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Husky dog breed photo

Husky dog breed photo

Husky dog breed photo

Husky dog breed photo

Husky dog breed photo

Husky dog breed photo

There are very sociable and affectionate dog breeds that stand out as the perfect pets for children. But in the canine world there are also more - or less - nervous specimens, ideal companion dogs for adults, guard dogs, highly demanding dogs and others with an indisputable genetic history associated with work, Husky dog breed photo.

The latter is the case of the Huskies, one of the oldest races in the world, with 15,000 years on Earth. Originally from northeastern Siberia and tasked with pulling the sleds during the long hunting trips of the Chukchi people, their subsequent landing in Alaska catapulted them to fame for their excellent performance in competitions on snow.

Beautiful by all accounts, today the Husky is one of the most praised domestic animals for its intelligence, its fidelity and its playful spirit. But what are Siberian dogs like? Here we tell you everything about them: the characteristics of the Husky, prices, photos and breeding sites.

Siberian dogs: characteristics of the Husky
Siberian babies. Purebred Husky are not inexpensive.

The Siberian Husky is very similar to a wolf for its abundant fur and with a texture similar to that of that animal, triangular ears, erect and very close to each other and an elongated and somewhat fine snout. In addition, as if its physical appearance were not enough, the Husky does not bark: it communicates through howls.

Another exotic characteristic of this breed is its almond-shaped eyes - brown or blue - sometimes with the particularity of having each one of a different color. Strong, robust and muscular, its size is medium to large -50 to 56 cm for the female and 53 to 60 cm for the male- and in its adult life the ideal weight is between 16 and 23 kilos in the case of the female and from 20 to 27 kg the male.

Accustomed to moving in packs, the Husky needs to feel part of the family nucleus and is an excellent companion due to its outgoing and friendly temperament.
The history of the Husky is all about snow sledding.

The history of the Husky is all about snow sledding.

But it will be a bold choice for a newbie pet: getting him to maintain good behavior will take patience, attention, and time. At times the Husky can also be defiant and try to take control. It will be a matter of not giving up and letting him know who's boss at home.

If what you are specifically looking for is a guard dog, it could be said that the Husky is quite inept in that role since all people tend to like him and he is not at all suspicious of strangers.

He is the ideal companion, yes, for fans of physical activity. Super active, he needs to be on the go to stay happy and healthy. He has a lot of energy and will always be ready to walk or run at a good pace. For this reason, he will also feel more comfortable in a house with a garden than in an apartment.
They adapt to the city and love to run alongside their owners.

They adapt to the city and love to run alongside their owners.

In general, he is in good health (he does not usually contract viral diseases) but has a predisposition - although with a low incidence - to eye problems (cataracts, glaucoma, opacity of the cornea and atrophy of the retina), of the skin (nasal dermatitis and deficiency zinc that can affect the appearance of their thick coat) and hip dysplasia.
How much does a Siberian Husky cost- Husky dog breed photo

To buy a baby Siberian Husky with breed papers - in a kennel or veterinarian - you will have to think between $ 75,000 and $ 120,000 depending on the pedigree and the prestige of the kennel.

In the case of specimens suitable for competition because of their structure and beauty, and descendants of champions or contest winners, the Siberian can cost several thousand dollars. Before making a purchase decision, it is advisable to look for comments and experiences of other buyers on the breeders' social networks or in their sale notices in Mercado Libre.
The breeding grounds of this breed
They are usually 60 cm and weigh up to 27 kilos.

They are usually 60 cm and weigh up to 27 kilos.

On the breeder’s website there is a guide to breeders of this and many other breeds in Argentina. You can also check the Facebook page of the Club Argentina del Siberian Husky or write to the mail:

Some breeding sites for this breed are:

    From the Siberian Yahia. With more than one hundred titles achieved, rankings and Best in Show Specialty obtained with their copies. They can be contacted through their Facebook or by phone: 011 4471 6298
    Ciucki's. In the town of Munro, they specialize in Siberian Husky, Samoyed and English Bulldog. They have champions, great champions and international champions. They can be contacted through Facebook or by phone: 011 4762 4403.
    Maritain Argentina. In Aldo Bonzi, province of Buenos Aires. They have children and grandchildren of champions. They can be contacted on their Facebook page or on the telephone 011 4409-3537

How to know if it is purebred

If you are looking for a pedigree Siberian Husky, you will have to make sure that it is a copy with papers. There are no purebred dogs "without papers", each puppy with pedigree receives its Certificate of Origin (genealogical record) and its transfer document, a form issued by the FCA to the breeder with all the animal's data (registration number, name, date of birth, sex, race, variety, color).

Together with the pedigree baby Husky, the seller must deliver the Certificate of Origin and the transfer document, and it will not hurt to check that the information matches the characteristics of the puppy to buy.
They have 15 thousand years on earth. They came from Siberia to Alaska.

They have 15 thousand years on earth. They came from Siberia to Alaska.

It is convenient to complete this form with the data and signature of the new owner and send it to the FCA so that the property of the animal is registered in the Registry in his name. Otherwise, the dog will continue to appear as the property of the breeder. FCA documentation is printed and signed in ink, photocopies or facsimiles are not valid.

The puppies, in addition, must be sold dewormed and with the mandatory vaccines that correspond according to the age established in their health book, which must bear the signature of a veterinarian and their registration number.

Although the pedigree does not guarantee the future health of the animal or its beauty, it confirms that it is a purebred dog, descended from pure specimens and enables its offspring to be as well, Husky dog breed photo.

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