was in these regions that this race was originated.

Reaching measure more than 75 cm. tall and weighing 60 kilos, the Caucasian Shepherd is, as its name implies, a home caregiver and herds. But its peculiar history becomes more important in Soviet Russia, where it was used to this kind of dogs to hunt wolves and even bears not large, caucasian shepherd dog hunting. This is because due to the hardness of their skin and fur town, which protected them from the cold and potential ferocious attacks.

Obedient and faithful, it is a more quiet dog, reinforcing the theory that larger, less activity. Whatsoever, it is a dominant race, caucasian shepherd dog hunting, so he must educate firmly when they are small, so do not try to higher put before its members.

Although adapt to any climate, it is advisable to raise him in cold areas since suffering a lot of heat because of their fur, caucasian shepherd dog hunting. This is the main reason why most farms are in Eastern Europe and can be very few in warmer countries like Spain or South American countries, caucasian shepherd dog hunting.

I think that as in all races, qualities or characteristics and / or defects is a matter of majorities. I mean, not all doberman, are guardians, not all Beijingers are embittered, etc. But in the Argentine dogo not know if that majority is such as to give an indication.

That is, this man is his theory collapse, or your thinking watching my dogs at home, without prior training. And I do not consider part of a minority in saying this, caucasian shepherd dog hunting, I think the vast majority know their dogs, know what they do, what they have done and what they are able to do, in every area.

It may be, logically, that the amount of Bulldogs who has seen this man were not good at to perform. And yet it would not mean that race is not suitable for this.

But as I like to play with tweezers what others say, I would like to know who this person is engaged, because practically compares two races, bulldog and pitbull, but putting in a sub-category of the Bulldog, when for me, no nothing to do with one another, caucasian shepherd dog hunting. He mentions the pit, as king of combat, but lacked clear and say 'king of cajun and combat against dogs'' that would be the exact phrase.

And another thing, and this I hear from people with experience in training several decades. That the guard dog is not taught to be, if the defense. So what conditions a guard dog is his temperament, and this very nearly born defined. Dog is born and point guard, caucasian shepherd dog hunting. They can be molded some things, but not teach be, caucasian shepherd dog hunting.

The base of the guard is especially territoriality, and this is something that dogs have still deeply rooted in nature.

Unless, I doubt that this gentleman says '' save '' referring to '' defense '' but I can not believe that a person skilled in the subject makes a mistake of this magnitude.

I think we can speak of races and expect certain characteristics, but this does not mean that 100% of copies are well, caucasian shepherd dog hunting. And as regards the Bulldog I think the% between what should be and what it is is very even. I mean that we can say that the majority is not good at guard, caucasian shepherd dog hunting.

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