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Husky dog baby photo


Husky dog baby photo

Husky dog baby photo

Husky dog baby photo

Husky dog baby photo

Husky dog baby photo

Husky dog baby photo - They buy a puppy believing it was a 'Husky'; they end up with a fox. His owners say that "when he was a little boy he barked"

Zorro (National Police of Peru / Twitter)
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By Hazel Barrera
November 17, 2021 at 11:42 CST

They buy a puppy believing he was a "Husky" and end up with a fox; the case went viral in the Peruvian media.

One family was shocked to discover that the cub they had raised for months was actually a fox.

It wasn't until the puppy started hunting that the owners suspected that the pet, they had at home was far from being a 'Husky'.
Family buys a fox thinking he was a ‘Husky’ puppy

A family from Lima, Peru, bought a fox cub thinking it was a ‘Husky’, thanks to a scam by a merchant.

The puppy, called 'Run' because of its speed when running, was bought for just over 250 Mexican pesos from a street vendor.

According to Maribel Sotelo, owner of the fox cub, it was her son who bought the animal because she "wanted a pet."
Zorro (National Police of Peru / Twitter)

The family assures that it was impossible for them to suspect that their pet was actually a fox, since the puppy behaved like a dog, Husky dog baby photo.

Even Maribel Sotelo assures that the puppy "barked" when he was still small.

Everything was going well for the family until, one morning, they discovered that the cub had hunted all the chickens, whose and rabbits from the neighbors.

    “He would eat dog food, and when he was little, he would bark like a puppy. That's why I didn't realize "
    Maribel Sotelo to the media.

One night, the fox cub ran away from the house for fear of lightning.

For days, the Lima authorities alerted the population to the presence of a fox prowling the streets.

After several emergency calls, the wildlife authorities agreed to carry out an operation to rescue the alleged "Husky."

    {username} (@recovered) November 9, 2021

The fox cub will not be able to return to its natural habitat

The ‘Husky’ cub, which turned out to be an Andean fox, was captured and taken to the ‘Parque de las Luyanda’s’ zoo in Peru.

Since, according to experts, the fox cub will not be able to return to its natural habitat because it was raised as a dog.

"(...) He was raised by humans and has behaviors that are not typical of a wild animal," they explained.

The fox cub is estimated to be around 8 months old; It is considered one more victim of the animal trafficking of wild fauna in the country, Husky dog baby photo.

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