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Caucasian Shepherd Dog vs Bear

Caucasian shepherd dog vs bear - caucasian shepherd breed race caucaso. The sheepdog caucasus or Caucasian, is a classified within breeds giant mastiff dog. Its appearance is impressive, and it is no wonder. This Armenian big dog has been used as a guard dog and shepherd, defending the sheep from wolves and robbers centuries.

Did you know that this dog has many names? It is also known as Caucasian Ovcharka, mastiff Caucasus Caucasus mountain dog, or Russian Caucasus dog.

Pastor caucaso origin and history:

The story Sheepdog caucaso is very old, and as such is lost in time and there are parts that do not know and can only guess, caucasian shepherd dog vs bear. The Caucasian Shepherd is the oldest breeds in the world. Some think that the Caucasus shepherd is about 2000 years old, and others believe it is much older, having up to five or six thousand years!

It is believed that the origin of caucaso pastor is in the Tibetan mastiff Tibetan Mastiff breed or a big dog appeared at the foot of the Himalayas (which also is also the world's most expensive dog).

The most expensive dog in the world 2014
Tibetan mastiff red

Tibetan Mastiffs probably came to Europe from Asia, from the hand of tribes and nomadic pastoralists, caucasian shepherd dog vs bear. And the sheepdog caucaso went selecting and developing for hundreds or thousands of years in the Caucasus region, which is the current Georgia, Azerbaijan, Armenia, Ossetia, Ingushetia and Chechnya.

There he developed isolated from other dogs, and only the strong and healthy specimens were alive. The result is one of the strongest, loyal and fit for guard dogs that exist in the world.

What was the work of caucaso pastor? Historically, the sheepdog caucaso has been used as a sheep dog to guide and protect the herds against bears, caucasian shepherd dog vs bear, wolves and robbers, as a guard dog and defense, as a military dog ​​to defend fortresses and camps in times of armed conflict, and even as a dog war was "launched" against enemies.

The mastiff dog caucaso is famous in Russia:

Today this dog is common in Russia and some countries of the former Soviet Union and Ukraine. There are also many Caucasian shepherd breeders in Poland, Hungary and the Czech Republic.

Pastor Caucasus character:

Caucaso shepherd dog has a serene and balanced and is very loyal to its owner, she adores. It is a calm, dignified, courageous and confident dog, caucasian shepherd dog vs bear. That if all that is faithful and loving his owner, it is distrustful of strangers.

caucaso shepherd dog breed characteristics

It is an intelligent dog, and it is independent, that is, can take decisions independently if the situation requires it (what to do before an attacker, for example, assessing the situation before acting).

The character of the Caucasus shepherd is noble, hardworking, territorial, protective and courageous, and never hesitate to protect and care for your family in danger.


The shepherd is a big dog caucaso of imposing appearance. It's big, wide, strong, solid-looking and compact, caucasian shepherd dog vs bear. There is no single standard, since according to the morphology countries varies somewhat. The Caucasian Shepherd is slightly longer than tall, broad-shouldered, their legs are straight and strong, and are not excessively long in relation to the trunk.

How much weighs a sheepdog caucaso? About 50 kilos males and 45 females.
What is the height of a caucaso pastor? 68 to 75 cm for males and 64-70 cm females.
Another feature of the Caucasus shepherd is his big head, very hairy appearance with hanging ears but high insertion, caucasian shepherd dog vs bear. Brown eyes have an intelligent expression alert and not very large hanging ears, high insertion.

Caucasian shepherd breed

How is the hair Caucasian shepherd? Always have a rich mantle, a layer of wool inside to protect them from the cold, which can be solid or color, bicolor spotted. Shepherd caucaso colors are varied; brown, gray, caucasian shepherd dog vs bear, gold, white, black and sand tones (but can not be completely black). Hair Caucasian mastiff is quite tough and rough.

A shepherd caucaso loose long hair? If a lot of hair loose this race all year, but even more in spring and autumn, when moulting hair from winter to summer.

How you are living a caucaso pastor?

A Caucasian sheepdog lives on average 10 or 11 years.

Pastor caucaso price:

How much does a Caucasian shepherd? This is a breed not widespread outside his native Russia and Armenia, so it is not cheap.

It depends on the quality and fame dog breeder, but a tentative one shepherd perrro minimum cost caucaso thousand euros and can exceed $ 3,000.

The caucaso Shepherd is one of the strongest dog breeds in the world, if not the strongest in the world:

Caucasian shepherd dogs is one of the world's strongest bite. You can read more about our ranking of jaws on the link!

Pastor health Caucuses:

The caucaso shepherd in general is a strong, healthy and strong dog, since it has been selected for centuries to be healthy, hard-working.

However, like other large dog breeds, some individuals may develop:

canine hip dysplasia
Who can have a sheepdog caucaso?

Obviously not a dog for everyone. since you need to have:

space, ideally a fenced terrerno where it may be
this is not a good race to live in an apartment
a good education, with a firm but loving hand (better if you've had experience with other large dogs) and enough daily exercise, caucasian shepherd dog vs bear.

Without this, a mastiff Caucasus may end up being dominant, aggressive, destructive or stubborn.

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