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Characteristics of a Pit Bull dog, when you look at this dog, none of the passers-by will have a thought to stroke it. Most likely, they will prudently step aside, since the intimidating appearance, powerful jaws and an unkind look eloquently indicate that the breed is not intended for fun. The American Pit Bull Terrier is one of the most dangerous dogs with a killer reputation and unclear origins. However, are pit bulls really that scary?

The origin of the breed It is believed that the ancestors of the Pit Bull Terriers were American Staffordshire Terriers. Until now, this breed is not recognized by the FCI - the International Cynological Federation, and does not have strict standards. The breed is registered in the IKS, in many countries of the European Union it is prohibited.

In other countries, there are a number of strict restrictions on keeping pit bulls. In the United States, this breed has always been popular and used for dog fighting. Terriers and bulldogs were involved in its creation. The former rewarded the pit bulls with an ultra-fast reaction, the latter with stubbornness and strength. These qualities made the American Pit Bull Terrier a vehicle for combat, rescue, and hunting. After the ban on dog fighting was imposed in America, breeding pit bulls was prohibited.

In the press, news flashed about attacks by pit bull terriers on people, accompanied by comments and creepy photos. Today, the popularity of pit bulls that have undergone socialization in society has spread beyond the United States. Due to their developed sense of smell, they are used by the police, in particular, to search for drugs and explosives. In terms of increased loyalty to humans, strict requirements are imposed on the breed.

So, training pit bulls in disciplines related to aggression towards people is prohibited. Breed Standard There are two types of American Pit Bull Terriers: the Bulldog type and the Terrier. There are no strict requirements for weight: it can vary from 12 to 36 kilograms. On average - 14-28 kg. External characteristics: Head of medium length, rectangular. The skull is flat and wide. The cheeks are prominent. The muzzle is square. The jaws are strong and powerful. Scissors bite. Nose with wide open nostrils.

The lobe can be of any color. The ears are high-set, natural. Cupping is allowed but not required. The eyes are almond-shaped. Any shade of the cornea. The neck is arched, muscular, dry, widening towards the withers. The back is strong, short, sloping. Shoulders set obliquely, strong. The rib cage is not wide and deep. Ribs closely adjacent to each other, moderately arched. The tail is set low, short, tapering towards the base. The limbs are long and strong. Medium feet. The gait is springy. The coat has no undercoat, is close to the body, coarse, short. There is no fur on the belly.

Any color is allowed (except merle). It can be brindle, solid, with markings. The health of Pit Bull Terriers cannot be called long-livers and healthy people. Inbreeding (closely related crossing to consolidate breed qualities) leads to the transmission of genetic diseases by inheritance, so there are enough of them in pit bulls.

To the credit of many breeders, they try to keep sick individuals from breeding and carefully monitor for genetic abnormalities. But if a puppy is purchased from a private person - on the market, according to an advertisement on the Internet - it is not known which set of genes he inherited. The most common pathology in pit bulls is congenital heart disease. You can determine this ailment in a pet already at an early age: the baby breathes heavily and gets tired quickly. Subsequently, he becomes apathetic, suffers from shortness of breath, prefers to lie, his tongue turns blue.

At the slightest suspicion, you should immediately contact your veterinarian. If the treatment is started on time, the dog may well live to old age. Vulnerable in pit bulls and the organ of vision. So, often the representatives of this breed are diagnosed with cataracts. Since they are oriented in space with the help of intuition and hearing, it is difficult to recognize pathology.

However, if the owner notices that his pet constantly bumps into objects, misses during the game, you need to consult a veterinarian. Cataracts are treated, but subject to timely measures. Like other large breeds, pit bulls are prone to hip dysplasia. The disease is expressed in lameness, joint pain and, if untreated, can lead to immobilization of the pet.

Among the diseases associated with the maintenance of a dog, the following can be distinguished: Obesity. A real scourge of domestic dogs. It leads to the development of heart disease, diabetes, and increases stress on the joints. Allergy. Pit bulls can have allergic reactions to pollen, dust, foods such as rice, beef, wheat, corn. Hypothyroidism

It develops in middle-aged individuals. The disease must be corrected with medication. Like other dogs, American Pit Bull Terriers are not immune from infectious diseases, so it is extremely important to follow the vaccination schedule and timely deworm.

Personality Often, pit bull owners are faced with bias and hostility towards their pets. Meanwhile, these are wonderful animals, and the manifestation of anger on their part is nothing more than the result of the purposeful education of cruelty and aggression in them - qualities without which it is impossible to win a battle. People themselves made the American Pit Bull Terrier that way.

Competent training and early socialization allow you to get an excellent companion, reliable guard and loyal friend. A courageous pit bull will love and respect all family members and, in case of danger, will protect them at the cost of his own life.

Pit bulls are intelligent and quick-witted, so they are easy to learn and quickly memorize commands. However, they are unusually stubborn and tend to dominate, so dog handlers do not recommend starting this breed for inexperienced dog breeders.

The ideal dog owner is someone who practices fair and tough training combined with consistent and gentle discipline. Training will take a lot of time and effort to socialize the dog and teach him obedience.

The dog, adapted to society, takes part in any family activity with pleasure and remains cheerful and cheerful even in adulthood. Most owners of this breed claim that they are the best dogs in the world.

Pit bulls love children and are quite tolerant of childish pranks. But you need to understand that this is a fighting dog and it was not created for games. The child needs to be taught that the dog should be treated with respect. Do not disturb her while sleeping or eating, pull her ears or tail. No pit bull will tolerate such an attitude towards his person.

For safety reasons, it is forbidden to leave children alone with a dog, even if it is small! An uncontrolled dog should be kept in a confined area, especially when it reaches puberty. At this time, the dog is trying to become the leader of the pack, so he needs special control. How to choose a puppy Pit bulls in Russia are quite common, and purchasing a puppy will not be a problem. In nurseries in Moscow and St. Petersburg, you can buy a pet for 15,000-25,000 rubles, depending on the exterior class.

Pet-class puppies are not allowed to breed and participate in exhibitions. However, this kid may well become your excellent companion and home guard. These puppies are the cheapest. Breed class babies were born by star parents. Puppies are suitable for breeding and can take part in various competitions. They cost more than pet-class babies. The most expensive are show-class puppies.

They have an ideal pedigree, and by participating in exhibitions, they can claim the highest awards. Breeders give puppies to future owners at the age of 8 weeks. The kid has already received all the necessary skills from his mother, learned to communicate with brothers and developed a scheme for communicating with a person, in other words, he received the basics of socialization.

If the owner picks up the puppy at a later age, he runs the risk of facing the problem of upbringing - the character of the pit bull is practically formed and it will be very difficult to retrain him “for himself”. When choosing a future pet, you need to pay attention not only to a particular puppy, but also to the entire litter.

If at least one puppy has a defect, then other babies may have health problems. Choose the most active and sociable baby. His coat should be shiny, the body - proportional, legs and back - without flaws. Features of care The desire to have a pit bull should always coincide with the possibilities.

The dog needs to be given maximum attention, but the reward will be the dog's love and dedication to you and the whole family. Since Pit Bull Terriers are energetic dogs, they need walks (at least two hours a day) and physical activity (30-40 minutes, in addition to walking). Like all pets, they require periodic veterinary examinations, vaccinations and deworming. Otherwise, American Pit Bull Terriers do not need much care.

You need to bathe your pet as needed, no more than 1 time a month, comb out - 1-2 times a week with a rubber glove. Then the remaining hairs are removed with damp hands, the wool is rubbed with a piece of suede to give it shine and gloss. The eyes of the pit bull should be examined daily, and the discharge is removed with a damp cloth.

Ears are cleaned once a week with plain water or Vaseline oil. For the prevention of calculus and to satisfy the need to chew, they give special toys-bones. In public places, the American Pit Bull Terrier must be muzzled and on a leash. These measures will help prevent aggression towards people and other animals. Pit bulls do not retreat in the fight and fight to the end.

Pit bull: characteristics and description of the breed

History of the origin of the Pit Bull Terrier This breed takes its origin from Ireland and Great Britain, where dog fighting was very popular. Bulldogs and terriers were used to create these dogs. It was from the first that they inherited tremendous strength, perseverance, and from the second - a quick reaction.

A little later, these dogs came with immigrants to America, where this breed was registered. Another purpose of the pit bulls was to guard houses, and also to participate in hunting large animals in hunting grounds. After fights between dogs were outlawed in England, as well as in the United States, they decided to keep the breeding of pit bulls under strict control, thereby reducing their numbers.

Recently, the breed is gaining its former popularity and is very common, both overseas and in the CIS countries. It is actively exploited by state security services (police). The ability of a pit bull: subtly perceive and recognize odors used to search for explosives, as well as drugs. Purpose and character of a pit bull If you want a faithful companion, a devoted friend, a pit bull is capable of embodying all these qualities. He can become an excellent security guard for your home, a bodyguard for you and your children.

The animal can perfectly live both in a city apartment and in a private house, it is important not to keep it on a chain. This dog is a good companion with great energy and activity. The animal always and in everything wants to be useful to the owner, they are hard workers by nature. They love outdoor games, and perform various kinds of tasks.

If the dogs are constantly busy with something, then their owner will always see the animal docile and positive. The Pit Bull is a friendly breed, despite the large number of negative reviews about it in the press. If a dog was brought up and socialized from early childhood, then it will get along well not only with family members, but also with other animals, and even with completely strangers. The animal is patient, however, due to the fact that its hunting instinct is not in last place, if another dog provokes a fight, it will be difficult for the pit bull to retreat.

It is not recommended to have pets of the same sex, if for example you want two pit bull terriers in a family. Pit Bull Dog Breed Video Review This pit bull video debunks the myth that a pit bull terrier is a killer dog with excessive aggression. A description and a small excursion into the history of the Pit Bull Terrier breed is carried out.

How to choose a Pit Bull Terrier puppy Before you get a pet of this breed, you need to answer a simple question for yourself - what is the purpose of buying it? There are several types of classes of these dogs: Pet-class. These dogs do not offer further breeding and participation in show events. This includes both puppies with a long pedigree and simpler dogs .. Breed class.

Puppies from this class have stellar parents, with these dogs it is a sin not to take part in competitions. Also animals from this class are suitable for breeding. Show class. This includes puppies with a long pedigree, which must participate in various competitions and claim the highest awards.

It is customary abroad to take puppies at the age of 6-8 months, when the character and skills of the puppy are formed, he is trained by the breeder in all the "dog" wisdom. In this case, the dog's habits are formed and it will be very difficult to retrain the pet "for yourself" if something in his behavior does not correspond to your ideas. Therefore, you can take a puppy at a young age, but already strengthened, that is, at the age of about 8 weeks.

At this age, he will be able to get the necessary skills from his mother, learn to communicate with brothers, receive the basics of socialization, that is, develop a scheme for communicating with a person. It is also impossible to acquire a dog on a momentary impulse: it is necessary to study several breeders, the litters provided, to get acquainted with the conditions for keeping animals.

It is worth paying attention directly to the litter: if it contains puppies with any defects or congenital defects, then this fact does not speak in favor of the breeder and the pedigree of his pet, that is, other puppies may have health problems. Pit bull puppy should be active, with shiny coat.

His head should not be too large and not be in the same proportion with the rest of the body. The back (posture), the position of the feet should not have any flaws. The puppy should not have problems with joints: all this is easy to determine by gait. Nicknames for a pit bull Before choosing a name for a dog, it is necessary to highlight certain traits of its character and behavior, for example, fighting performance, or vice versa - tenderness, cheerful disposition, etc. Based on this information, you can give a nickname to your pet.

It is also important that the name of the animal is short, clear, pleasant to the ear and clearly pronounced. Possible names for Pit Bull Boys: Bandit, Barbarian, Tyson, Hunter, Crash, Amulet, Lestor, Javier, Indigo, Cortez, Ores, Olympus, Chaos, Caesar, Nelson, Chuckie, Flint. Possible names for girls pit bulls: Asta, Vesta, Comet, Tsunami, Etna, Chile, Brownie, Almond, Brandy, Isis, Palma, Fiesta, Shanti, Elite, Ruby, Luchana, Jeannine, Chaira.

Maintenance and care of pit bulls Pit bull, like a dog, is a very unpretentious dog, caring for which is not a huge amount of work. So, the ears of the animal should be kept clean and dry - clean them once a week, and also completely comb out the pet. It is not necessary to bathe the dog according to any specific schedule - the animal must take water procedures as needed.

Like any other breed, a pit bull is required to periodically cut its claws (if they are not grinded down naturally), brush its teeth, and wipe its eyes with herbal tinctures. A dog of this breed needs physical activity, like in the air: walks should be daily twice a day (sometimes more) with a lot of games and training. The animal takes root well in an apartment, if it has sufficient physical activity.

How to feed a pit bull Daily nutrition of a pit bull puppy should be high in calories 4-5 times a day. The main thing when feeding is to adhere to the following rules: The puppy must be fed at the same time of the day. Food should be served in the same container. Regular water changes.

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