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Caucasian Shepherd Dog Kills Wolf

Caucasian shepherd dog kills wolf - the Caucasus, Vladimir Putin's dog. The Mastiff Caucasus (and avoid call "Pastor" of caucaso as it was never a drover or herding dog but a fierce guardian) is a breed that has different "villages" that would be something like adaptations according to different peoples and places where he used and improved for certain purposes the race. That's why it is called differently according to their localities and even have great differences between each other. The Caucasus can be found with names ovcharka, gampr, Coban Iti, Karakachan, Volkodav among others ... is a breed of dog famous in Armenia, Azerbaijan, Georgia, Russia, and other countries where much protection needed for their herds and properties.

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Putin always had Mastiffs Caucasus, caucasian shepherd dog kills wolf, especially recalled in Vladimir's childhood who had a male Ovcharka called "Malysh" (Child), caucasian shepherd dog kills wolf. Which he was hit by a vehicle when he escaped from the house.

Currently Vladimir Putin comes in different pictures with their dogs and one of them is a Caucasus (Bulgarian variety) name Buffy which shook German Chancellor Angela Merkel when he saw such a dog accompanying the president, to the point that said "set his eyes on the eyes of Vladimir for not observing the beast ", caucasian shepherd dog kills wolf.

Vladimir Putinpastor of caucaso

It is recognized for his bravery and intelligence dog. It is very suspicious of strangers but a great ally for his master. Usually when we talk about Caucasus most agree that these dogs see things as "Cosas de la Casa, and things that are not of the House" are therefore extremely docile dogs with other animals, getting along with other dogs even provided when an unknown dog does not enter its territory and try to attack his "flock" caucasian shepherd dog kills wolf. Remember that these dogs are "killing wolves" and you will see any alien dog tries to attack animals or people as a predator.

Mastin Caucasus

Powerful and solid, the Caucasus can be a difficult race for breeding inexperienced owner, since only respects and obeys those family members to show their dominance over the animal. They are generally good with children, but not considered as their owners, caucasian shepherd dog kills wolf. The dog develops a strong bond with its owner, but very rarely be completely submissive and blindly follow orders because a dog of this breed mainly trust your instincts, to the point of disobeying the orders of its owner in certain situations. A race with a very short reaction time and quick reflexes protection, has been unfairly described by some as "a stray bullet." With proper care and training, the dog is an obedient and behaved pet.

Vladimir dog OvcharkaPerro presidential PutinMascotas

In his homeland, it is usually hidden within the flock of sheep. A pack of wolves (3 or 4) will attack the sheep without realizing the presence of the dog that will attack by surprise and may face two wolves at a time. Their fur is thick and is arranged in several layers, which prevents bites hurt the wolves. They are faithful to their work of protecting the herd animals and his family, caucasian shepherd dog kills wolf, which defend against any threat at all times. Unfortunately, the Caucasus Mastiffs are depicted negatively as dangerous dogs and violent, when only react in such a way to a perceived threat to his family and home.

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Currently often they used much for defense and protection guard also won. Can you imagine being bitten by a dog that resembles a bear?

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