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Husky dog puppy cute

Husky dog puppy cute

Husky dog puppy cute

Husky dog puppy cute

Husky dog puppy cute

Husky dog puppy cute


If you are looking for a strong, friendly, noble dog with an imposing and elegant appearance, the Siberian Husky is undoubtedly the ideal breed for you. It is one of the dogs that bears the most similarities with the wolf today, and even today they are used to drag sleds and to accompany travelers and hunters in the coldest parts of the world. Exceptionally, this animal requires various care to stay healthy and happy, so at we explain how to properly care for a Siberian Husky, husky dog puppy cute.

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Steps to follow:


As it happens when we adopt or acquire any dog ​​or cat, it is important that we take our Siberian Husky to the veterinarian as soon as possible for a general check-up and to apply the first vaccinations that the animal needs. There are basic vaccines that we should not ignore if we want to protect our puppy from some serious diseases that could put his health and his life at risk, such as distemper or parvovirus.


An important aspect of caring for a Siberian Husky is feeding. In the case of domestic pets, it is best to buy quality fortified feed chosen according to the stage of its life: whether it is a puppy, an adult or an older dog. You should also take into account the choice of a special feed in the event that your pet has a particular medical condition.


If your Siberian Husky is a puppy, then he should eat four times a day if he is less than four months old. From this age and up to eight months, the animal should eat three meals a day, up to 18 months twice a day and from that moment on, just once a day will be enough to keep it nourished and healthy, husky dog puppy cute.


Take into account that the more it eats, the more times it will relieve itself, so during the first year and a half of your pet's life you should take it for a walk at least twice a day so that it can perform its urination and bowel movements. This frequency should be ideal for a large dog such as the Siberian Husky.


To take care of a Siberian Husky you must give him a good dose of daily exercise. It is a large and strong dog that is genetically prepared to travel long distances, so activity is essential for this breed. Your dog will need at least 20 minutes of exercise (running, playing, not just walking) a day and it is important that you take time to do this to keep him healthy and happy.


You should also brush your dog at least once a week to avoid annoying knots, promote cleanliness of the coat and monitor the presence of fleas and ticks.

To all these cares you must add a lot of love and attention to your pet, because the Siberian Husky is a dog that requires love to grow happy. Remember to give him all the attention he needs to be healthy and happy day after day.

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