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Caucasian Shepherd Dog Puppy

Caucasian shepherd dog puppy - the Caucasian Shepherd Dog is a robust, solid, with a framework and a strong musculature. The head, with a broad skull and well developed zygomatic, resembles that of a bear. The muzzle is shorter than the skull, slightly tapered; the nose is large and black. The eyes are dark, small, oval, sunken. The ears, set high: they are often cut short. The back is straight, broad and muscular. The legs are straight and parallel, with strong bones. The tail, tied up and down to the hock, is carried hanging in panache, sickle or ends in a ring shape.

HAIR: there are three types, long and short Milong. The most common type (the only one that we can see in the exhibitions) is the mid-long, caucasian shepherd dog puppy. Color: gray areas and with varied shades in clear or reddish general, straw, white, reddish brown, brindle or spotted.
Size: about 65 cm for males and 62 for females
Weight: approximately 45 to 65 kg

Origins and History

Like all other Russian breeds, we know practically nothing of this dog, because of the great difficulties that always encountered the dog lovers when they tried to obtain information about the origin and history of dogs 'former Soviet Union. Contacts are now easier, but the Russians themselves do not have accurate information because this race was primarily raised by the Caucasian shepherds and was virtually unknown outside of its habitat, caucasian shepherd dog puppy. The Caucasian Shepherd began appearing on international rings from 1979. It is now fairly widespread and appreciated. It probably descends from the ancient Tibetan Mastiffs (see Berger in Central Asia).

Character and abilities

The Caucasian Shepherd is a watchdog, a task to which he was probably always intended. His attitude, his appearance and character indicate a use for defense and not for the herd, although he certainly had formerly fill both roles, caucasian shepherd dog puppy. Today it is a strong dog, balanced, calm but extremely reactive. Very brave, docile with his master, indifferent to foreigners, it may become biting if provoked.

Living conditions

It is difficult to fit into a home. He needs not only space but also a good teacher who knows canine psychology.


The Caucasian Shepherd is a dog with an iron health. The only difficulties are encountered in the breeding because the breed is very prolific (ranges from 15 to 16 subjects are "normal") and it is of course not easy for a dog to watch a numerous progeny, caucasian shepherd dog puppy.
Average life expectancy: 10 years

Information and tips

It is important not to over-stimulate his aggressiveness: he would not pray and could even become dangerous, caucasian shepherd dog puppy. It is best to socialize for his friendly nature is not altered: this does not prevent him to perform his duties as guard and defense with high efficiency and without the need for any training.


Welcome Rivieres Thalos.

Our farm is located between Auvergne and Rhone-Alps, in a quiet, green, family atmosphere where our dogs roam freely.

Visit only by appointment.

We are the only professional kennel Berger of Caucuses in France. We are also the only X-rayed our breeding dogs.

The shepherd of the Caucasus is one of the most effective steward.

He is not content to be a deterrent but goes before an intruder.

Daughter of Serbian origin Balkans and Albanian that I could fall in love with the Caucasus, a dog, who looks like me, honest, confident, caucasian shepherd dog puppy, do not support the hypocrisy, and loving the beings around him and for whom other .......... do not exist!

Our Shepherds Caucasus are directly imported by us from Russia, Belarus and Poland, from excellent lines composed of foreign champions and dogs selected for their character and beauty.

We take care to respect the standard set by their country of origin physically but primarily behaviorally (protector and incorruptible character)

Also called Kavkazskaïa Ovtcharka, the Caucasian Shepherd dog is a rustic and character.

We focus on health not reproducing as dogs and x-rayed hip dysplasia idemnes for 5 generations, caucasian shepherd dog puppy.

Our puppies are all registered in luff and are primo-vaccinated, dewormed and provided with an electronic chip implanted under the skin.

For the welfare of our dogs and passion we trained breeder crafts, dog trainer and assistant veterinarian.

We focus on the selection of future buyers to ensure our puppies a balanced future, caucasian shepherd dog puppy.

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