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Breeds with Pitbull genetics, photos and characteristics

Although we are used to visualizing a Pitbull as an American Pitbull terrier, the truth is that there are many breeding lines with the same genetics, but with different physical and behavioral characteristics.

The American Pitbull terrier is the base specimen, obtained from multiple selections during breeding work to obtain the strongest, most homogeneous and resistant specimens. Let's see how many breeds share the Pitbull genes and which one may be the most suitable for you.

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These are the breeds that currently share Pitbull genetics, their physical characteristics and personality are highly variable, so it is highly recommended to study them thoroughly before deciding to adopt one .

Remember that no dog is bad in origin, just some breeds are stronger and more energetic, so they need more intense training and exercise on a daily basis. Many of these types of Pitbulls are not recommended for the inexperienced.

American pitbull terrier

Possibly the best known and most widespread breed because it is considered the original, among all types of current Pitbull dogs. Its physical appearance is that of a medium-sized dog weighing about thirty kilos.

Eighteen inches tall and a fairly athletic body, his hair is short and brown, mottled, white or black. Being an important characteristic of the breed the famous white spot that they present on the chest.

This breed is very active and energetic, so it is mandatory to exercise daily to eliminate excess energy , which can cause stress. His temperament is affectionate at the family level, although very territorial and dominant with other dogs and unknown people.

It is not a breed for people with little experience in the canine field, nor for people with a lazy personality. Since it requires strong discipline and training.

All about the American Pitbull terrier

Pitbull puppies are commonly known as little gladiators , for their way of playing with each other, always in the form of a fight (although without harming themselves).

APBT breeding lines

On the other hand, we can also find an important variant that is officially recognized by the ADBA, the Pitbull Terrier Red Nose , which is characterized by having a brown nose, like its hair .

Although its origins are not very clear, the theory is that an Irish Pitbull is crossed with an American one.

The Blue nose Pitbull is also a different line and well known for having the color of the gray nose , like the color of its hair. It is not accepted as a breed since it is a variation of the Pitbull, but with different characteristics.

Blue nose Pitbull

American staffordshire terrier

Colloquially known as American Stanford due to a mispronunciation, and often confused with the Staffordshire bull terrier as well.

Among the different types of Pitbull this is an improved version of the well-known Pitbull terrier, it descends directly from it, but larger and stronger specimens were selected during the breeding work .

So at all levels, the Amstaff (American Staffordshire terrier) is a superior dog to the standard Pitbull . It can reach forty kilos in weight and even measure fifty centimeters at the withers, data that confirm its superior size.

He is active, dominant and self-confident in character. He is not as impulsive as the American Pitbull terrier but we must not provoke him ... he is a guard dog.

You need daily exercise, discipline, and healthy eating to keep you happy. By doing work, you will feel fulfilled so it is not convenient to have it outside the family.

Complete Guide to the American Staffordshire Terrier

It is not advisable to adopt the BLUE variable, which is characterized by being gray (hair) and having blue eyes. These factors are due to a genetic defect, so it is not good to promote the breeding of blue.

American staffordshire terrier

Staffordshire bull terrier

Affectionately known as Staffy, the Staffordshire bull terrier has little to do with the Amestaff mentioned above.

The Staffy character is very cheerful and smiling, even playful . Among all the types of Pitbull this is a very active specimen so it loves to exercise, ideal for lovers of exercise, hiking or mountaineering.

Unlike other types of Pitbull dogs, it is not so dominant and therefore it is not so prone to being aggressive . However, it is a strong and intelligent dog, if it is in danger it will not hesitate to show all its strength.

Temperament of a Staffordshire bull terrier

Its physical size is somewhat smaller, reaching twenty kilos in weight and forty centimeters in height at the withers. Although its muscular complexion will immediately make us see that it is a great little dog.

Staffordshire bull terrier

Bull terrier

The Bull terrier is also classified as one of the descendant breeds of Pitbull genetics, although its size and physical appearance is somewhat different due to the fact that other breeds were also used in breeding work.

Colloquially known as the cone-face dog or shark dog , due to its elongated snout, it is a medium-sized dog that barely exceeds thirty kilos in weight.

As a companion dog, he is extraordinary, very attached to his family and somewhat stubborn. But with other dogs and / or animals it is a danger, since its territorial instincts cause it to be a very impulsive dog.

All about the Bull terrier breed

Although it is not classified as a potentially dangerous dog in Spain, its strong physical complexion makes it not a recommended breed for people without experience in dog training.

Bull terrier


Raised in Mexico, he is known as the Mexican Pitbull although in reality, he is much smaller in size, although stronger and more muscular than the American Pitbull Terrier.

During the breeding work the strongest specimens were always selected, giving rise to the Chamuco that we know today. Within the wide range of types of pitbulls this is small but very powerful .

It is an extremely strong breed, not even a large person could hold it if it decides to pull the leash to try to attack another dog or animal.

So obviously, it is not really a recommended breed, since it can hardly be controlled. It is currently used as a watchdog or companion dog, although always in the hands of expert trainers.



This type of Pitbull is very curious due to the colors of its hair, very similar to those of the Dalmatian with which it is suspected that it also shares genes.

Medium in size, it barely exceeds twenty kilos in weight and its muscles have little to do with that of a Pitbull, although this does not mean it is not a strong dog.

Among the types of pitbull originating in the USA, the Spike is used as a family companion dog due to its friendly and playful nature. It is possibly the most social variable of all the breeds that share Pitbull genetics.



Monster blue

It comes from the cross between the American Pitbull terrier and the Neapolitan Mastiff , giving rise to a dog larger than the Pitbull, stronger, more muscular and also more aggressive if it does not receive adequate training.

Blue or gray in color and with light eyes, it can reach sixty kilos in weight, with an indefinite height since each breeder marks his own line of work with this breed.

Its physical appearance is very similar to that of the American Bully , although unlike this, the Monster blue only allows two types of hair color in the official standards (gray / blue).

The puppies of this breed are also strong and impulsive, so their education should start from a very early age. As a recommendation, it is necessary to feed it with high-quality proteins so that it develops its muscles well.

American bully

Obtained from the crossing of the American Pitbull Terrier and the Staffordshire terrier, it is a strong and muscular dog, with a physical appearance similar to the Monster Blue.

Colloquially known as the Bullypit , it can weigh up to fifty kilos and have a height of up to eighteen inches at the withers.

The character of the American bully is dominant and territorial, so from puppyhood it must receive an intense and disciplined education. As it is a physically very strong dog, we must not make the mistake of training it for aggressive purposes.

Complete guide to the Bullypit breed

At home he has a fairly calm demeanor, although on the street it is quite an earthquake who loves to walk, run and enjoy stays outdoors enjoying the mountain, like almost all types of Pitbull.

American bully


It is actually a line of Pitbull somewhat thinner and smaller than the American Pitbull terrier, however, it is stronger and braver since this breed was generated exclusively to win dog fights.

Fortunately, these types of fights are currently prohibited and the Colby has become a family companion dog. However, it is not excessively affectionate, which requires education and training carried out by professional personnel .

The Colby is physically very similar to the Pitbull, slightly broader in the muzzle, but maintaining very similar lines.



Another line of breeding and selection of strong specimens to be used for fights, although at present and fortunately, these cruel practices are no longer allowed.

It is characterized by being a smiling dog , when panting and completely involuntarily, its lips acquire the characteristic form of a smile that we can see in the photo.

Its character is very strong and it can be very aggressive if not properly trained, so this breed is not recommended for people without experience or physical strength capable of restraining them in an emergency.



Another breed obtained with Pitbull genetics, although this time we find a breed more focused on beauty than fights.

The Cobra is a medium-sized dog that can reach thirty-five kilos in weight, with up to forty centimeters high at the withers.

Its main physical characteristic is its color, totally white . Specimens with light eyes are more in demand than those with dark eyes, although they are more prone to blindness due to cataracts .

Active and somewhat dominant in character, it requires daily exercise to feel fulfilled and not develop bad habits caused by stress.

Tex Mex

Line of work similar to the previous ones, it is not officially considered a breed but it is admitted within the different varieties of Pitbull. Originally from the state of Texas, it shares many similarities with the Red nose.

His head is somewhat large compared to his body , which although slim, is athletic and strong. The Tex Mex is a guard dog that requires a lot of socialization from a puppy to prevent it from developing aggressiveness.

The color of their hair can vary greatly, white, brown, black and even with spots. Since it is not a stabilized breed, all kinds of variables are allowed.

tex mex pitbull

Tex Mex


Greater in size than the Pitbull and more similar to those of a large bulldog, the Johnsons is one of the types of dogs that share the calmest and most docile Pitbull genetics.

His character is calm and observant, vigilant . It does not show aggressiveness if it is not provoked, so as a family dog ​​it is more recommended than many other derivatives of APTB.

 Breeds with Pitbull genetics, photos and characteristics

Pure white or white with spots, their weight is between thirty-five and forty kilos in adulthood. Medium-large in size, it is a dog that requires long walks but not exercise.

Johnsons pitbull


It is not even a crossbreed but rather a breeding selection developed in Spain starting from the original American Pitbull terrier.

Unlike the APTB, the Villaliberty line of dogs is less impulsive, that is, it does not present as much aggressiveness in an unjustified way. Although as with any other breed or derivation of the Pitbull, a good education is mandatory.



Slightly slimmer in appearance than the Pitbull, but with strong muscles, the Pynat has been used for years in hunting .

It has an obedient but impulsive character and on many occasions coarse, stubborn. However, with good training and socialization, it can be a great family companion.

Its weight oscillates the thirty kilos in its adult age and barely reaches eighteen inches in height at the withers. Their hair color is usually brindle brown, although many variables are allowed.

pynat pitbull


What type of Pitbull is the most suitable for me?

We must keep in mind a few important facts before adopting a Pitbull or breed with Pitbull genetics, since the characteristics of these dogs are very peculiar.

In the first place, it is not a breed of dog suitable for young people , there are many adolescents who only want a Pitbull to feel safe or hesitate among friends to see which is more brave.

To have a Pitbull or a derived breed, it is absolutely necessary to be mentally mature and have a lot of experience taking care of and training dogs. Pitbulls are very energetic, dominant and territorial dogs.

This does not mean that they are dangerous, but it does mean that they are potentially dangerous if they do not receive a proper education. Many of the types of Pitbull that we have mentioned require a PPP license in order to adopt them.

Pitbull dog: characteristics, behavior and everything you need to know

Every time we hear about a Pitbull dog, we think that it is a dangerous animal. Nothing could be further from the truth, since the character of a dog is not based on its race, but on the education imposed on it. In order for you to know more about these beings called PPP and be aware of all their values, throughout this article we are going to talk to you about the pit bull dog, specifically its characteristics and its behavior.

Characteristics of the Pitbull dog

This is a dog that is totally stigmatized. Many believe that it is potentially dangerous due to its physical characteristics; but, far from this information, it should be noted that it is a very protective animal and that it is ideal for living with children due to its immense patience. Next, we will explain what this great dog is like and how it behaves.

The American Pitbull Terrier is the original dog from which other breeds that we find today have emerged, such as the American Staffordshire Terrier, the Staffordshire Bull Terrier or the Bull Terrier. These are three of the best known.


Although the Pitbull was created as a fighting dog, as time has passed this function has been completely left behind. For this reason, this dog is currently used in police work, for example, locating narcotics. It also stands out as a therapy and rescue dog.

His personality is strong, with fixed ideas, and he still has a developed hunting instinct. Far from what may appear aesthetically, they are friendly dogs, so they are not good guardians. What's more, they boast a more stable character than the average dog, and they are also a protective dog and ideal for those who can dedicate time to them, as they are one of the breeds that suffer the most from separation anxiety. It should be noted that you need a strict education, in addition to the responsibility of having an animal at home.

Pitbull dog, a Potentially Dangerous breed dog

In Spain, for example, the Pitbull is considered a potentially dangerous dog (PPP). For this reason, the person in charge must adhere to compliance with the 2017 Law. This requires them to have a license that guarantees their safety and that of others, and civil liability insurance. Also, every time the animal goes out, it will have to do so with a muzzle and a leash.

Pitbulls and their good relationship with children

A Pitbull has a great protective instinct. Also, his immense patience can be highlighted. These two qualities show that it is an ideal dog for the little ones in the house. On the other hand, he is a good recipient of affection and participates in children's games without problem. Contrary to what one might imagine, its energy level makes it the perfect pet for a family with children, since it will create a very special bond between them.

However, it is important to put aside any prejudice regarding this breed and focus exclusively on giving it a good education and affection. In this way, it will behave like a very respectful and polite dog wherever it is.

Pitbull dog care

The skin of these dogs is very sensitive. In this way, this organ is one of its main health problems due to allergies. This is the reason why you have to pay special attention to it, as well as its diet. On the other hand, it is a breed that has a tendency to gain weight. Thus, you should eat the right amount of feed several times a day. Their eyes also require special care, having to clean them on a daily basis. His coat, however, does not need great care. It will be enough to brush it twice a week, although, yes, in times of shedding we will have to do it more frequently.

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Regarding physical activity, being a dog full of energy, you will need to exercise on a daily basis. Specifically, this type of dog needs to go for a walk three times a day, at least three-quarters of an hour each time. Experts advise combining walks with games. All this will serve to strengthen your muscles and also so that, in this way, at home you feel relaxed and calm.

What is the ideal space for a Pitbull?

Any place is ideal to live with a Pitbull. Due to its medium size, the animal adapts to both a flat and a house with a garden. Now, as we have said before, you need to exercise constantly. Therefore, in the event that the dog lives in a flat, we will have to make up for the lack of space with even longer walks. It is important to keep this in mind when adopting one.


If there is a breed of dog that arouses both admiration and terror, those are the Pitbulls. Considered Potentially Dangerous Dogs (PPP), for their physical strength and strong and powerful jaws. As we always say, the dangerousness of each dog, in part, depends on its owner and the interest that he has shown in training or correcting erroneous behaviors. In this article we are going to pay attention to Pitbull Dogs: Characteristics, care and the best breeds, we will know traits such as what are their main characteristics, their character or their care.


Pitbull dog breeds

The term Pitbull is the one that is coined to refer to a large group of different breeds of dogs but with similar physical characteristics. Pitbull or Pit Dog, was the name that received the dogs that fought in the PIT, which were the rings or fighting pits in England.

They are originally from Great Britain and there are data on their existence since the end of the 18th century. At this time there was a great fondness for dog fighting and this was one of the uses that the original pitbulls had, other uses were those that both hunters and ranchers gave them, to move the herds or displace them.

The dogs that participated in the fights called Bull Baiting, were called Bulldog, then it was not a breed but a type of dog. These dogs fought either alone or in pairs against a bull, this practice was carried out under the idea that a weakened bull gave better flavor to the meat, perhaps the excuse to prepare this type of fights.

With the prohibition of dog fights, these began to be carried out clandestinely and obviously without bulls, now the fights would be made between dogs. To make everything easier to hide, it was decided to develop a more agile and smaller dog than bulldogs.

They began by mixing bulldogs with terriers, giving rise to the Bull and Terriers, parents of today's bull-type terriers. Later and with the ships arriving in the US, from Ireland and England at the end of the 19th century, they not only brought people but also brought their fighting dogs.

From here the bull and terriers were mixed with different breeds such as the Alano EspaƱol and other larger autochthonous breeds, creating a new breed that in 1898 received the name of American Pitbull Terrier.


The physical characteristics of Pitbulls are very special since they have a robust, strong and above all very muscular body. Because of its length we cannot say that it is long, tending to be short.

His head seen from above, is wedge-shaped with rounded shapes if we look at it from the front. Its jaw is strong and powerful, highlighting the type of bite and what makes it PPP, due to its jaw its bite is called scissor closure. The teeth fit perfectly, making it almost impossible to get it to open unless he helps.

Its hips are long, wide and sloping, prepared to guarantee greater power at the start of the race, while the muzzle has wide nostrils. Their pretty eyes are very expressive and round, their ears are straight and lacking in folds.


Pitbulls have a robust appearance, their height and length are similar so they appear to be square in shape. Its main characteristics will be:

The face will not have wrinkles and your cheeks will be large

The ears will be born or set high, without folds, straight and short.

The flat and wide skull

The square muzzle but at the same time deep and wide

Robust and strong jaws

The nostrils will be wide and clear, no matter the color of it

Muscular neck without folds, with slightly arched shape

Muscular and strong shoulders, the scapulae will be wide and down

Short tail for the size of a dog, ending finer at the tip. Docked tails are not allowed

The pit bull for the UKC will have a strong and short loin, sloping down on the rump and with a slight arch in the lumbar area.

Chest not very wide but deep, ribs should be marked

The large, rounded legs

The well-developed and muscular thighs, while the toes are arched. His gait is safe and light.

Hair will be short and rough, any color is accepted

The weight should range between 16 and 27 kg, in males and between 13 and 23 kg if it is female.

Pitbull dog kills 84-year-old owner at her Florida home

What caused the fierce attack by the dog, which is now in charge of the animal control agency for Broward County, neighboring Miami-Dade, is unknown but is being investigated, according to the Margate Police Department.

When emergency teams arrived at the home where the canine attack occurred on Friday night, Carolyn Varanese, 84, had already died and her son Joseph Varanese, 57, was seriously injured and taken to a hospital. of the area.

A neighbor and friend of the family told Local10 channel that the injured man has already left the hospital and is staying at his home.

The neighbor described the injuries to an eye, face and arm that the dog inflicted on his friend "when he tried to save his mother."

The same channel showed a video in which the police are seen leading the pit bull with ropes and putting him in a special van for animals after the tragic event.

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