Caucasian Shepherd Dog Personality

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physical features
The Caucasian Shepherd is a rustic and massive dog, but of harmonious construction. It has a powerful frame and excellent musculature, all giving it a rather imposing appearance. There are three types: "mountain" (mane, long hair cover, legs and bushy tail), "steppe" (thick fur, mane or without fringes, more slender body) and intermediate, caucasian shepherd dog personality.

His hair: there are 3 varieties along the mid-length and short. The most common is straight, long, coarse, with a strongly developed undercoat.

Color: uniform, piebald or spotted. The Caucasian Shepherd can be gray, red, straw, brown red or white.

His head high, wide and massive. The forehead is almost flat, the eyebrows are marked, but not deep. The stop is visible but not too pronounced.

Ears: triangular, thick and of medium size. Set high and apart, pendulous, with the inside lying against her cheek, caucasian shepherd dog personality.

His eyes: oval, medium sized, arranged oblique and wide apart. Brown color in various shades, from dark to hazelnut.

Body: off (into a rectangle), muscular and well proportioned. The withers are moderately long, the right and wide back, short and wide kidney, chest high and well arched.

Its tail: Set high, carried over the back line active and down to rest.

Behavior and character
The Caucasian Shepherd dog has a balanced character, specifically made for the care and defense. It has great courage and exceptional responsiveness, in addition to its deterrent stature, caucasian shepherd dog personality. All these qualities combined with his unerring devotion to his master make Caucasian Shepherd a born protector. It is nonetheless a quiet pet and pleasant if he received a good education.

His calm temperament hides impressive defensive and offensive skills. If he has no other choice, the Caucasian Shepherd can use its powerful bite, caucasian shepherd dog personality, even if he prefers mostly give pawing during clashes. Therefore, this type of dog must be educated in a balanced way and closes at a young age. It is rather intended for active and experienced master.

History of the race
Descendant of the ancient dogs of the Caucasus, the Caucasian Shepherd was traditionally used by the Russians and residents of surrounding areas to guide and protect their herds. He was also responsible to stand guard around their homes and protect their families. His physical strength, endurance and ability to withstand harsh weather conditions have rapidly enabled him to win in this dual role. Selecting the race began in the former USSR from 1920's The Caucasian Shepherd is rather rare in France, which explains its high price, Caucasian shepherd dog personality. The breed standard was established in 1985.

The Caucasian Shepherd is a dog that does not present any particular health problems specific to the breed, caucasian shepherd dog personality. Solidly built and protected by its thick fur, it is highly resistant as its owner takes good care.

In the Caucasian Shepherd, it usually expect two molts per year, with hair loss can be significant. His thick enough coat requires regular maintenance to keep clean and provide effective protection to the dog.

On a quiet natural, the Caucasian Shepherd, however, needs to enjoy activities and daily walks.

It is recommended to brush the dog every week at least, especially during molts.

Living conditions
The Caucasian Shepherd is made to live in rural or mountain areas, and much less in the city. He is happier in the middle of wide open expanses that allow him the opportunity to move freely and observe their environment, caucasian shepherd dog personality. Apartment living is not ideal for this great dog. A house with a large enclosed garden it would be more appropriate.