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Husky dog breed puppy


Husky dog breed puppy

Husky dog breed puppy

Husky dog breed puppy

Husky dog breed puppy

Husky dog breed puppy

The Siberian Husky falls into the category of medium-sized dogs and stands out at first glance for the physical similarities it has with wolves. This long, fine coat has a graceful demeanor that few other breeds can match. The predominant color in this is usually black, although brown is also accepted. White spots are common on the chest, face, legs, and belly, Husky dog breed puppy.


Although the hair covers the body of the animal, it can be predicted that the Siberian Husky is a dog with significant musculature and strength. Its legs are wide and the hind legs remain a little upright, its tail is long and the back is straight in line with the body.


The head of the Siberian Husky is fully offset by its body. It has triangular shaped ears and a rounded end that remain stiff. The dog's eyes are open and can be of changing colors: blue, brown, green and even one of each color. The muzzle of this breed is elongated and has a large nose. The lips are not very droopy.



Dry and specific feed is the best option for the Siberian Husky to have a balanced diet. The rations must be rich in protein and fat, key for the animal to maintain adequate corpulence and energy.


In addition, this dog is a true tamper of the sport. Its genetics forces it to be a pet that requires daily physical exercise, which, on occasions, must be of a higher intensity. That is why many owners practice sledding with their Siberian Husky, this animal is very happy after such a demanding activity!



The Siberian Husky is one of the most intelligent dogs that exist, so they are dogs that assimilate orders much more quickly - without forgetting that in certain behaviors it is somewhat stubborn. It is a somewhat colder and more independent dog than others, although it does not stop showing its love to its loved ones.


Living with a Siberian Husky does not usually give problems, since they have a fairly calm demeanor and are usually cordial with other pets that live in the same four walls. If there is something remarkable about the behavior of the Siberian Husky it is that it does not usually bark, it is a howling dog!

Husky dog breed puppy



The basic joint diseases that dogs of considerable size usually have also affect the Siberian Husky. Hip dysplasia is a common pathology in this breed, although there are other problems that tend to occur frequently. The vision of the dog is also usually quite affected with pathologies such as: bilateral cataracts, glaucoma or progressive atrophy of the retina.


The skin of the Siberian Husky is another of the parts of the body that is more prone to diseases, especially nasal dermatitis. Nor should we forget problems such as hypothyroidism. That is why it is necessary to follow the check-up schedule established by our trusted veterinarian.


With this possible history, the life expectancy of this breed is placed around thirteen years.



Although Russia and the United States are two territories that are associated with the origin of this breed, the truth is that the ancestors of the Siberian Husky are located in the area of ​​northeast Asia three thousand years ago. It is here that the predecessors of this dog were used for snowy movements through sleds.


Centuries later, this breed, called Chukchi, spread throughout Alaska, an area where it triumphed in the well-known sled races. This dog was found to be much more efficient and resistant on sled tours. In this way, these dogs became very popular in the United States.


The Siberian Husky has come to our days as a companion dog perfectly adapted to living in homes, however, its facet of moving sleds is usually exploited by many of its owners today.



The Siberian Husky is not a breed that gets along very well with heat. These dogs, in the hottest months of the year, try to escape the high temperatures. One of the most used techniques? Dig holes! In this way, the animals are camouflaged in colder areas and, in them, they stretch and protect themselves from high temperatures.


The crossing of a male of the Siberian Husky breed with a female of the Pomeranian breed has given rise to a new breed of dog, known as Pomsky, Husky dog breed puppy.

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