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Husky dog baby husky

Husky dog baby husky Baby Huskies are beautiful! We all know it, as puppies they are super cute, and as adults they continue to attract attention with their fluffy fur and wolf-like appearance. Many fall for its charms (and we do not blame them), but if you really want to have one, here we show you the most important preliminary steps that you should take into account before deciding if it is the breed that best suits you (and you too he). What to consider if you want to have baby huskies Siberian huskies shed twice a year, perhaps this is one of the most important preliminary steps to take into account. And if you live in an area where the heat goes above 25 degrees all year round, get ready to have hair on your clothes 365 days a year. All dogs (even short-haired ones) shed hair, but during shedding periods for Siberian Husky, you will find hair floating around the house. Hairballs on the floor, strands on the couches ... wow, you can find a hair on your plate of food bef

Siberian husky puppies blue eyes

    Videos siberian husky puppies blue eyes Siberian Husky are known for their fascinating eye colors, perhaps the most famous and spectacular is the icy blue that reflects their origin in the cold Siberian lands, Siberian husky puppies blue eyes. But did you know that a husky can change the color of his eyes during his life? Or that you can have one eye of each color and even one eye of two colors? Keep reading … Variety of colors in the eyes of the husky Siberian huskies in addition to the splendid variety of colors in their fur, they also have a wide variety of eye colors. As with coat color, all colors and color combinations are accepted in the breed. The color of the eyes in the husky breed can vary from blue to green or brown. As we have mentioned a few times, the color of the eyes is mixed and the dog has different colored eyes. One eye can be blue and the other brown or green, without this representing an anomaly in the breed. There is also a possibility that the Siberian husky

Husky puppies blue eyes

    video husky puppies blue eyes cute   How much does a white husky puppy cost? At the time of publishing this article, white huskies with blue eyes from reputable breeders range from € 400 to € 800. Siberian Huskies are bred in standard and miniature sizes, Husky puppies blue eyes. If you are interested in a mini white husky, expect to pay between € 750 and € 1,200.11.  What is the rarest color of the Siberian husky? White Is the white husky weird? White Siberian Huskies are quite rare. White is not one of the original husky color markings. Bright blue eyes are quite common among Siberian Huskies, but white isn't actually technically a color. Certain Siberian Huskies have a recessive gene that makes their fur completely white. How much does a husky puppy with blue eyes cost? Questions related more than puppies with other coat colors. A pure white Husky from a reputable breeder will cost between € 500 and € 800. How do you know if a husky puppy will have blue eyes? Look at husky p