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Caucasian Shepherd Dog Information

Caucasian shepherd dog information - Caucasian Shepherd is a breed of dog of robust constitution, whose size is above average; bites and is suspicious of strangers, is undemanding and easily adapts to different climatic and temperature conditions.

General appearance
Robust, slim, solid bones and well developed muscles. Constitution fragile, weak bones, poor musculature, constitution of coarse or gross appearance, caucasian shepherd dog information. Well pronounced, according to sex. The males are courageous, more corpulent and massive than females.

Temperament and behavior
It is a dog of great vigorous, strong, balanced, impetuous activity. dominant reaction: Active form of defense.

Head. Is elongated, moderately broad forehead; the occipital tubercle and zygomatic arches are clearly marked. The naso-frontal depression is not very pronounced. The nose is big and black.
Teeth. They are white, large, closely juxtaposed. The incisors are set evenly and close in scissor.
Ears. Relatively small, triangular-shaped pendants.
Eyes. Oval, they presented horizontally, sunken, caucasian shepherd dog information. The eyelids are thin and well tended.
Neck. Slim, muscular, of moderate length.
Body. Withers: Apparent but not high.
Back. Straight and solid.
Loin. It has a short, broad, rounded back.
Chest. Reasonably broad, slightly flattened, deep.
Belly. This breed of dog has a moderately raised belly.
Feet. Front and rear: oval; large, well arched, covered with long hair.
Hair. Long (10-15 cm) thick, dense, rich, slightly wavy. Of uniform length in the head, limbs, chest and tail. The undercoat is well developed.
Color. It is often white, but can be also white and yellow, straw color, greyish (ashen gray) and other shades of gray; white lightly marked with gray; gray spots.

In males a minimum of 65 cm
In females - a minimum of 62 cm.
The movements are free and ample. Natural movements of this dog are the trot and canter. During the trot, the legs moving rectilinearly with a slight midline approach, caucasian shepherd dog information. The joints of the front and hind legs are raised freely.

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The 10 best watchdogs

The article deals with the information on guard dogs 10. The characteristics of these dogs are presented below, should help in finding out more about them.

It is said that the dog is the best friend hombre.Los dogs that are suitable for monitoring have different qualities, including loyalty, courage and guard being on the territory, caucasian shepherd dog information. There are many types of dogs in the world that are suitable for this type of work. Top 10 watchdogs among these are described in the following paragraphs.

top ten guard dogs

The descriptions of the major types of guard dog is presented below. Basic characteristics of these canines can be understood with the information given below.

Caucasian Shepherd: The Caucasian Shepherd is a breed of guard dog popular especially in countries like Georgia, Armenia, Azerbaijan, Turkey, Afghanistan and Russia. The average weight of the dogs ranges from 46 to 82 kg. However, some Caucasian shepherds weigh more than 100 kg. The height of the Caucasian shepherds is 74-88 cm. This dog quickly adapts to different climates. The rustic appearance of the Caucasian Shepherd is agile and shows aggression in order to protect their territory. You need to socialize these dogs to control their fierce behavior. Because of its ferocity and built strong, the Caucasian Shepherd is among the most important watchdogs in the world, caucasian shepherd dog information.

Dogo Argentino: The Dogo Argentino is characterized by a built strong white robe system. These are known ferocious dogs to protect their territory without fear. The dog was used primarily for hunting game in Argentina, caucasian shepherd dog information. The height of this dog is about 62 cm. The Dogo Argentino exhibits territorial behavior and protects its territory from intruders. This mastiff dog requires proper training and should be socialized as it helps the Dogo Argentino gets along well with other dogs, however, no matter how well the dog is trained / socialized, since it will not tolerate the dominant behavior other dogs.

Bull Mastiff: These strong and agile canines are some of the best guard dogs in the world. The Bull Mastiff was bred in the 19th century for use by fans of the game. These dogs were used to keep poachers at bay, caucasian shepherd dog information. Dog height ranges from 63 to 69 cm, while weighing between 50 and 59 kg. Bull Mastiff is known for having instinctive skills are very strong, this dog is therefore able to distinguish between friends and enemies quite easily. Bull mastiffs are the best guard dogs for families, and can be trusted.

German Shepherd: The German shepherd, as its name suggests its origin is Germany. The height of these dogs ranges from 55 to 63 cm. German Shepherd weight is between 22 and 40 kg. Fearlessness is the attribute that makes the German Shepherd is one of dogs 10 guards, caucasian shepherd dog information. This dog is very protective about the owner and his family; The German shepherd exhibits a very responsible and mature type of behavior while children are around, therefore the guardians of good dogs with children

Doberman Pinscher: Intelligence, loyalty and alert Doberman, make good watchdogs. These dogs along aggression also exhibit a controlled behavior. With proper training, the Doberman dogs become able to contain intruders without harm. The height of these dogs ranges from 66-72 cm. Weighs between 34 and 45 kg, the Dobermann is a perfect example of attributes such as agility, endurance and strength. Therefore, it is among the best protection dogs in the world, caucasian shepherd dog information.

Rottweiler: One of the oldest breeds of herding dogs, the Rottweiler has its origin in the town of Rottweil in the south west of Germany. This breed of dog is 24 to 27 inches tall and weighs between 110 and 130 pounds. Proper training makes a dangerous Rottweiler dog to a more reliable and responsible guardian, caucasian shepherd dog information. The self-confident and consistent nature of Rottweilers is its greatest strength. Destructive behavior and Rottweilers energy can be channeled with proper training.

The Moscow Watchdog: This large breed is one of the watchdogs of the top 10 and weighs between 100 and 150 lbs. This dog inherits genes from three different races that are the Caucasian Shepherd, San Bernardo and Russian Spotted Hound, caucasian shepherd dog information. Dog breeders in Moscow wanted to create a race that easily heard orders. The meek temperament of San Bernardo and the ferocity of the Caucasian Shepherd are mixed well in the Moscow Watchdog.

Boerboel: This breed of dog mastiff originated in southern Africa. The specialty of the Boerboel is that this dog is bred only for the purpose of saving. The Boerboel should definitely be among the top 10 guard dogs because of their following qualities: strong instinct, intelligence, fearless, dominant and protective nature, caucasian shepherd dog information. The dog must be socialized in youth in order to control aggressive behavior. These dogs are aggressive by nature, so you have to keep away from children.

Cane Corso: The Cane Corso, a native of southern Italy is a large dog known for its stable and powerful built temperament. This rustic dog is used primarily as a hunting dog. Cane Corso height is 60-68 cm and weight ranges 40-50 kg. This dog with a stable temperament can be easily socialized with humans, caucasian shepherd dog information. However, it is a bit difficult to get along with other dogs. This dog is known to react only in case of a potential threat, which makes them ideal among the top 10 guard dogs.

Great Swiss Mountain Dog: This big dog weighs between 60 and 70 kg, while and height at the withers varies from 65 to 72 cm, caucasian shepherd dog information. The herd instinct of these dogs is very strong, is its protective nature makes them good watchdogs. The skin layer of Greater Swiss Mountain Dog shows three colors namely black, white and rust.

The information about the top 10 guard dogs described in this article should help understand about nature. Behavioral traits of these dogs including temperament are described in a word, in this article, caucasian shepherd dog information.

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