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Pitbull dogo argentino

White muscular Argentinean mastiffs, which are often also called Dogo Argentino or Argentinean Mastiffs, are dogs of the breed belonging to the class of Mastiffs (along with such giants as the Neapolitan Mastiff, Rottweiler, Broholmer, etc.).

Pros of the breed

Ideal guard dog;

Doesn't have many health problems;

Leaving does not take much time.

Cons of the breed

Not suitable for inexperienced dog breeders;

Profuse salivation;

Learning should start at a very early age;

Difficulty getting along with other pets.

The heroes of this article are the first and only breed bred in Argentina and recognized by the Kennel Federation of the country in 1964. Today, dogs of this breed do an excellent job with the functions of guards, help in hunting, and often successfully participate in battles with other breeds. Often the Dogo Argentino starts up as a strong and confident family friend. The main distinctive character traits of the Argentine mastiff are endurance, he never gives in to an opponent who even exceeds him in size and weight (fights with wild boars).

Dimensions and weight

Dogo Argentines are large dogs, whose height reaches 62-68 cm in males and 60-65 cm in bitches. Dogo Argentino weight is also impressive - 45-65 kg in males, 40-55 cm in bitches.


The constitution of the dogs is strong, with well-developed muscles.

The head of the Great Dane is of medium size, powerful, the cranial part of which is convex, with well-developed zygomatic arches and a depression in the frontal region, the superciliary arches protruding.

The nose and lips of the Great Dane have black pigmentation.

The eyes are set wide apart, small in size, most often dark or light brown in color.

The head is connected to a sturdy, medium-length neck with a small skin enclosure.

The back of the dog is wide, with developed muscles, evenly lowered in the lumbar region, the back and vertebral muscles are strong, clearly defined.

The tail is saber-shaped, moderately long and wide in diameter.

The limbs are long, muscular (especially the hind legs), straight, parallel.

The coat of the Great Dane is short (no more than 2 cm), smooth, white, sometimes with small marks of dark tones around the eyes.

What is the best Pit Bull Terrier, Thai Ridgeback or Dogo Argentino for a family with small children? Private house, hot climate, large yard and not much time :)

"Firstly, he will be healthier than a pit bull, and much better than a Great Dane." This is not true. Of all the breeds named, the healthiest of all is in the pit bull. Due to the small number of the breed and the insufficient gene pool, Thai Ridgebacks often carry not the best heredity.

"Secondly, he is much less dependent on the owner than the other two breeds. You can stay with him for 20 hours a day and 30 minutes - especially his behavior will not change, especially with a large yard." Wrong from the first word to the last! ALL dogs are equally dependent on the owner - after all, only the owner completely and completely determines their life. Any dog ​​can and WANTS to be with the owner 24 hours a day - if it is a family dog, and not an animal in the zoo. Behavior will change, and primarily in terms of communicating with people and understanding people. And for a family with children this is INCREDIBLY IMPORTANT! It is much more difficult for dogs to understand children than adults.

And NO DOG DEMANDS much time!

"Thirdly, the hot climate is native to him and he will not suffer from it from birth to death, unlike other breeds, which will have to adapt." Half correct. Why would a pit bull and dogo argentino suffer from a hot climate?

"In the end - he is the most beautiful of the three - even if it is taste." - What about taste - the truth is one hundred percent!

Knowing the characteristics of the character and behavior of all three breeds, I would not advise ANYONE OF THEM in a family with small children!

If the fourth is not given, then I would take a pit bull (terriers are more focused on the owner and more easily accept his requirements). MANDATORY take SMALL (no later than one and a half months) and from the FIRST DAY to engage in the correct development of the puppy. IN THREE MONTHS, MUCH HAS TO BE FIXED ALREADY - WHAT'S SUCH THAT ANY OF THESE BREEDS IMPRESSES, IT IS POSSIBLE TO SAY FOREAD.

And correct upbringing is certainly better than any CORRECTION. Both in terms of results and labor costs.