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Husky dog breed siberian husky

Husky dog breed siberian husky

Husky dog breed siberian husky

Husky dog breed siberian husky

Husky dog breed siberian husky


Without a doubt, one of the most requested, most appreciated and most admired dog breeds is the Siberian husky, one of the breeds most similar to the wolf but whose loving, intelligent and devoted nature of its owner makes it a highly admired animal, Husky dog breed siberian husky.

Despite its growing popularity and the fact that it is a highly desired animal by many, especially children, who are able to admire its extreme beauty, it is not a breed suitable for beginners. Its strong temperament, added to its great intelligence and independence can make it a difficult animal to train. Because of this, many of these animals end their days in shelters and kennels when their owners have not been able to get hold of them.

Therefore, the experts are clear: if you want a husky, first find out well about this breed, know all its characteristics, needs, behavior and assess whether you are prepared to have it at home. Also consider if your family is, especially if you have children. And, if you finally decide to opt for this wonderful breed, let an expert in animal behavior help you educate it from a puppy, to socialize it with other animals and learn the basic obedience orders so that your relationship is always the best.

Here's everything you need to know about the Siberian husky.

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Origin of the Siberian husky

It is one of the oldest breeds and was used as a working dog, specifically, a sled shooter. He was born around 3,000 years ago to a nomadic Eskimo tribe, the Chkchis, who lived in eastern Siberia.

The husky (which means 'hoarse' alluding to his particular voice) was a draft, hunting and shepherd dog. In fact, he was the great helper of this tribe when the cold and snow arrived, as he became their means of moving inland, Husky dog breed siberian husky.

Later, in Alaska, this dog's skills as a sled shooter catapulted him to fame. And it is that, during a diphtheria epidemic, a team of huskies traveled more than 500 km through the lands covered with snow, storms and blizzards to deliver medicines.

Today most huskies have become beloved pets. However, they are still fulfilling special missions or participating in mushing championships.

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The husky is a large dog, whose weight ranges between 25 and 35 kg, depending on whether it is male or female. Their height at the curs of is 53 for them and 58 for males.

Their hair length is medium, their coat is double-layered, and there are huskies of different colors, which can range from black to white.

One of the most particular physical characteristics of this animal is the color of its eyes, which can be blue or have one eye of each color: blue and brown.

The husky's ears are erect and its snout long and sharp, giving it a very wolf-like appearance.

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Husky behavior

Despite being one of the dog breeds most similar to the wolf, it is a very affectionate and protective animal. But that is very independent, haughty and can be very stubborn. He needs an owner who knows how to educate him, without punishment or a heavy hand, but with positive reinforcement. With attention, discipline, authority and a good socialization, you will enjoy a balanced animal and an excellent life partner.

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Husky needs

It is a very strong and vigorous animal that needs a lot of exercise. So an appropriate breed of dog for those who lead a very active life.

Being an animal adapted to the cold, they do not cope well with the hot months in very hot areas. In fact, they are best found in mountain locations, where they can even sleep outside in winter.

Regarding food, the ideal is for the veterinarian to advise what is the ration and type of food most recommended for the husky. In general, it will be adapted to the level of activity of the animal, if it participates in sledding competitions, if it lives in a flat or in houses with outdoor space.

It is advisable to brush the husky's hair several times a week, especially in times of shedding.

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Being an independent animal, sometimes stubborn and with a lot of character, many may think that it is not a suitable dog to be in homes with children. However, when the husky is well behaved and socialized, he is an ideal playmate for the little ones, whom he will respect and take care of. In fact, huskies are animals that really enjoy human company, and they will love having a task, for example, taking care of l baby.

Regarding coexistence with other animals, it will depend on whether they have grown up together.

Finally, they may have a certain tendency to bark or, rather, howl, especially if they are left alone for a long time, since being herd animals, they desire the presence of their own so as not to experience anxiety, which they can manifest with barking or digging.

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Adopt a husky

If after what you read you still think that the Siberian husky is the breed of dog that you would like to have as a pet, contact an animal shelter or shelter. Although they are not the most common animals in these places, you can always be lucky to find your life partner and he will have the opportunity to live with a family that gives him all the love he needs.

If you decide to buy a husky puppy, make sure you go to a trusted breeder who takes good care of his dogs. Find out well before and consult a veterinarian, Husky dog breed siberian husky.

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