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Caucasian Shepherd Dog Kills Bear

Caucasian shepherd dog kills bear - "The temperament of the shepherds of the Caucasus: Powerful and solid, the Caucasian race can be a difficult upbringing for inexperienced owner, since only respects and obeys those family members to show their dominance over the animal. They are generally good with children, but not considered as their owners. The dog develops a strong bond with its owner, but very rarely be completely submissive and blindly follow orders because a dog of this breed mainly trust your instincts, to the point of disobeying the orders of its owner in certain situations. A race with a very short reaction time and quick reflexes protection, has been unfairly described by some as "a stray bullet." With proper care and training, the dog is an obedient and behaved pet.

Always talk to the owner before petting one of these dogs, as they are not "big teddy bears" ready to be cuddled, caucasian shepherd dog kills bear. A Caucasian Shepherd with good temperament just take a step back and lower your head; this is a good sign, because these dogs do not have the same temperament a Golden Retreiver to others.

In his native land, alias Pastor Caucásico- Ovcharka is usually hidden within the flock of sheep. A pack of wolves (3 or 4) will attack the sheep without realizing the presence of the dog that will attack by surprise and may face two wolves at a time. Their fur is thick and is arranged in several layers, which prevents bites hurt the wolves, caucasian shepherd dog kills bear. They are faithful to their work of protecting the herd animals and his family, which defend against any threat at all times. Unfortunately, the Caucasian shepherds are represented negatively as dangerous dogs and violent, when only react in such a way to a perceived threat to his family and home. "

1. It is important to know about the breed: breeds of dogs and their senses

You know, in school have to learn math stupid, good writing, reading and writing, physics, chemistry, biology silly things the hospital or dissection of an eye of a cow etc., caucasian shepherd dog kills bear, or you have to learn to sing music European classical that does not refer to any song of Spain or jungle Central America or South America.

What I mean is that the school does not teach anything of useful things in life: how to treat animals like cats or dogs treated for example. At school you learn as a stomach works, caucasian shepherd dog kills bear, but do not tell you what is the soul of a cat or a dog, what they need and what is not. That tells you the animal dealer, think teachers, or teachers also mistreat cats and dogs always leaving them out on the street and just give them a meal with the rest of your plate.

So people do not just know almost nothing like trying cats or dogs, but not all know nothing of the various breeds of cats and dogs. What is a race? It is important to know something about the breed of a dog? Yes, it is very important, caucasian shepherd dog kills bear, especially when a person has presented a small puppy and did not know about that dog race given. Ah, that can become a disaster when you do not know which race is that gift.

Why are there various breeds of dogs?

The dog is the wolf and the first wolf was domesticated as "dog" before 16.000 years in China in the south of the Yangtze River, caucasian shepherd dog kills bear. Chinese researchers found that genetic analysis. That was the first tribe of dogs as scientific advice in Stockholm in 2009 he said.

As was done that: Han insolado wolves with certain genetic characteristics and so that group was raised as a domesticated wolf, caucasian shepherd dog kills bear, and again have insolado and educated more babies up was a "dog" [web02]. You can estimate that all this is a process of at least 5 or 6 generations.

Researchers estimate that during the Middle Ages were only 12 breeds of dogs in Europe. Germanic books indicate the distinction between different hunting dogs (to detect, to beat), caucasian shepherd dog kills bear, fast dogs (greyhound, whippet), dogs tend flocks (sheepdog) and dogs for the farm.

So is primarily a dog is a being who wants to be out and perform his duties for a farmer. But today there are many dogs in homes in cities, and when races are so out there is a big conflict.

Today we have a variety of breeds of dogs, but there is always the discussion if a race or just a variety of a breed. So there are people who say there are more than 800 breeds of dogs, and others say that there are only 200 races, but also its varieties, caucasian shepherd dog kills bear.

It is true that the various breeds were bred to the dog performs several tasks for man:
- There are breeds of dogs to guard the house (watchdog)
- There are breeds of dogs to guard flocks of sheep or cows or other animals (sheep guard dog, sheepdog b.p.)
- There are breeds of dogs for hunting and killing animals (hunting dog)
- There are breeds of dogs to save people in avalanches or earthquakes (dog saves lives)
- There are breeds of dogs to kill other animals in a game (especially in England against Fox)
- And there are breeds of dogs to kill other dogs in the dog fight (Dog fight, only perverse England) caucasian shepherd dog kills bear.

Dogs for herds, hunting dogs and fighting dogs in connection with our life - dogs for hunting or for the fight is not needed anymore

But today when breeding industrial animals hardly have to hunt more animals in the forest and only hunting dogs need more. Other dogs were dogs that kill with custom jump well and bite the animal on his neck, to kill cows or bulls, caucasian shepherd dog kills bear. And perverse England was a standard practice of the fight of those dogs, and for that dogfight were used dogs that kill, and have managed coliseums where the perverse public regularly made a which which bet dog kills where another dog, or dog kills more rats in minutes etc.

England colonial that was so "big" that made many perversities with dogs, and the result, races, still live, although the English Empire no longer exists since more than 60 years ... [web06] In our age (years 2010s) are the "American" perverse always organizing illegal dog fights in the United Stupid, upbringings and illegal betting huge sums eg organized by "big" athletes like Michael Vick, and fans are organized by the Internet, caucasian shepherd dog kills bear. Justice is in action in July 2007 [web14] and Senator Byrd asked at a meeting who are animals, dogs or illegal people?

Until today those fights with fighting dogs, and there are still breeds of fighting dogs and those dogs are dangerous, caucasian shepherd dog kills bear. Generally one can say that the breeds of dogs for hunting and for dogfight today are superfluous and only distribute a deadly fear. Ah, there is the perverse high layer sadistic people with their ties and their 4por4 carts care dog fights at home as toys - so the fighting dog that is only treated as a toy will take revenge once - in a way incalculable.

A "false gift" is when a friend or a friend gives you a "little baby" of a herd dog, hunting dog or dog fight - and you live in a city in a closed house - and kill the aggressive dog

It may be the case that a person who knows nothing of the breeds of dogs gives someone a little baby of a dog, and the other person knows nothing of breeds of dogs. What will happen: First, that baby dog ​​is affectionate, but when that dog shows great race and genetic characteristics of the breed. And when genetic characteristics are bad serves no education - these dangerous dogs are incalculable, caucasian shepherd dog kills bear.

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