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Husky dog breed tea cup puppy

Husky dog breed tea cup puppy

Husky dog breed tea cup puppy

Husky dog breed tea cup puppy

Husky dog breed tea cup puppy

Husky dog breed tea cup puppy


Adopting a dog is a very important decision both in family life and in that of the dog itself. The changes that he will experience will be substantial, but his environment must be fully prepared to take care of and have under his responsibility a very special new member of the family. Happiness for both parties, especially the canine, will largely depend on the relationships established at home, Husky dog breed tea cup puppy.

If you want to welcome a dog at home, you will have to deeply know its characteristics. That is to say, the race and the particularities that it entails, especially for aspects of his health. If you ask yourself "how do I know if my husky is pure?" and you want to know the physical aspects that characterize it and the personality traits, at UNCOMO we recommend that you continue reading this article.
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    Does it really matter if my husky is purebred or not?
    Husky breed standard and its physical characteristics
    How is the character of a husky?
    How to tell if a husky puppy is pure
    How many types of Siberian husky are there?

Does it really matter if my husky is purebred or not?

The relevance to the purity of your dog is substantial in some respects and negligible in others. The relationship and treatment with the little furry must be exactly the same regardless of this factor: the care, attention and affection that it will need are just as important. His emotional needs do not vary and, in addition, he will bring you the same fidelity and love being mixed or purebred.

Starting from the previous premise, it is important to know if a husky is of race to understand many of his behaviors and to have guarantees of being able to cover his physical needs and take care of his health. It is in this sense the only relevance of knowing the purity of the dog. In this way, you will know with greater security if your lifestyle adapts to the arrival of a dog of this breed or a mix of this one.

Therefore, at Oneota we recommend that you take into account whether a husky is purebred only to know if you are ready to adopt it. For the rest, whether he is mestizo or not is totally secondary because it will not influence anything with respect to the bond that will be forged between the two.

Another aspect in which this issue is considered important is in the breeding of the breed. Regarding this, we want to clarify that you have to know the law in each country so as not to incur in illegal breeding. For example, in Spain you can only breed dogs if you are an official registered breeder, without this type of official permit it is illegal to breed, whether you are thinking of selling puppies or trying to give them away. Hence, the great importance of taking care that there are no controlled crosses and of sterilizing the dogs, something that also brings benefits to their health, Husky dog breed tea cup puppy.

Husky breed standard and its physical characteristics

Taking the issue of relative importance on the issue of breed in dogs and now focusing on your question about "how do I know if my husky is authentic?", We started by talking about physical traits. These are the main physical characteristics of the Siberian husky breed standard:

    The Siberian husky is a large breed.
    It weighs between 20 and 35 kilos, with a height between 50 and 60 cm.
    With these measurements, he is considered a strong and well-muscled dog.
    Among their physical characteristics, the color of their eyes stands out: with a predominance of blue, they can also be brown and of different colors (heterochromia), having one eye of each color.

    The ears are erect and its face resembles that of wolves: white face with gray, blonde or brown crown. Still, in some cases they are totally white.
    The hair is dense and of medium length, with a large undercoat that protects it from low temperatures.

    What should the tail of a Siberian husky look like? Well, this is covered with hair so that it looks like a brush, having on the bottom and sides, along the entire tail, the fur somewhat longer than on the top. When the dog is on alert, it tends to roll its tail around its back as it tightens.
    Regardless of the predominant color of the coat, which can be black, brown or white, the vast majority of the husky’s breed have white markings on their legs and chest.

How to know if my husky is pure - Standard of the husky breed and its physical characteristics
How is the character of a husky?

The Siberian husky has different behaviors depending on the degree of confidence. With the family nucleus he will be affectionate and will love to play, but with strangers he is more distant. It is very intelligent and requires, from the puppy stage, adequate training to enhance this aspect.

Its large size provides enviable physical conditions, so it needs constant physical activity. He loves to run and play with children and adults. They are not scandalous, they hardly bark: they howl, which it is another similarity to wolves, beyond mere physical appearance.

This breed has a very good predisposition to socialize and enjoy with other dogs, but it needs to be in an environment in which it can interact with more dogs from a puppy, to get used to canine company, and with more animals and people. Therefore, he spends part of the time building his communication and social skills, especially in his first months of life. We recommend you take a look at this other post on How to socialize a puppy with dogs and people.

Also, in this other article and this video you can learn more about what a Siberian husky looks like.
How to tell if a husky puppy is pure

After discovering how you can tell if your husky is pure, it may also be important that you have the ability to detect it from the puppy stage if the dog you just took in is still small. To find out if a husky puppy is a purebred, you have two options:

    Observe their physical and behavioral characteristics: if it is a large puppy, with blue or bicolor eyes and whose coat is black and white among the predominant tones, it is probably purebred. In addition, he analyzes his character, which will have to be very affectionate with the family, somewhat suspicious of strangers and very active.
    Consult with a veterinarian or any other specialist to check its purity.
    If you have contact with the people who take care of the parents, ask for their Pedigree document.

Now you may be wondering how to know if a husky has a Pedigree and, therefore, we clarify that the truth is that it is a document that certifies that several generations prior to the dog to which this document is granted are purebred and that, therefore, this is also it. These documents are processed by official breeders and canine federations and are only necessary to engage in official breeding and breed-related competitions.

As with these descriptions you already know the breed better, we encourage you to know How to care for a Siberian husky with this guide.
How to tell if my husky is pure - How to tell if a husky puppy is pure
How many types of Siberian husky are there?

It is usually stated that there are several types of Siberian husky, but the most important canine federations worldwide such as the FCI (Federation Sinologue International) [1] and the AKC (American Kennel Club) [2] assure that there is only one variety: the Siberian Husky (Siberian husky).

However, there are breeds similar to the Siberian husky, some being accepted in these federations and others not.

    Labrador Husky: Although no dog with this name is officially recognized, it is attributed to the crossbreed dogs of the cross between a Labrador Retriever and a Siberian Husky.
    Alaskan Malamute: a breed similar to the husky with physical capacities so important as to participate in sledding competitions. Here you can know the Difference between Alaskan Malamute and Siberian Husky.
    Samoyed: the Samoyed is a recognized breed characterized by its white fur, possessing a large, very dense polar mantle.
    Tomsky: it is the result of the crossing of a Pomeranian and a Siberian husky. It is not officially recognized as a breed by the canine federations.
    Chusky: crossing of the husky and chow-chow breeds.
    Tamakan - Another cross breed, in this case between a German Shepherd, Siberian Husky, and Alaskan Malamute.
    Canadian Eskimo Dog: breed that was a point of support in hunting and in the transport of loads with a maximum weight of 15 kilos.
    Husky of the river Mackenzie: a cross of dogs from Alaska with the Saint Bernard breed.

If you like Siberian huskies and similar breeds or mixtures, we recommend this other curious post about 12 breeds of dogs that look like wolves.

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